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Wolves fans sing “let him die” as West Brom fan covered in blood gets led away by police

A section of Wolves fans sing “let him die” as a West Brom fan with his head covered in blood gets led away by police officers.

The FA Cup fourth round clash between the two West Midlands clubs was marred by violence among supporters with the scenes taking place in the West Stand and Birmingham Road End after Matheus Cunha had put Wolves 2-0 up at The Hawthorns. 

Trouble spilled out onto the pitch with the game having to be suspended temporarily with players and officials making their way down the tunnel.

West Brom defender Kyle Bartley walked away with two children, who had been sitting in an area of the ground where the heated scenes took place. Manager Carlos Corberan stated that no players’ family members were hurt in the disturbances.

Police and medical personnel acted fast, with police using batons to calm the situation down and emergency services ejected the troublemakers.

One West Brom fan ended up getting led away by police as he received medical attention with his face covered in blood, as can be seen in the video below…

Play didn’t resume again at the time of Matheus Cunha’s 78th-minute goal with Wolves holding on to the 2-0 win.

Police said that two arrests were made for public order offences at The Hawthorns.

“Any individual involved in the disorder will be subject to a club ban, in addition to potential criminal investigation,” the club said.

An FA statement published following the final whsitle after full-time called the disorder “completely unacceptable”.

“Safety and security are of the upmost importance, and the behaviour of those involved was dangerous and inexcusable,” the FA said.

“We will be investigating these serious incidents alongside the clubs and the relevant authorities, and the appropriate action will be taken.”

West Midlands Police said in a statement: “We have extra officers at this local derby and they responded immediately as disorder in the stands caused fans to spill onto the pitch.

“Two people have been arrested for public order offences. We worked with officials to get the game restarted as soon as possible.

“Another man was arrested before the game for possession of an offensive weapon.

“A man has been taken to hospital with head injuries.”

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Gary O’Neil spoke on the trouble, saying it was was “really disappointing”, and added: “I saw a little bit of an overspill in the far corner but, from where I am, it’s impossible to know what’s going on.

“Obviously it’s really disappointing. Anybody that wants to come to a football match should feel safe. Young children and elderly people could be in that area.

“We shouldn’t have to discuss incidents like that – they shouldn’t happen. I hope everyone is safe and there’s no lasting effects.

“I thought the respect on the pitch was excellent and the game was played in a really good spirit.

“I know there were players’ families in that area and I hope everyone is OK. I don’t think the players would have been involved in anything like it before.”

Carlos Corberan said that his players were “worried” for the safety of their families during the disorder between the supporters.

He told the media: “I’m against any kind of aggressive behaviour. It’s unfortunate it happened and that this is the summary of this game.

“Fortunately there was no dramatic situation with the families. Everything was controlled by the security people. But of course the players were worried because they knew their families were there.”

Bartley was subbed off as soon as the game restarted, though Corberan claims the decision was purely tactical, saying: “I wanted to make the subs because they scored the second goal and Bartley had a yellow card.”

This is how Twitter users reacted after a video shows Wolves fans sing “let him die” as the West Brom fan covered in blood gets led away by police…

@pokeefe1: Doesn’t look the type to get involved in that sort of thing.

@brooks55_brooks: What a disgrace and Wolves fans singing that is unpardonable

@secularhitchens: It’s like the good old days.

@BallackSrfc: Football banter is one thing but chants like that are vile. #FACup

@ClarkyDrums: Standard football crowds. Low IQ, knuckle dragging, scumbags.

@connor_mcandrew: Who goes to the football to end up like this or to make someone end up like this. So grim

@JosephShirley87: Football fans are so strange. Go step foot in a boxing ring you’d get your heads taken off. Melts

@mikechels_: Honestly don’t get this weird behaviour man it’s a game of fucking football 😂😂

@forevertown: Jesus, have we gone back 50 years? 🤯 Worrying scenes.

@nebularsmusic: Actually flabbergasting scenes… On the other hand, derby atmospheres have all died off in English football but the ones that remain… It could get really dangerous very easily

@UtdDylan1: Hahaha coppers got him in cuffs walking him round the whole stadium when his head is pissing wi blood, state of this country

@biteyourlegs: That’s some head injury

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