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‘Worrying’ video of Neil Lennon emerges leaving fans concerned for him

A ‘worrying’ video of what appears to be Neil Lennon emerges and is going viral on social media, leaving fans concerned for him.

Lockdown rules have eased in the United Kingdom and the pubs are back open, and with the manager no longer with Celtic, it would seem that he’s able to take advantage of that opportunity.

However many fans are now left shocked by a clip, which is a minute long, appearing to show the 49 year old drunk and getting made to do something for some laughs.

In what has been described as a disturbing watch, a man can be seen holding Neil Lennon by the coat up near his neck.

The clip shows the man talk to him about his spouse Irene Lennon, with Northern Irishman then failing to repeat what he has just been told.

Then Neil throws his arms forward to push the man away, who then claims to be trying to take him back home.

“See you Neil, you ginger c***”, can be heard shouted in the direction of Lennon as well.

The ‘worrying’ video of former Premier League player Neil Lennon which emerges online is leaving fans concerned for him…

@angmarrising: Lennon not in a good state. Even with the I notice the hero who took the video waited until he was walking away to shout abuse

@RobertMenzies79: So all the Celtic fans are suddenly worried about Neil Lennon’s mental state, after attacking the team bus and giving him dogs abuse for 6 months

@splbanter: that Neil Lennon video is not nice to watch.. looks like he needs help tbh. hope he accepts it.

@cBenton92: Neil Lennon clearly in a dark dark place right now after watching that. Wonder if it’s anything to do with the fact he was strung on for months in a job everyone knew he was going to lose, whilst taking a tirade of abuse off his own supporters along the way.

@Rangers_FC_1872: I’m far from a Neil Lennon fan but the guy needs help.

@Govey24: Hard to watch that video of Neil Lennon. Sincerely hope he gets the help he needs.

@peterwalsh27: Seeing a video of Neil Lennon like that is extremely hard to watch, I’d never wish that upon my worst enemy, the same people who say ‘be kind’ that be mocking.

@garryhood1872: I don’t like Neil Lennon. I’ll never like him. But I just can’t take any joy watching someone struggle with alcohol problems so bad. Doesn’t bring me any joy

@DannyWArmstrong: Awful video of Neil Lennon. Alcoholism is vicious and lurks when you’re at your weakest and in your darkest times. The person filming him and shouting obscenities is a coward and I hope Lennon gets the help he clearly needs; have a long look at yourself if you’re judging him.

@sparky20211: Poor guy man. Clearly not in a good way.

@davidkerr1970: The Neil Lennon video. Looks like the tail end of a depressive alcohol binge. I know what that’s like. I notice the guy videoing it waits for him to walk away before he finds some courage.

@aboutceltic: They’ll preach about mental health when it suits them & only when it suits them. Some of the comments surrounding the video Neil Lennon are nothing but disgraceful, put your allegiances aside & have some respect as a human being.

@AFCAddx: Sad to see Neil Lennon in that state man, hope he gets help if he needs it

@Gerrykeogh2002: I hope Neil Lennon is alright. Anyone gloating about that from our side can do one. No matter what you think of him he is one of our own

@MH67____: I wanted Neil Lennon gone and there is no point pretending otherwise. This is however not good to see at all. On a personal level I hope the guy is able to get himself sorted. Gutted for him.

Conor Hazard recently spoke of his sadness at Neil Lennon leaving Celtic and outlined his desire to become the long term No.1 at Parkhead.

“Neil is a legend at the club. You can see with the stats how many years he’d been there, what he won and what he sacrificed for the club,” explained Hazard.

“It’s sad to see a man like that go, and for him to give me my opportunity means a lot.”

“With Celtic now, the main aim is to be No.1 and I’ll go back and do everything I can to nail that down. If that doesn’t work then I’ll look at my options,” said Hazard.

“It’s in my personality to keep going until I get what I want. I have self-belief and I think I’m proving that with every opportunity I get.

“It has been a rollercoaster of a season for me.

“I wasn’t involved at the start then I got an opportunity in the Europa League, and I have to hold my hands up and thank Woodsy (Stevie Woods) and Neil Lennon for giving me that opportunity and then trusting me in the Cup final.

“I was over the moon, and it was a big, big game and a huge opportunity for me. Then I was out of the team due to other factors and have now signed a new deal, so hopefully that’s a good step moving forward.

“My main focus is to get game time.

“That has to be one of the non-negotiables if I’m going to take the next step in my career.”

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Lennon said in his exit statement: “We have experienced a difficult season due to so many factors and, of course, it is very frustrating and disappointing that we have not been able to hit the same heights as we did previously.

“I have worked as hard as ever to try and turn things around, but unfortunately we have not managed to get the kind of run going that we have needed.

“I have always given my best to the Club and have been proud to deliver silverware to the Celtic supporters. The Club will always be part of me.

“I will always be a Celtic supporter myself and I will always want the best for Celtic. I would like to thank so many people at the Club who have given me so much and I would also like to thank my family for their love and support.

“I wish the Celtic supporters, players, staff and directors nothing but success for the future.”

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell looked back on the departure of a club legend, insisting it is a “sad day” for them.

Lawwell said: “I would like to pay tribute to Neil for all he has done for the Club in his second spell, delivering our eighth and ninth successive league titles, the quadruple treble and winning the last five available domestic trophies.

“Neil has always been and will always be a true Celtic man and someone I will always hold in the highest regard.   

“I have watched Neil fight many battles over many years, on and off the field, with a courage and tenacity few could match. Even this season, he has fought so hard and worked tirelessly to turn things around.

“While this season has not progressed as we would have liked, it cannot diminish the character or integrity of a man who has given the Club so much.

“Personally, it is a sad day for me to see Neil leave the Club. Neil is a man of quality and decency, he is someone who will always be part of the fabric of Celtic and someone who will always be welcomed at Celtic Park.

“On behalf of everyone at the club, and personally, I would like to thank Neil for his work as our manager and I wish him and his family good health and continued success in everything they do.”

Celtic fans had protested against Lennon in November and December and also demanded to see Lawwell and majority shareholder Dermot Desmond axed.

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