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Wolves’ Jeff Shi speaks on transfer plans, season ticket backlash and Molineux redevelopment

Wolves’ Jeff Shi speaks on transfers plans, season ticket backlash and the Molineux redevelopment as the fan unrest continues.

A petition from Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters has around 10,000 signatures, since the price hike was announced last week.

For the 2024/25 season, there will be a significant increase in prices for the majority of adult fans, with an approximate rise of 17%.

Under-14s in the family enclosure will face an astonishing increase of 133%, going from £105 to £245.

Similarly, under-21 prices have gone up by 46.6%, from £382 to £560.

Adult season tickets in the same stand have experienced a rise of nearly 23%, now priced at £780.

Furthermore, adult season tickets located behind the goals in the North Bank and South Bank have increased by 17.6%, totalling £735.

It came just days after Wolves finished 14th in the Premier League, underwhelming performances, an injury hit squad with youth players having to play first team games, and no money being spent yet ticket prices sour, a real slap in the face for supporters especially considering years of loyalty.

He reportedly responded to a number of emails that was sent to Shi, with many of his responses since being published on social media.

@connor_oshea1 has uploaded screenshotS of the email response he allegedly got from Shi. 

Express and Star also put what was said in an article.


“I personally think our current squad is better than the one in 2018-2020.

“In the Premier League there are around 10-14 clubs at a similar level, the position in the table depends on a lot of factors but it’s not the only criteria to judge a team’s competitiveness.

“We miss Raul so much. I admit the peak Raul is a player who is very hard to replace, at this position we struggled to find a top one after his unfortunate injury.

“We are going to sign one or two number nines this summer. The peak Raul was a top three striker in the league, which is really hard to replace. We did struggle on recruitment in the past few years.

“Hopefully the new strikers or Hee-chan can perform well next season.”


“Our season ticket price for the coming season is surely lower than that of Aston Villa.

“They did a similar price hike in 2023, currently still charge higher than our new price.

“Our new price will be higher than Crystal Palace. I believe both our stadium and sporting achievement are better. They are based in London but in an area less affluent.

“This is a one-off adjustment to catch up with our peers and next season the price will either be frozen or increased just slightly.

“We benchmark with other clubs by different stands and seating areas. Aston Villa’s average price is definitely higher than ours.”


“Molineux is tired. We’ve not found a sound financial solution to rebuild a stand but we never stop searching for it.

“What we can do now is to improve a bit here and there every year. Painting is one of the topics I am discussing with the team at the moment.

“But I’ve been to a lot of away stadia, tiredness is a common problem for almost each one.

“Many of them are no better than Molineux. Molineux has it’s own good elements and some of them are still excellent.”


The Wolves 1877 Supporters Trust were a number of fan groups that have urged supporters to boycott season tickets because of the outrageous price hikes.

They said: “The Wolves 1877 Trust is outraged by the size of the increase for season ticket renewals announced by the club today.

“The increases are way above the rate of inflation and increased costs associated with running a football match. It’s clear the club is putting profit before its loyal fan base.

“The increase is an affront to loyal match going fans who have seen year on year increases since we returned to the Premier League in 2018. This also does not bode well for match day prices.

“This increase is at a time when the club is experiencing record revenues through TV money and sponsorship.

“The Club in their engagement meetings with the Trust have been proud to promote having the cheapest prices for children in the league. The above 100% increase is a devastating blow to families who attend games and ends the reasonable prices for the future fans of the club.

“We are unhappy that fans are expected to pay more when the facilities at Molineux have not improved and there are no plans to redevelop the stadium.

“We are calling on season ticket holders to take the unprecedented stance and send a message to the club by boycotting the renewal process. This sadly is the only way we can see the club changing course.

“We will be asking for an urgent meeting with Jeff Shi, Matt Wild and Russell Jones to discuss our concerns. It’s time to back the Trust. If you’re unhappy about the ticket increases join the Trust on the link in the comments.”

Now a petition has gone on to get around 10,000 signatures.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

The Old Gold Pack said on the Change.org page: “The recent announcement of the cost of season ticket prices for the 2024/25 season has sent shockwaves through the fanbase.

“Match going fans are the lifeblood of any football club, the very essence of what a football club is.

“These very fans are now left disillusioned, with feelings of frustration and anger at yesterday’s announcement.

“In a cost-of-living crisis and a city that has the second-highest unemployment rate in the UK, these prices are offensive and will now force many to question if they can afford to renew – perhaps even putting some in financial difficulty to fund the one thing that they treasure.

“Priced out of a love, a passion, and a community that has remained constant in their lives.

“We have seen the great work done by the club in the local community and more recently around mental health – something to be incredibly proud of.

“Meanwhile, Gary O’Neil and the players have helped to rebuild that special connection with the fans.

“Unfortunately, Thursday’s announcement shows how detached the club’s decision-makers are from the great work of the Wolves Foundation for our city and its people.

“We encourage those at the club to reconsider the approach to ticket prices before irreversible damage is done to the fanbase and the local community.

“It is not too late to reconsider and preserve the future of the club for the fans that helped get us where we are today. To preserve the very lifeblood of this famous old club.

“As fans, we remain loyal to our club through the good times and the bad. But since this announcement we’ve seen many people question the direction of where we are heading, and if they want to be a part of it anymore.

“Wolverhampton Wanderers FC has always been a pillar of the local community and surrounding areas. How much the club values that community is now very much in question.

“We strongly encourage the club to reconsider it’s approach.”

This is what fans are saying as Wolves’ Jeff Shi speaks on transfer plans, season ticket backlash and the Molineux redevelopment…

@DickieGorton; Shi: season ticket uproar, renewals are not being taken up – quick! Promise signings!

@wanderersgl0bal: “Could”, So much uncertainty. Jeff doesn’t even know what fucking day of the week it is 😂

@forzawolves: Jeff shi is fucking clueless time to do one! Taxi for Shi

@LeamWolves: Fosun aren’t the problem Jeff Shi is! #WWFC

@NeilDady: Jeff Shi once suggested that @Wolves1877T didn’t have enough members to be representative, how about 10,000 signatures on a petition Jeff? @oldgoldpack @Wolves1877T Join the Trust, let Jeff know where the heart of the club exists, it’s our club not theirs.

@Fiery_Archer: He promised Lopetegui signings. Then came up with a “plan B” which also didn’t materialise and nor did anything else. We were promised Molineux redevelopment and investment enough to be challenging Man City. We know what Jeff Shi’s word is worth… absolutely nothing.

@charlll18x: Freezing prices doesn’t quite have the same effect when you’ve upped them in bits for 5 years and then massively this year. Please just shut up and fuck off Jeff

@tomtracey12: Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you happy. Dear lord, what a sad little life, Jeff. You ruined my season completely so you could have the money and I hope now you can spend it on lessons in grace and decorum. So Jeff, take your money and get off my club.

@mark_spruce: So when we dont sign these 2 strikers, will he say he was misinterpreted like in his awful column he wrote last week about wolves not being the club for us?

@stedonwwfc: Do one jeff

@JonnyFootball77: I’ve heard this before! 🤣 Let’s be honest, it’s usually a struggle to sign one striker, let alone two!

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