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Worldies, red card and VAR controversy with Craig Bellamy reeling as Forest and Burnley draw

Two worldies, a red card and VAR controversy with Craig Bellamy reeling as Nottingham Forest and Burnley play out an entertaining draw 1-1.

Callum Hudson-Odoi curled a stunning strike into the top corner to make it a debut goal to remember while also earning the Reds a point.

It came after Zeki Amdouni gave the visitors a 41st minute lead with a well-taken shot into the bottom corner.

Lyle Foster saw an effort controversially disallowed for handball, before then going on to be sent off for violent conduct.

Player ratings (as per Sky Sports)

Nottingham Forest: Turner (7), Montiel (4), Worrall (6), McKenna (6), Mangala (6), Aina (7), Sangare (6), Elanga (6), Hudson-Odoi (7), Gibbs-White (7), Awoniyi (6).

Subs: Tavares (6), Yates (6), Origi (6), Wood (n/a).

Burnley: Trafford (6), Al Dakhil (5), Beyer (6), Taylor (6), Roberts (6), Gudmundsson (6), Cullen (7), Brownhill (6), Koleosho (7), Amdouni (7), Foster (5).

Subs: Zaroury (6), Berge (6), Tresor (6), Delcroix (n/a).

Player of the match: Callum Hudson-Odoi.

Burnley had been denied a winning goal at the City Ground after VAR had ruled out Lyle Taylor’s strike with Craig Bellamy making his frustration known to the referee come full time

VAR look at a possible handball by the Burnley midfielder, deciding to rule out the goal. Bellamy was less than impressed at the final whistle and went to vent at Robert Jones, along with Berge, who was seen in talks with the referee.

Thomas Frank and Jamie Carragher, who were looking at the game for Sky Sports, thought the decision to rule out the strike was harsh one could understand the frustration.

The Brentford boss said: “When looking at the frame-by-frame we can see he touches the ball a tiny bit, but I think it’s very harsh.

“What about the clear and obvious where they said they’d intervene? What if that was a defender? Would it be a penalty? They need to use common sense. They don’t use common sense.”

Carragher agreed by saying: “I’m with Thomas. I think it’s extremely harsh. I think that should be a goal. I think initially he is running, so his arms are in front and he’s trying to get there, then he sees the defender come across him. The arm is maybe slightly different from his running action, but then also the defender is coming across, so that left arm would normally come up anyway.

“It’s the slightest of touches but to say he deliberately handballed it… It didn’t change direction. I think they can feel a little bit aggrieved.”

Forest’s Morgan Gibbs-White: “It’s better than nothing. We wanted three points. Fair play to Burnley, they’re a good side.

“It showed great character to come back and get the point.

“This is the first time this team has played together so it’s promising. The only way is up.

“I said to him [Callum Hudson-Odoi] at half-time go on the inside and shoot. Stop being nicey-nice, be selfish. It’s an unbelievable finish.”

Burnley’s Sander Berge on the disallowed goal: “It was 50-50 between me and McKenna. I ran through. I’m in my normal running pattern. I don’t know where to put my arms in that case. The referee asked me if I used my hand but it wasn’t on purpose. I’m a bit surprised.

“I just ran through and used my body in the duel. I stayed in balance and tried to keep the ball with me. When I was celebrating the goal I wasn’t thinking about if I handled it, I was celebrating 2-1.”

Burnley boss Vincent Kompany, talking to Sky Sports, says: “It was dramatic. When you look at the gesture [Foster’s elbow on Yates that got him sent off], it’s a moment of inexperience and something you can’t excuse, but at the same time he has played his heart out for the team.

“Handballs and offsides, I will pass [talking] on those decisions. I just want to focus on getting the team right.”

Questioned more about the handball decision that denied Burnley a second goal, he says: “Even the defender in the duel with Sander Berge doesn’t say anything. You slow down the images, you highlight it. Do you want me to take a stance? I did everything I could to duck the question!

“I can’t do anything about it. I don’t really feel anger. I’m proud of the squad and a sign of a lot of progress.

“We still have so much more room to progress. At least we defended the box today and we didn’t capitulate.

“It’s the first year in the Premier League [for Luca Koleosho and Zeki Amdouni] and both have three, four or five years’ growth. Luca runs into the box and wants to dribble. His end product will come although he has had an assist already.

“This journey for us is not easy but at least there’s something at the end of it and we can grow. I chose to play a back four that played together last season and that helped.

“The rest is just working on the training ground. Mistakes get punished much more than in the Championship. For us it’s a question of performance and confidence. We played against Nottingham Forest and are in the game so that means there are six or seven teams that we can compete with.”

Cooper, talking to Sky Sports: “A lot to look back on. I felt we started brightly, played some good football and got into really good positions and should’ve done more with the positions we got into and been more of a threat.

“We gave a goal away that we shouldn’t have done, it’s a mistake the way we let him get in down the side. It was about regrouping, tweaking some things tactically and the boys showed good bravery.

“Callum’s goal is one of high quality. I did feel we were on top, looking to get back into the game, got the goal, then the game really opened up.”

Fans reacted after the two worldies, the red card incident and the VAR controversy with Craig Bellamy reeling as Forest and Burnley draw 1-1…

@ianmckee58: That is ridiculous from the ref, he doesn’t move his arm to the ball at all! It clips his sleeve as well which means it’s not handball. Also isn’t the rule, if he passes it doesn’t count!

@lewandisneyclub: Wasn’t even a handball

@JamesL25: As a Forest fan, I have to admit the handball on Berge was harsh. Fully agree with Foster’s red card though. Otherwise, tonight Burnley don’t deserve to be in the bottom 6, just the victim of a tough fixture list, can see them pulling away soon

@JayClarke93: Craig Bellamy asking the question everyone in football asks, but can’t follow it through in fear of a ban… That is VAR. Lovely

@30YearsOfHurt: Feel sorry for the match going fan, most of the time you haven’t a clue what’s going on, then the decision goes against you and the opposition fans celebrate, it’s all designed for a tv audience

@FSake1983: Spot on Jeff. VAR is a farce. If it was only used for the glaringly obvious mistakes or things missed by the officials that’s one thing, but trivial stuff like this or a toenail being offside is ludicrous

@Andrew_Brewer84: As a Forest fan, I’m glad it was ruled out. But you are right, a very poor decision

@claretcrumpet: I was at the game, Jeff and I’m still non- the -wiser. It’s absolutely ruining the game… and it was a really good game at that. It’s criminal and no wonder fans say that the system is corrupt

@PippyPants8: VAR is the worst thing to ever come into football – try being a fan at the actual game when all this is going on, it’s absolutely horrendous and ruins the game

@Jonesyboyblue: Spot on. It does seem like VAR is looking for any reason to disallow a goal. The game is GONE! 😤

@nickcrook6: Honestly that’s such an accurate description of VAR. Every time I now see a goal scored I fear that any slight event building up to the goal will rule it out. Currently the game is less controversial and more enjoyable without it.

@alanparkinson16: It’s killing football. Whether the decision was right or wrong the fans celebrating in the stands have no idea what’s happening and the raw emotion and joy of the goal is crushed for reasons unknown by remote invented bureaucrats

@LondonClarets: Show it on the big screen. Mike up the ref and VAR chap so we can all see/hear the reasoning … don’t hide

@MilltownClarets: its like they look for anything to disallow a goal these days ! was going wild when it went in then you look at the TV in disbelief that there looking at something it’s so draining

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