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Wolves fans display messages on protest banners after latest response from club and Jeff Shi

Wolves fans have taken to display messages on protest banners after the latest response from the club and chairman Jeff Shi.

An open letter and a petition signed by over 11,000 people has been sent to Wolves, asking the club to reconsider season ticket price increases for the 2024-25 season.

The letter, signed by a number of fan groups and media channels, took issue with an “extortionate increase for disabled and junior supporters” and pleaded for the club “in the strongest possible terms to reconsider your approach and pricing strategy to protect this club for future generations”.

Wolves supporter Alex Moore, from the Old Gold Pack, told BBC Radio WM: “We, like many fans, have been left truly shocked by the announcement that came out last week.

“It’s left many in the fan base feeling disillusioned, frustrated and angry. It’s going to cause a lot of people, in a cost-of-living crisis, to question whether or not they can renew or are they going to be faced with being priced out of a love, a passion and a community that has been constant all of their lives? It’s been a saviour for a lot of people.

“This has led to us putting out a joint statement along with many other fan groups, with the aim of highlighting the strong objection to these increases by the fans. We really hope the club reconsiders its approach. This is about standing up for future generations of this club, the lifeblood of this club, and standing up for what is right.”

When the prices were announced last week, Wolves chairman Jeff Shi said: “We do listen to fan feedback, and we understand that price increases are unpopular, but our aim is to ensure our prices are neither significantly higher nor lower than our peers.

“Our ticketing team has thoroughly researched and compared Wolves with other clubs, and I believe our pricing reflects a fair and reasonable balance based on our current position, past growth and future aspirations.”

Answers were provided to the most frequently asked questions to @WolvesHelp in the past week.

But now messages have appeared on banners, which appeared outside Molineux on Saturday morning (1st June) read: “Stop the Shi”, “Reverse the Hike now!” and “Lay off our disabled fans”.


Wolves season tickets are now in the renewal phase ahead of the 2024/25 Premier League season.

Existing season ticket holders have until midnight on Friday 14th June 2024 to retain their seat via eticketing.co.uk/wolves, where users should log in to their ticketing account and access a renewal notification.

We understand that some supporters have questions about the recent changes in season ticket pricing, and we are committed to maintaining transparency and answering these queries where possible.

The FAQ below is a collection of the most frequently asked questions to fanservices@wolves.co.uk in the past week, and the answers given are to address certain concerns and offer clarity behind the adjustments. We will continue to update the FAQs as more questions, specific to the operation of season tickets or pricing, arise.

What is the reason for season ticket price increases?

Each season, the club conducts a thorough analysis and benchmarking of ticket prices across other clubs. This year, the review showed that our adult prices were lower than most, while junior prices were among the lowest in the league. To align more closely with comparable clubs, we decided to increase prices. The adjustment this season means that minimal increases, or even price freezes, will be possible in subsequent seasons.

The interest-free direct debit payment option lets supporters spread the cost of renewal over nine monthly payments, with adult tickets behind the goals starting from £82 a month and junior prices from £17.50 a month.

Can you explain the benchmarking process which took place?

With the help of the Premier League, we collate ticket prices from every club. The information is then categorised by stands and age brackets at every club. This isn’t a straightforward process as different clubs have different ticketing processes. For example, some clubs charge different prices within the same stand, based on view and position, unlike Wolves. In cases like this we take the mean average of all the prices contained within that stand. Others place the family area in different sections of the stadium, at times in a less sought-after area as the one Wolves offer. During the process, we aimed to compare ourselves alongside clubs with similar stadium sizes and sporting achievements.

Why are Wolves benchmarking against successful Premier League clubs?

Over the past six seasons, Wolves have established themselves as a competitive Premier League team, with an average league position of between 10th and 11th. We are among the few clubs to have competed in European competitions during this period, with near misses for European qualification or cup success in four of those six seasons. These achievements reflect our growth and ambition and it’s important to recognise that Wolves are competing at a high level.

No club has an inherent right to be in the Premier League, but our consistent performance demonstrates that currently we belong among the top tier teams. Benchmarking ourselves amongst teams who have a similar recent sporting history reflects our commitment to maintaining and enhancing our competitiveness in the Premier League.

Why have junior tickets been increased the most?

Previously, prices for those aged under-14 averaged just £5.50 per game across the ground and for those aged under-17 averaged £11.50. With the new pricing, under-14 tickets will range from £9 to £16 per game, with under-17 tickets ranging from £11.50 to £20 depending on the stand. The club feels this still represents good value and is much closer in pricing to that of our competitors in the Premier League.

Why have there been specific price increases for disabled supporters?

There has not been a specific price increase for disabled supporters or wheelchair users. As always, supporters with a disability pay their relevant age category and are entitled to bring along a personal assistant for free where required.

Furthermore, adult supporters who sit within designated accessible areas of the stadium receive a concessionary price.

We are proud of the support we offer our fans with accessible needs through our disability access officer and Fan Services team. Any supporters with accessibility issues who need assistance should contact Fan Services on fanservices@wolves.co.uk.

Given the club’s diverse revenue streams, why is this increase in ticketing revenue deemed necessary?

All revenue streams are vital to the club’s operations. The Premier League is incredibly competitive, requiring continued investment to maintain a strong position. As we enter our seventh consecutive season in the Premier League, our aim is to continue to compete at the highest level. This ticket revenue increase is a crucial step in achieving these goals and continuing to compete with our peers in the league.

Why weren’t the renewal prices published by the club?

As has been the case in previous seasons, the club sent a direct email to season ticket holders relating to their renewal. This ensures that each supporter can see information relating specifically to their renewal. On the same day, following the emails being sent, a story was released on the official club website, which can be viewed here.

How important are season ticket holders to Wolves?

Season ticket holders are crucial to Wolves, and always will be. Wolverhampton is not a major tourist destination, so local and domestic fans will forever form the core of our supporter base, and match going fans are without a doubt the heartbeat of the club.

Will the North Bank Bar still be accessible for season ticket holders?

Yes, season ticket holders will continue to have free access to the North Bank Bar. The club is considering improvements to enhance the service and experience for our supporters, and had been considering making it a premium area. However, the club is now committed to maintaining it as an area for season ticket holders to access on a first come first served basis.

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Twitter users reacted Wolves fans display messages on protest banners after latest response from club and Jeff Shi..

@SouthBankMatt: We are from Wolverhampton & we want to support the team which we have done for generations. Stop this nonsense. We have been here long before you & will be here long after you have left. We’re a working class club, if that’s not ok, maybe Wolves isn’t for you.

@xGJHP: Still going on about fucking benchmarking. Benchmarking this, benchmarking that. Pricing 50 year season ticket holders out for benchmarking. Just embarrassing, embarrassing statement, embarrassing way to deal with it.

@AyWeWolves83: Love to know how we’ve had near misses for Europe in 4 of the 6 season by league or cup!! I know two and the rest we weren’t even close at the end unless you count two season (last included) where no investment costs us a chance in second half of season! Who’s fault is that?!

@MattPrice6: Now l can see why the club hasn’t said anything as when they do they make it worse!

@Aldonn_: This still doesn’t explain why Molineux hasn’t had a lick of paint or maintenance since 2018, or why the squad has had little to no funding for years. If the fans are expected to invest more then we expect more in return.

@oliviashley: i don’t understand this bench marking crap, why does it matter what other clubs are charging?

@JackPLoftus: Fuck me you had all this time to rethink the entire thing and you instead did THAT. Just fuck off

@BC1877: Quite obvious the petition and the polite emails aren’t working. Can we please organise a protest or something that will make them listen?

@zhaynes93: We are the only premier league club to have raised season ticket prices in consecutive seasons since promotion in 2018. My ticket has almost doubled since then

@OscillateWWFC: You can keep lying about the prices compared to other clubs if you like, but it takes less than five minutes’ research to show it up for what it is. 64% increase since 2018. Find me another club that’s done that. #wwfc

@joe76192000: You might as well of gave the points to the opposition team towards the end of last season without playing as we did not have a team

@_TightWadBill: If you’re gonna benchmark the prices, then you need to benchmark the squad. The last 4 managers have had to play children in PL games because we’ve consistently failed them by not supplying them a good enough squad.

@r_dakin: Is there a question on why my tickets gone up over 100 quid in a stand where it takes 20 mins to have a widdle at half time?

@Goughy_WWFC: Read the first sentence realised it was another lie! Not reading anymore.

@matt_lockley: The argument for the kids prices is just awful, was just a few years ago the kids prices were dropped to encourage the next generation of fans to come to the club, was the plan always to get them invested and whack the prices up? This bench marking nonsense is just BS. Poor form

@NikitasFajitas: Have you ‘benchmarked’ whether any other club has risen prices around 60% since 2018? Have you ‘benchmarked’ spend on wages/squad depth compared to other clubs? Have you ‘benchmarked’ average income of someone in Wolverhampton compared to other cities?

@_jwynny: Absolutely pathetic. Ashamed

@YTE_Wolf: You must really hate your customers. You might as well add a final point “not happy, just fuck off then” because to be honest that’s how it feels. Supporter for 57 years and never felt as disconnected to my football club as I do now. Nice one Jeff 👏👏

@NeilDady: Wolves have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Please explain why we have over £50m worth of players out on loan whilst we have a 15 year old on our match day bench?

@swimmerboy36: Well it’s watching local football at grass roots for me. No VAR. No capitalist ownership. I’ll renew when Jeff is gone and we are in the championship again. It’s where we are heading. His lack of ambition was clear. His price increases and silence disgusting. Sorry dad. RIP.

@NikitasFajitas: Also can someone please remind me of the 4 out of 6 seasons we’ve nearly made Europe? Last time we were anywhere near was 2020 😂 What an insulting post. Ignoring the petition as well. Completely cowardly response.

@adwwfc: Never read such a load of bollocks. Club should be absolutely ashamed.

Missed out the question “Please discontinue my auto-renewal”….
Also missed out the comment “I can’t afford to renew now…”
And “I can pay but I won’t because these prices are morally wrong”
But that doesn’t wash with Jeff’s spin…

@LukeBowdler: This is getting embarrassing. Listen to your fanbase before you don’t have one.

You can have this plan for free:
1. Get rid of Jeff
2. Apologise
3. Review ticket prices
4. Allow people who have cancelled STs to change mind after ticket price review
5. Appoint a chairman who understands.
You’re welcome.

@MattYeltzBaggie: I’m an Albion fan, however, I’m also a football fan from a working class town with similar demographics to Wolverhampton. Beyond rivalry, this is an absolute disgrace. Both the pricing and this mess of an explanation. Fight it. Don’t let them win.

@GAJC119: 6 years on the trot our season tickets have been increased. No other club can claim that dubious honour. Face it Wolves, you disrespect the fans, the city, and the club with this shameful episode. No benchmarking can justify what you have done to disabled, kids, pensioners.

@jimmymase85: This half arsed communication and an email reminder straight after reminding us we haven’t renewed our excessively priced tickets. Not sure if its arrogance or pure stubbornness but it’s the start of the end for Fosun.

@LG__88: Still struggling to see how the 2 million gained from ST increases gives us this magical competitive edge

@matt_lockley: Shame they didn’t benchmark the investment in their squads at the same time. Maybe those clubs fans can a) afford it it and b) can justify it because they don’t have to heavily lean on the U21s for players.

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