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Wolves receive apology from Chorley after angry response to West Brom post

Wolves have managed to receive an apology from FA Cup opponents Chorley after an angry response to the non league side’s West Brom post.

The National League North outfit was trying to be funny, with a tongue in cheek tweet which a bitter taste with Wolves fans on Monday.

Wolves are set to face Chorley in the Fourth Round of the FA Cup on Friday night in a repeat of the 1986 clash which saw the West Midlands side lose.

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The Lancashire-based club have had one hell of a cup run, knocking out a young Derby County side to earn a money-spinning clash with the Premier League side who are in worrying form.

Chorley have already beaten Gateshead (2-1), York City (1-0), Wigan Athletic (3-2) as well as Peterborough (2-1).

In a bid to raise extra funds in what are very tough times for teams at non league level, they have done what Marine did against Tottenham in setting up a service which allows both team’s supporters to buy virtual tickets for the game which will take place at Victory Park.

Whilst a number of the Wolves fans were buying tickets, which are still available on Chorley’s website, the minnows posted a tweet which has now led to a boycott.

Chorley wrote: “Let’s hope for the same celebrations on Friday night in the FA Cup, last non league team in the cup, against your local rivals, who are you going to support?”

User Jason Wheeler replied: “Can your players boing – boing – at the final whistle if you do?”

Wolves fans always sing ‘boing boing Baggies’ in reference to West Brom being a yo yo club if you like.

Chorley replied: “If you and the rest of us baggies fans get behind us, and help us with the virtual tickets, I’ll get all the lads boing boing at the final whistle, after Adele of course.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

A tirade of anger come from the Wolverhampton Wanderers fanbase and now they’ve stopped buying virtual tickets in protest.

It took a little while but Chorley have since deleted the tweets and offered an apology.

They wrote: It has be brought to our attention a tweet sent from our account about virtual tickets have been inadvertedly angered many Wolves fans.

“The tweet has since been deleted and we unreservedly apologise.

“We’re looking forward to Friday & building on our positive relationship with Wolves.”

Talk about feeling awkward.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Fans reacted as Wolves receive an apology from Chorley after the angry response to that West Brom post…

@mistydusty: Awww poor babies! Remember banter and freedom of speech? Those were the days

@ftblEthann: Chorley, you did good. No need to delete it and up the fucking albion

@AntSwailes: Ah fuckin hell how pathetic are dingles. Little fucking joke. Wet wipes man.

@willbo_bentley: West brom supporters now buying virtual tickets for fridays game just to piss off wolves

@AshRamian: #wwfc you fucking wetties. Thought even you lot had more of a backbone than that. Threatening to boycott buying tickets to help a smaller club out just because you can’t take a little banter. Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, we lost! No fair! Stop picking on us! Waaaaaaaaaaahhh. #wba

@AdamEllison83: Fuck em. Let them stew in their own boiled piss.

@johnmedds: Fuck the wolves, sorting me a ticket out just because you rattled them! @WBA help them out!

@_ElliotAV: They are sensitive aren’t they hahahaa

@matt_p_w: Dingles crying because a non league club dished out a bit of banter and now they feel like they have to apologise! Been a rough few days for the Dingles, bless

@LiamWBAFC: My word. They’ve been rattled by a non league club..

@TommyGormanMUFC: Imagine hammering a national league side because they took a swipe at your club and you didn’t like it.

@KKWWFC: Mad how this translates to “We’ve had a record number of refund requests, and it’ll wreck our club if we process them all”

@HRoden8: Imagine being rattled by a non-league club having a laugh with rival fans in order to drum up some support and to generate income in these terrible times, for non league clubs especially. Fuck off.

@Joe71gill: Hahahaha gone back on yourself because you realised how much money you’ve now lost you fucking mongs

@WBAJake_: We as West Bromwich Albion fans love this club.

@AdamMNU: Wolves fans getting rattled by a non league club to the point the non league club has to apologise to protect its funds? Embarrassing from wolves

@GrumpyDad3: Bit late, dudes. It’s a bloody good job our lot can’t come on Friday… They would have to cut the TV feed!

@WBA1968B: Dingles are so touchy aren’t they. Chorley have received so much hate from a joke. Us baggies will still support you lads

There were more tweets as Wolves receive an apology from Chorley…

@scxttwba: Would love @WBA to say something here and prompt #wba fans to support Chorley.

@Ashley_SCFC: Wolves fans get rattled by absolutely everything, must be hard being a small club in

@Hero_Taylor9: What an absolute joke of fanbase the Dings are, filming themselves getting beaten by their lowly & only local rivals and then posting it to YouTube, and now threatening to boycott donating to a tier 6 club because a banter comment rattled them. Absolute whoppers the lot of ’em.Birmingham getting rattled by a non leauge club on twitter #FreeGibbsWhite

@blakey_oufc: Dfkm wolves you embarrassing twats

@ftblJackv2: Imagine getting rattled by a non-league side twitter admin

@SexyPhilHay: Wolves fans can’t even banter non league clubs

@Forbes11Dan: Christ we’ve got some snowflakes, learn to take a bit of banter ffs

@m10stks: you can fuck off you tinpot bastards

@sarah_WBAx: OMG first they get beat by their local rivals and now they’re getting rattled by a non-league side simply having a bit of banter – so fucking glad I was not born supporting those salty fuckers

@AnnoDomini79: Some of our fans are an embarrassment. How have they looked at a tweet from Chorley & got rattled by it? Why have Chorley deleted it, surely they should’ve put another tweet out taking the piss even more.

@LiamEdwards2001: Imagine being angered by a non-league club about asking another team who they’re gonna support in the cup. Pathetic the lot of them.

@LeoGardner19: Banter is banter unless The Wolves woke brigade get upset. Stick the tweet back up its made my day seeing another #wolvesmeltdown

@SouthBankMatt: “We have now realised that we will not be receiving any money from you, so we are desperately trying to rectify this situation.” You’re not getting a penny from us and I hope Adama rips you to pieces on Friday.

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