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Worrying claims Aldershot may have to close down

Worrying claims have emerged across social media, suggesting that National League club Aldershot Town may have to close down.

Facebook page ‘Here for Rushmoor’ updated their likers on the club’s chairman Shaheed Azeem’s interview with BBC Radio 4. – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

He told listeners on Thursday morning that if the stadium could not be opened for the public to come to pay to watch matches, the club would have to close down, as they would have no money coming in.

The club’s other source of revenue, hospitality, has also disappeared as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fans replied there thoughts on the worrying claims that Aldershot may have to close down…

Lyall Macey: Being a Farnborough fan, this isn’t news we want to hear. We’re lucky enough to have several teams in the local area, Boro, Aldershot, Fleet, Ash, Frimley Green. No football fan wants to see a club disappear, but I feel the FA needs to do more to protect clubs in the lower end of the football pyramid, not just the bigger clubs!

Gary Jacobs: Time the FA and the EPL did something about it. If there are no grassroots football then there is no football. ATFC probably need a couple of hundred grand to see them through, Spurs just built an 800 million pound stadium, the difference is staggering. But the highly paid players could do something, Harry Kane has just paid for sponsoring Leyton Orients three kits for the next season. A small response, granted, but a start.

Keith Bean: This isn’t good news. The town desperately needs to keep hold of its football club

Tony Taylor: Thousands flock to parks and beaches but the same numbers can’t watch non league football. Stupid

Tania Jain: This is not a good news at all.

Ricky-j Hutchison: Dean Leighton sad times

Craig Dan Brooks: Claire Greenwood this is not good

Diane Bedford: Oh good grief, I was worried about that – what can we do?

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