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Worrying news emerges on Scunthorpe United with club ‘on brink of collapse’

Worrying news emerges on Scunthorpe United with the club ‘on the brink of collapse’ according to some fans and not looking like improving.

On Monday, Tony Daws announced that he had decided to step down as Scunthorpe United interim manager, coming before news of another failed takeover attempt for the club. 

In a brief press release, the Iron confirmed that Daws had made his decision, with it also revealed who would be his temporary replacement.

Tony Daws

Daws will be returning to his role as academy manager and Michael Nelson will assume first-team duties temporarily. 

After Keith Hill’s dismissal, the 56-year old took over as interim boss in September and though overall performance may have improved, Daws managed only two wins in three months.

He also leaves his role as second-from-bottom with the Iron in the National League.

Nelson’s transition is not easy. His first game as interim manager was a tough one at home, when Scunthorpe hosted second-placed Notts County.

They have lost only once this season in the league. Daws expressed his gratitude to the club for giving him the chance to lead the club through a difficult time for the Iron in a statement.

Daws said on stepping down: “I’d like to thank the owners for giving me the opportunity, the players for their efforts, all the club staff for their help and the fans for their support over the last three months. Lee Turnbull has been brilliant to me throughout too, giving me such good support.”

Ollie Turner said on Wednesday: “I understand that @SUFCOfficial have been unable to pay their staff their wages today. I’m told that the club is hoping do so tomorrow. #Iron #UTI #BBCFootball @HumbersideSport”

He added a day later: “UPDATE: I understand that staff at @SUFCOfficial are still yet to be paid their wages for November. We had been told yesterday that they were hoping to pay employees today.”

A day after Scunthorpe’s announcement of a change in the dugout, it was revealed that the potential deal to sell Scunthorpe to a London-based property developer group had failed after a month-long exclusivity period.

Although it was believed that a fee had been agreed between Peter Swann, the current owner, and the interested party however, the group could not provide evidence of funds. This led to an abrupt halt to negotiations.

It will frustrate some to wait for the sale of the club, but it is obvious that many fans would prefer to see the local consortium including Ian Sharp and former Iron director Simon Elliott come in and make a deal with Swann.

On Wednesday, BBC Radio Humberside reported that Scunthorpe United had been unable pay their November salaries on schedule.

The club sent out the email to inform the workers that they had received the news. They also stated that they hoped to be able to pay the wages by Thursday.

This worrying development occurs just one month after Lee Turnbull, the club’s chief operating officer, dismissed rumours that October was a difficult month. He said there was no reason to be concerned despite the fact that wages arrived later than normal into bank accounts.

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This is what fans have been saying as worrying news emerges on Scunthorpe United with the club ‘on the brink of collapse’…

@LPP2014: Bad times at Scunthorpe United. Chairman is absolutely having their pants down, all because he wants to sell the land where the ground currently sits. He’s fallen out with the local council as well. They are in big big trouble

@GTFCUSA: Reminds me so much of the Macclesfield ordeal and that didn’t end well. I hope this gets fixed and people won’t have to go without pay during the holidays.

@Richardblow79: SWANN OUT

@shelbluvbug: This is a disgrace. Can someone please get this some national coverage. The so called chairman has no shame at all

@Batesyboy1988: Liquidation imminent.

@capsnbovril:  Eeee we’re in a reet pickle!

@JamesJoiner:  So the fans and more importantly the @SUFCOfficial staff were lied to last month when it was all just an error then? Absolute disgrace.

@JackSnowden18: Once of the most sustainable, well run clubs in English Football has been quickly burnt down by 1 man, 1 crook, 1 cowboy who single handedly done. I really hope that for the supporters and for the community that @SUFCOfficial stays afloat and the sooner Swanns out the better

@turnstilesuk1:  AFC United of Scunthorpe 😒😒

@MattBennett93: Another club in turmoil 😕

@filing_iron: Disgraceful

@SteveBu86989854: Disgusting situation, you’re even getting some sympathy from us Fishy types down the road! Hope something changes for u guys so we can renew the rivalry in the future! 🏴🏳️🏴

@derbyram76: I hope this isn’t happening, but reading the comments it seems they have a chairman who isn’t bothered.sound familiar? What happened to us #dcfc was horrendous.Don’t let it happen to another, it deserves media attention and these cowboy owners need to know that football is our game.

@notsobigearl79: This goes beyond football. A lot of good people now potentially stand to be without money they have worked hard for and are legally entitled to. And with the current cost of living and Christmas just weeks away too. Swann can go to hell #UTI

@mgell1s: Absolute disgrace.

@danbil82: “The club is safe under my stewardship, I can promise you that. I will not put loans in to the company, I will put money in by buying shares. I intend to improve the financial situation, make it stable and hopefully kick on from there.” – Peter Swann 12/2/14.

@aaron_challoner: Rivalries aside. Scunthorpe are in turmoil! Coincidentally its nearly 20 years since the shambolic Gurney era at Luton. One thing in that documentary stuck out. Cherry Newbery (Secretary at the time) said “do not let this happen to anyone else”… nothing’s changed!

@jimcoulson: How’s that “leaving the club in a better state than I found it” going? #uti #iron

@jhowes17: I’ve always said the moment an employer can’t pay me on time, I’d be gone immediately. I’ve worked somewhere that struggled to pay their bills and had to firefight my way through work day to day but the boss always had the decency to set aside the wages every month.

@carlgac: “It was run as a hobby and that is what we have cleared up.There were no records in several departments, no invoices, no purchase ledger, no structure and certainly no leadership at key levels and it has been a huge job to try and achieve.” Utter Cunt.

@burt123d: 🤞🤞🤞They sort it out for everyone

@tomharks24: Okay so we are finally here. This club is going one way, fucking south. Swann should be slung off the Humber Bridge. Proper crook. Sack the fucking board

@Jake__Kimberley: Hopefully, the situation is sorted sooner rather than later. Sad if this is another club going to be dissolved and turned into phoenix club.

@AndyBett7: I don’t care where you work, not getting paid is…. (a) inexcusable (b) not acceptable (c) illegal Hope it gets sorted for everyone concerned 😟

@GiorgioGiovane: The decline of Scunthorpe United continues, now bottom of the National League & missing staff wage payments. I’m angry with the owner for bringing the club to the brink but we must demand more from the FA & leagues to stop people being able to do this to our football clubs.

@dxnrzx: Absolutely gut-wrenching. I really do hope now that this potential sale goes though, otherwise it’s a kiss goodnight to Scunthorpe United FC

@Ironarmyhd: If I worked for the club, I’d be getting as many as possible to not turn in Saturday. Get the game postponed due to lack of matchday staff. Send a statement out to the cantankerous c**t!! #UTI

@ScottGretton: Not taking any joy from other clubs struggling financially, but I genuinely think that #dcfc are at a competitive advantage now having already gone through it and come out the other side.

@LiziWelch: Nice of them to communicate this with the staff rather than finding it out on twitter….

@Ironarmyhd: Keep hoping an praying he sells the club to the right people. People that want the club for the right reasons. Not to try and make a quick buck on land or any other assets!!

@shaunrichards73: Wow worrying again. That man needs to wake up and realise what he is doing to loyal hard working fans. Swann out !!!!

@tinkzox: The beginning of the end 😔💔

@James_Murray93: It’s absolutely criminal that it’s come to this. Those hardworking members of staff – and the fans – deserve so much better #UTI

@markdonnyiron: If the players aren’t paid, I’m assuming it’s a breach of their con

@ched53: 💔 it’s shit like this which must strike a chord with all football fans no matter where their allegiances lie. As an Iron fan, it breaks my heart seeing our club like this.tracts & they could just walk (assuming any other club would want them). Got to feel for the back room & casual staff at this worrying time. It appears we’re in as much disarray off the pitch as on it now. 🙄

@MattTRFC : Sad to see this, seen this too many times in the last few years, hope you get through this and get your owner out

@LancsIron: Thought the @SUFCOfficial COO Turnbull said we weren’t that sort of club and always paid on time or on the day…

@lmoran89: It looks like we’ve turned the page to the final chapter of Scunthorpe United. We’ve seen how this plays out before with other clubs not being able to pay their wages on time. Sad very sad times.

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