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‘Worst goal I’ve seen any team concede this season’ – Keeper makes huge howler as clip goes viral

‘Worst goal I’ve seen any team concede this season’ – Stranraer goalkeeper Luke Scullion makes a huge howler as the clip goes viral.

The 21 year old, a former Rangers youth prospect, had a moment to forget in Saturday’s Scottish League Two match with Bonnyrigg Rose, conceding the only goal of the game in bizarre circumstances.

The fixture was in good shape for the most part, but an unusual moment happened with 20 minutes left remaining on the clock.

After being pressured by one of the Bonnyrigg forwards, Scullion seemingly suffered some miscommunication with his defenders.

The goalie couldn’t get the ball out, kicking it into the direction of Bonnyrigg striker Kieran McGachie, who was in a promising position to give his side the lead.

Scullion gave him an opportunity to win as he panicked, tried to shut down the opposition player and then gave up, giving a half-hearted run back after seemingly letting the scorer through to have a shot at goal.

McGachie was left with an almost open goal, with only one defender on the line, he took advantage and smashed it into the net.

Posting the video on Twitter, getting over 60,000 views and nearly 1,000 likes within 24 hours, Craig G Telfer claimed: “This is, by some distance, the worst goal I’ve seen any team concede so far this season. Absolutely spellbinding stuff on so many levels.”

He added: “Hang on, 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 is probably the worst goal I’ve seen conceded all season. On the same day too, no less!”

Here’s the two goals anyway, have a good chuckle whilst you’re a it…

More social media users reacted as the keeper makes a huge howler in Scotland at the weekend…

@SAJFraser: To be fair, the keeper takes up a good position to receive a pass from the centre forward. All starts with the manager pointing where he wants the no 8 to pass the ball and is topped off by the @stranraerfc commentary team, who are always good value.

@craig_killie: The goalkeeper is the star of the show here, why is he still moving away from goal and basically running past McGachie?

@Milney1989: What the goalie actually doing? 😂

@alexmarr98: What is going through the Goalkeeper’s head?

@PeterMcalliste3: Amateurish 👍

@ellieq: It’s so bad that I couldn’t tell who was shooting which way until the ball went in

@RyanKyle077: He is hands down the worst keeper I’ve ever seen play for the toon absolutely useless is a understatement 🤣🤡

@AjjeMcG88: Match fixing 😂

@1cornishblue: The keeper must have had a few quid on that judging by his actions 😂

@mikey91_: Why can’t we get a bit of luck like that just now! 🤦🏻‍♂️

@nrpsimpson: Apart from everything else, how did the goalie keep running away from the guy with the ball?

@calffc: Speak to each other for heavens sake

@_PeteSunderland: Very suspect movements from the keeper imo.

@wombatjnr: Willie Hill investigation incoming 😂😂 Fkin keeper😂😂😂

@ACTaylor96: Wit’s the goalie daein ?

@ArsenalBLM: Someone needs to check the keepers Betway account

@RaymondoBroon: If this Goalies friends and families betting accounts aren’t under investigation then I’d be highly surprised.

@tmcbhoy: The keeper looks like he creates an angle for the striker to pass it to him! Did he have 1-0 to the Rose on his coupon? 🤔

@AlistairDobbie: Great commentary though.

@Baberton33: Utter, Utter Shambles. What a Shambles

@rossbatchelor9: Big fan of the Stranraer defenders commemorating the shambles with a ‘1-2-3’ ground punching sequence

Even worse watching it live
Carry On Defending

@Andy_Rankine_: That is absolutely beautiful 🤌

@ItsCaffers: An absolute shambles apparently

@KrisPGer: Check the goalies bank account probably had Bonnyrigg on his coupon

@ian_macPTFC: Instead of going to the ball the keeper steps to the side and shapes his body to receive a pass. This is absolutely glorious.

@8east9: A) where the fuck is the goalie going and b) why is 19 no wiping him out 🤯🤯🤯

@Moir88: Haha oucha ⚽️⚽️⚽️🙈🙈🙈

@rymoffat: Still can’t get my head round why the keeper runs past Keys instead of back towards his goal 😂

@Jambo_Mark: And the award for including the word “Shambles” as many times in a minute goes to…. 😂😂. TBF it was an absolute….. SHAMBLES! 😂😂😂

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