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Wrexham fans go viral with Tories chant over message on Paul Mullin’s boots

Wrexham fans go viral this week with a chant about the Tories, and it comes all over that much talked about message on Paul Mullin’s boots.

Emmanuel Dieseruvwe’s penalty put the Welsh outfit’s opponents Halifax ahead after he had been brought down by Aaron Hayden.

Sam Johnson made a save at point-blank range to prevent Ollie Palmer from scoring before Ben Tozer equalised with a deflected shot.

Substitute Jordan Davies produced an excellent finish to give Wrexham the lead and Hayden’s header sealed all three points in the final minute.

Wrexham stay second in the National League standiongs, sitting three points behind leaders Notts County, while Halifax drop one place to 19th.

Wrexham boss Phil Parkinson acknowledged Paul Mullin’s performance in the victory over Halifax could have been affected by the row over a social media post.

Mullin published a photo of custom-made boots featuring a “F*ck the Tories” message about the Conservative Party.

The club described the 27-year-old’s post as an “unwelcome distraction” ahead of Tuesday’s win.

“I suppose it’s always going to be slightly on your mind,” said Parkinson on the matter.

“You’ll have to ask him about it but there was a lot of furore about it. But Mulls is a tough lad and he gets on with things.”

Mullin, who is Wrexham’s top scorer with 11 goals so far this season, was described to have had a subdued game and failed to score. Nonetheless, fans got behind him and his message, singing it pre-match and then again during the game.

In a statement the National League club said the pictures, taken at the club’s Racecourse Ground, had been done without their knowledge or approval and banned Mullin from wearing the boots.

The club said it took a “neutral position” on politics.

“We have got a responsibility at this football club,” Parkinson added.

“I’ve spoken to Mulls a couple of times and the club have come out with a statement and that’s it, we draw a line through it and we move on.”


The Club can confirm that the boots revealed by Paul Mullin on social media will not be worn tonight, or in any other Wrexham AFC fixture and that the photographs taken at the Racecourse Ground were done so without our knowledge or approval.

For the record, the pictures wouldn’t have been permitted to be taken, had we known, and the issue will be dealt with privately by the Club.

The Club has adopted a neutral position on many matters with a political dimension and intends to continue to do so going forward.

The Club also acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether that be employees or supporters but would also highlight that an individual view cannot be fairly attributed, as the view of everyone or the Club itself.

There is no more prominent example of this than the fact that the MP for the constituency within which the Club is found, is a Conservative seat.

After this unwelcome distraction, the Club hopes the focus remains on our objectives of gaining promotion on the field and creating community benefit off it, in which Paul Mullin will continue to play a significant part.

This is what fans had to say as Wrexham fans go viral with the Tories chant over a message on Paul Mullin’s boots…

@pixiewoowoo: 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

@Microdon3: Lovely stuff bois

@dolandeclares: It’s only going to get louder 👏

@alunlewis52: Disappointing. Negative publicity for the Club. Express your political opinions @ the ballot box

@stalinsear: Love it. Wrexham. 👏

@kelly_welles: Proud of you, Wrexham fans 🔥

@james_m2603: Haha, go on lads #fuckthetories

@ABCyda: 👏👏👍👌 #fuckthetories

@SteffanCymru: Great work again by @VancityReynolds and @RMcElhenney knowing that the statement would cause EXACTLY the opposite effect, sing it every game and sing it loud.

@MarcusXSteele: #FFwcTheTories You don’t even need the boots. Da iawn pawb. @Wrexham_AFC

@coyb12: Can’t help but think you’ve scored an own goal with this statement @Wrexham_AFC. The majority of the UK are being royally fucked by this shower and good on Paul Mullin for what he done. #FuckTheTories

@jeffers49: Nowhere on these boots is the Wrexham badge, so why as a club are you stifling someone’s personal opinion. If Mullin wants to wear these then it’s his choice not the club’s. For anyone who sings f##k the Tories tonight will they be kicked out? Absolutely disgraceful

@__Eirlys__: Ryan Reynolds liked the post of the boots 😬 Rob visited a foodbank that is made necessary because of poor Tory governing. Mullin is not wrong. You let Tories visit the ground for photo ops 🤦🏻‍♀️ could have dealt with this quietly rather than creating this debate. Not a good look.

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