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Wolves fans fume at outrageous major hike in season ticket prices for 2024/25 season

Wolves have announced a major hike in the prices of their season tickets ahead of the 2024/25 season, angering its supporters.

The majority of adult fans will be required to pay approximately 17% more for the upcoming season, while many supporters will face even larger increases.

This news has prompted fans to share the details of their individual price hikes. For instance, under-14s in the family enclosure will experience a staggering 133% increase, going from £105 to £245.

Similarly, under-21 prices have risen by 46.6%, from £382 to £560.

Adult season tickets in the same stand have seen an increase of nearly 23%, now priced at £780.

Additionally, adult season tickets located behind the goals in the North Bank and South Bank have risen by 17.6%, amounting to £735.


Wolves season tickets are now up for renewal, as attention turns to the 2024/25 Premier League campaign under Gary O’Neil.

Existing season ticket holders have now received their renewal information via email and have until midnight on Friday 14th June 2024 to retain their seat via eticketing.co.uk/wolves, where users should log in to their ticketing account and access a renewal notification.

The past 12 months have brought victories over Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea at Molineux, and O’Neil will look to build on a positive first campaign with the Old Gold when the new season begins in August.

Once again, renewals can be paid via direct debit over nine months at no additional cost and there will be no admin fees placed on season tickets or home match tickets for the 2024/25 campaign.

Like last season, the refund value for ticket resales will remain at 80 per cent, while ticket ballots for away Premier League games will continue, making up five per cent of the allocation, and be available for all season ticket holders to enter.

Chairman Jeff Shi said: “When it comes to setting ticket prices, we benchmark our prices against those of the other 19 Premier League clubs, especially those with similar fanbase sizes, stadium capacities and sporting achievements.

“We do listen to fan feedback, and we understand that price increases are unpopular, but our aim is to ensure our prices are neither significantly higher nor lower than our peers. Our ticketing team has thoroughly researched and compared Wolves with other clubs, and I believe our pricing reflects a fair and reasonable balance based on our current position, past growth and future aspirations.

“Commercial growth is vital for our club’s sustainability and competitiveness. While Premier League broadcasting revenue is indeed a major source of income, it is also easily offset by the club’s wage bills. This means that our disposable income largely comes from commercial activities, including ticket sales, hospitality and sponsorship. This revenue is the key difference between us and the biggest clubs that we have to compete with in the Premier League and is an essential area for us to grow over time.

“Our head coach, his team and squad have put in tremendous effort to ensure our club competes at the highest level on the pitch this season and, as we move into our seventh successive season in the Premier League, we will continue to keep progressing and supporting them as much as we can. Your support is invaluable to us, and we are committed to keep growing Wolves to make the club a strong and sustainable presence in the top tier of English football.”

Any supporters who do not have an email address registered will receive the same information via post.

The easiest way to renew a season ticket is through tickets.wolves.co.uk however it is also possible to renew by calling the ticket sales line on 0371 222 1877.

A number of FAQs relating to season ticket renewals are available at help.wolves.co.uk and supporters should consult these FAQs before getting in touch.

Those who require further assistance relating to their renewal should contact fanservices@wolves.co.uk, who offer assistance quickly and efficiently.

To renew, simply click here.

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As mentioned, Wolves fans fume at the outrageous major hike in season ticket prices for the 2024/25 season…

@olliewolves: No ambition. £735 to watch us strive to 40 points on a thread bare squad. Thats me done

@wwfcscott: £735 for Southbank ST renewals. Practically a £200 increase from just two seasons ago. #wwfc

All @Wolves fans check your Ticket Renewals section on the website / for your prices.
For reference mine in the Family Enclosure;
Adult – from £635 to £780 (23%)
Under 14 – from £105 to £245 (130%!)🚨
Fucking hell Wolves. Cheers Jeff Moxshi 😳😳

@WolvesSutton: A 16% increase in season tickets, then. For what, exactly, Jeff? It’s all very well talking about benchmarking against other clubs in terms of league position and stadia. What about demographic?… In various football metrics, for example, you can understand Wolves being benchmarked against clubs like Fulham, Brentford or Brighton. However, from a social and economic perspective it’s comparing apples to oranges. Club is utterly tone deaf to the city and its people. £939 in the Upper Billy Wright. To watch football. In Wolverhampton. Not London. Wolverhampton.

@Kingwolf84: Park the adult increase to one side… That u14 increase is immoral!!

@wwfc_luke_: First season of adult prices and it’s £735 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Think I’ll be going down lye next season instead #wwfc

@hampshire93: Jeff Shi you fucking coward. Waiting until the end of the season to announce those increases. Fuck you @Fosun_Intl #wwfc

@dtr2527: Standard adult season ticket price in the southbank is an average of £38 a game. What the actual fuck. Cost of living crisis, working class city. When Jeff came in, I thought he actually understood. He’s not got a clue at all. #wwfc

@wwfcltd: 735 gbp to watch mid table football at best in a stadium that hasn’t been painted since mick mccarthy was manager 😂😭😂 #wwfc

@JB_F1_: 130% increase for under 14s? You disgusting cunts @Fosun_Intl #wwfc

@Tom__Higgs: £735 for mine & Alfie’s season ticket last season. To renew (he’s still in same age category) is £1025. Absolute disgrace by the club. Almost a 40% increase. #wwfc

@Grem1980: #wwfc I was on the fence about next season but was coming round to renewing because its what we do, but i think Jeff has just made my mind up for me!!!

@OscillateWWFC: Dear Jeff, Don’t tell me why I should or shouldn’t support my club. I was here before you. Prat. Disgraceful pricing with a side order of condescension. #wwfc

@darbayit: Not our club any more, not the club I fell in love with as a boy. Jeff you’re an utter, utter bastard. #wwfc

Since promotion, a season ticket renewal in the South Bank:
£449 (2018/19)
£514 (2019/20)
N/A – behind closed doors (2020/21)
£549 (2021/22) – without 4 game covid rebate
£559 (2022/23)
£625 (2023/24)
£735 (2024/25)
Stark isn’t it. #wwfc

@jonnotommo: 19 year old who has been a STH with my Dad since I was 7. Trying to find my way in life on an apprenticeship that pays minimum wage. Steve Bull Upper U21 ticket £626 from £443 41%. Simply can’t renew. Thanks Jeff, lost a fan you could’ve had for life. So upset. #wwfc

@banksy_v23: £625 for season ticket last season £735 this season £110 increase 🤔 #wwfc

@catyler84: A very sad day for @Wolves

@notsouniquename: That’s some percentage increase 😳 #wwfc

@Dannyb128: I don’t get to games very often as I live in London but those increases are disgusting. It would cushion the blow a bit if they announced some stadium plans or actually added to the squad but they’re charging premium prices for a sub-standard product at this point #wwfc

@oldgoldpack: Fans are the life blood of any club. They provide the essence of what a club is, local pride & history. Something passed down through generations, through good times and bad. In a cost of living crisis read the room…Or risk alienating the life blood of a club. #wwfc

@Tunni90: Only 6 years ago my season ticket was £345 for watching a championship winning team! Now they’re charging £735! Scandalous 😞 #wwfc

@GlynOwe35444250: @Wolves hang your heads in shame you are a disgrace Jeff Shi you are a joke i have been a season ticket holder since 2002 been going since 1978 but next season you won’t see me anymore outpriced by a club with no ambition and joke owners… Relegation beckons next season #wwfc

@LJNwwfc: Only a week ago we saw a brilliant video by our club, about how football and the wolves is an escape every weekend. People from all walks of life coming together. People going alone, as well as it being a reason to connect with mates. #wwfc just priced out those fans. Shameful.

@DylanTheWolf: My & my boys ST’s in the SB have gone up from £1007 to £1224 😱 I’m sick of being squeezed dry by massive increases year in, year out. Honestly 50/50 if I’m going to renew or not @Wolves

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