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Worrying Derby update spells potential opening league fixture postponement

The chaos at Derby County continues as yet another worrying update spells a potential opening league fixture postponement.

Alan Nixon has revealed to his followers and supporters that they Championship fixture against Huddersfield Town faces a big risk of not going ahead.

A number of well known faces have joined the club already as trialists this summer, they are thought to be Sone Aluko, Sam Baldock, Ravel Morrison, Ryan Allsopp, Phil Jagielka, and Richard Stearman, and earlier this week Wayne Rooney claimed he was expecting new signings in the coming days.

However, in a meeting with the Supporter Charter Group, Morris said to have suggested that nothing will be happening in terms of incoming transfers until some stuff gets sorted, with talks with the EFL still ongoing.

The journalist adds that Derby’s management and the trialists currently training with the club were left confused and wanting answers.

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Nixon wrote via his social media account: “Derby County. Players turn up for training fearing the worst after Morris comments. Have summit and then ALL handed contracts. Names on but no figures of wages. Need to be signed by tomorrow midday to play at weekend. Beyond words.

“There are no wages on the contracts because the EFL need to tell Derby what they can pay and to how many in the next 24/25 hours…”

It comes just less than 24 hours after Rams owner Mel Morris met with the Supporter Charter Group – representatives of various supporters’ groups – on Wednesday to discuss some key issues ahead of the new campaign. Here is what’s been said…

OWNERSHIP: Still looking for investors – in talks with a number of parties – 3 advancing with proof of income – 1 of them has the ODT (EFL owner and directors test) draft ready the other will be with the club in the next few days.

INCOMING TRANSFERS/LOANS: Nothing happening until a few things have been sorted out. Still in talks with EFL.

MM disappointed that our academy players haven’t been bought through. Too much focus on signing players who then don’t get a look in.

Academy is ranked 11/92 clubs – 8th in Category 1 based on player performances so doesn’t understand why the managers don’t give them more time.

TRANSFERS OUT: No serious offers on the table

Following the meeting with supporter representatives, instead of supposedly trying to clear up various issues, it instead has caused even more confusion.

Morris makes the claim that there would be no new incoming signings are close which understandably is a huge blow to the club and Rooney who had been hopeful, so it’s no wonder they are demanding answers.

It’s been a frustrating summer for the fanbase and it seems to be dragging on into the new season with so many more questions to be asked.

Fans reacted to the worrying Derby update which spells a potential opening league fixture postponement…

@JakeBarker1212: This is like on football manager when you’re in the 10th tier and offer amateur contracts to everyone you can find. Christ

@PhilipShortland: Oh dear, oh dear. I’ve seen all this before. The club is disintegrating.

@mickyh01: Why would anyone sign a contract not knowing the figures ? Sounds like he’s just saying I tried but they wouldn’t sign. He really don’t want to put anymore money in does he lol

@JWPerkinsUK: Harchester United

@JustBrowsingTa: Never heard anything like this before, mental stuff.

@county4ever: Get this clown out my club. Laughing stock for everyone

@shanearmy1: HOLY SHIT

@AmbroseBarnaby: This is ridiculous really….

@ThornStinger: Fucking fuckety fuck fuck!!!! What is going on down the road?! #dcfc #nffc

@MarcTwaite: This is Daily now!! #Dcfc Imagine when Wayne has to take a 50% Pay Cut or more… We thought Fawaz was Bad but Mel has taken his 👑 #nffc

@JLA199227: Hahahahahaha arrogant cunts I’m so happy

@DerbyStatistics: Honestly this club is giving me an early death I swear #dcfc #dcfcfans

@lukastyke: Unbelievable. EFL shafted Wycombe out of championship football for these jokers aswell

@Instantclass69: Fucking hell.

@8252Hazel: For Derby fans this must be horrible but it’s pretty satisfying for everyone else to see the collapse. A few years ago they were just another team to me, no real feelings either way, but they’ve brought this on themselves.

@Boro_Breakdown: “Mel Morris has Steve Gibson on strings”

@Kyledcfc18: If you just sign here to say you’ll play for us then we’ll tell you in the near future how much you’ll be paid for it

@goodallgeorgiaa: Derby are well and truly in the mud, and they’ll still take 6 points off us this season

@CullumThomo: Wow Mel Morris, the principle of zero hour contracts unbelievable what’s going on at Derby.

@Lcfc_1884: 😳😳😳 Mel Morris has turned into a proper c**t couldn’t happen to a better club tho

@GazRobinson1: These lot are in big shit

@FFCVoice: Jesus. Owners aren’t perfect by any means but when I read shit like this it makes me very grateful that the only thing I’m worrying about is if the postman has my ST today.

@Jamesy_boy: I don’t think this is legal, you can’t sign a contract for zero pay.

@SabriLamouchi11: Was honestly missing the weekly shenanigans at #DCFC.. Thought they had everything in control after beating Real Betis.. Needless to say they’re back and with a bang.. Thank you from all at #NFFC

@kaydobbo: Can always count on Mel Morris to brighten up the day

@FrenchFreitas: Derby are going to fold aren’t they? This much chaos only really means one thing.

@lowey757: Never a dull day at #dcfc. The banter era continues…

@_jord19x: oh my god wow

@RunJamieHarper: How can we have one player going for £100M and a squad of players on zero hour contracts now

@stefanslowinski: RIP DERBY COUNTY

@DanielFranks85: Is Mel Morris karl Oyston in disguise

@dcfctoms: i can’t believe what’s going on at this club at the moment, absolutely mental

@samgeorgeody: Glass half full here but a bit of perspective #avfc fans. 2 years ago we played these in the final. 3 years ago we lost and nearly went bust. We all know how worrying it is to see your club potentially disappear. We just got £100m for Jack. It stings BUT we’re ok. UTV

@marktheram7: This sounds insane……

@MathPickup: Presumably just as with Bury, given their financial difficulties last year, they’ve had to show proof of funds for the upcoming season, and face expulsion? I don’t want that for Derby at all, but surely there’s inconsistencies here?

@simeonlucas19: jesus derby are done for

@_tm0991: Can we close the circus and open the club?

@mwood_: It somehow keeps getting worse

@JonSumjons: This just keeps getting more bananas, has there ever been a team more nailed on for relegation? #DCFC

@andy_cov93: Looool please don’t sign. 1 relegation spot sown up already

@ChrisMartin_93: Christ, and I thought we had it bad…

@Diddlysquatv3: Can’t wait for Match day. Car outside a player’s house. Beeping horns and stones being thrown at bedroom windows. Come on mate! We’ve only got 8 men. 😂

@Coops_011287: Wow he calls himself a businessman. Shouldn’t be allowed to run anything as it shows his incompetence as its being ran amateurish by a clueless lucky businessman and a yes man CEO. Can’t see this ending well unless a buyer comes in or administration it seems….

@AndyFr3twell: My god 😅 like recruiters saying competitive salary on everything 🤣🙈 Club in the mud #dcfc #dcfcfans

@DPMoore88: The fuck?!

@Ry_Lamkin: Boot them out the nobheads. Been getting away with murder for years

@Coops_011287: Wow he calls himself a businessman. Shouldn’t be allowed to run anything as it shows his incompetence as its being ran amateurish by a clueless lucky businessman and a yes man CEO. Can’t see this ending well unless a buyer comes in or administration it seems….

@LewisWing: What the fuck.

@CPFCMOORE: I think this is bordering on disgraceful really from Derby’s board side of things. The mental health impacts, the livelihoods of the players themselves, whether they will get paid to support their families with income – whether players will want to sign on reduced terms.

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