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Worrying new development emerges for Sheffield Wednesday

A worrying new development emerges for Sheffield Wednesday with the PFA being called to look at resolving a particular situation.

Reports have emerged that the Owls players not paid their players in full for November with The Athletic stating that only a percentage of wages were paid to the playing squad, something that has happened before in 2020.

Whilst players have been paid up to as much as £7,000, they have been assured that the remainder of their wages will come.

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The Athletic add that the Professional Footballers Association are now investigating the latest development and are offering advice to the players at this stage.

It is thought the English Football League are yet to be told of the situation, but the governing body does have the power to serve a transfer embargo if they deem it appropriate.

Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri spoke at length on the lack of support from the government and the EFL clubs throughout the pandemic last month.

“No one knows the future. Other clubs don’t know their future because of the Covid situation, we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel,” added Chansiri.

“We don’t know if it will last a few years or whatever. If you talk about football, I don’t see any future. I don’t know what the EFL are going to do. I don’t know what the Government is going to do.

“I think we still need to listen to the Government and see what the direction the Government and the EFL are going to take, what the instructions are and what we can do.

“As you know, every club is not going to have revenue having no fans in stadiums. Even sponsors now, we don’t have them or they ask to go lower with the figures so everything goes down.”

Since Chansiri spoke with the media, the Premier League and EFL have agreed a rescue package. Second-tier clubs will collectively have access to £200m of interest-free loans from next month.

Though, the purpose of the loans is to allow clubs to meet their PAYE responsibilities.

Meanwhile, manager Tony Pulis, who is suffering a miserable time at Hillsborough right now, has been slammed for his ‘disgraceful’ comments after his side’s defeat to Nottingham Forest defeat in midweek.

Sheffield Wednesday are now seven points adrift of safety in the Championship table after Tuesday’s 2-0 defeat Chris Hughton’s side. They were two points away when Tony Pulis took over, which was eight games ago.

The midweek defeat left one Owls fan making a disgusting tweet on social media before deleting it within minutes. See that HERE.

That wasn’t the only thing that annoyed the Owls fanbase however as a clip of Nottingham Forest’s Lewis Grabban scoring and then receiving a high five of Sheffield Wednesday’s Moses Odubajo riled many users up on Twitter.

It’s got plenty of the fanbase calling for change, and now questions are raised if Pulis is increasingly looking like a wrong one and now having claimed just nine points all season, with the club at risk of relegation into League One.

Fans reacted as the worrying new development emerges for Sheffield Wednesday as well as Pulis’ comments…

@WindassEra: Dont deserve to be paid at all never mind in full

@Julianlee44: Said from the start they were playing like they haven’t been paid.

@DavidBarker1956: @SWFCTrust was suppose to be holding a meeting with the club yesterday !!

@chelmsford_owl: And he wants to bring new players in next month? Not a prayer.

@andyosull70: Chansiri needs to go, this is 3rd time now and along with the points deduction, late/incorrect accounts, he’s destroying the club and will take us into administration. I don’t blame the players one bit on this as this just creates insecurity. He need to go now.

@0736card: Must be gutting to get max £7k a month. As long they can pay their bills they need to realise we are in a global pandemic. Some have lost their jobs and have no income over Christmas. If the is the cause for them underperforming sack them that’s what happens in the real world.

@karlos68: There’s thousands of people and probably some Wednesday fans that have lost there livelihoods,jobs and struggling and our over paid players are throwing there dummy’s out of the pram by putting in embarrassing performances and alienating the fans ? Fuck em I’ve done with them

@ian1867: Wednesday fans still await refunds

@DavidBarker1956: 2 more questions to ask @swfc are the staff still getting their wages made up through furlough like u said what a great Chairman he is ! Don’t think they are ! Plus Pulis hasn’t as yet signed his contract ????

@griffiths_tom41: @swfc – need to make a statement to explain things.

@YOLO8976: Tell you who deserves a loyalty payment and that’s the fans for having to put up with a incompetent owner and players who couldn’t give a shit. Wearing a shirt till you get a better ofter and then tweeting “can’t wait to get started on a new journey” bollocks isn’t loyalty.

@MacyswfcMark: Prob gonna go tumbling thru leagues …..see where bradford city are…..give it a year or so and prob b around that area

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