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Win Consistently By Knowing How to Find Value in Betting Odds

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If a bettor knows how to find value in the betting odds, he’ll be able to earn a targeted profit. While you are aiming to reap financial gains through your bets, the bookmakers exist for profits too!

With the applicable statistical and mathematical procedures, bookmakers can manipulate and generate odds. This process will take funds and energy so these bookmakers make sure that they get something for their hard work. In this article, we’ll discuss how bettors can beat the bookies by determining the value of betting odds.

Understanding Betting Odds

Betting odds can be expressed in three different formats as per top bookies like the FanDuel. The American odds are written in whole numbers. UK odds are conveyed in fractions while the European odds are shown in decimals.

There are plenty of odds calculators or odds converters on the internet. All you have to do is to choose the format, type the odds, and encode the money you wish to bet. With these data, you’ll be able to come up with the due profit of your bet.

The Concept of Value

As already mentioned, there is no more efficient way to earn profit out of betting than to understand how odds work. Many bettors think that the business is all about selecting as many winners as you can but it isn’t only about that.

Profitable sports betting is essentially about getting at the best position where you can spot favorable odds. Finding values could be draining but understanding its concept could make you successful in all of your betting attempts.

Take note that the value of the odds can either be negative or positive. To rationalize, a positive value means that the wager’s probability to win is higher than the probability registered in the odds. If it expresses otherwise, it’s called the negative value.

For example, if we toss a coin, there is a 50% winning probability for both sides of the coin. If the odds fixed in the heads are greater than the odds set in the tails, the head holds a positive value.

There are bettors who pursue betting just for pure recreation but for those who bet for daily bread, reservations means not betting at all. If there is no positive value upon analysis, it’s better not to place any bet yet.

The Implied Probability

In determining the implied probability, follow this formula: (1/decimal odds) x 100. You’ll get the implied probability in percentage and this is quite simple compared to other formats.

If the odds are not in decimal values, you can freely utilize odds converter tools you can find on the internet. If you’re with a circle or community of sports bettors, you can ask for this tool from your peers right away.

Practical Way to Find the Value

Being a sports better doesn’t stop at winning straight a week, it’s all about continuous conduct of analysis and research. Well, all of us can surely read the basics of the business but few are willing to spend time in gauging each potential outcome’s probabilities.

Aside from this, you can also bet against the outcome you expected. It’ll be a bit capricious to do it but it works well most of the time. All you have to do is to negate the rhythm of most bets and take a handsome amount of prize as a reward. Well, you can choose to bet on favorites too as long as you’re confident about the result and the cash out you’ll receive if you got lucky.

Tips and Tricks in Finding Values

Some would prefer arithmetic methods to come up with the precise numbers when it comes to finding the value. However, there are additional pieces of advice that are tried and true. If you are interested in knowing them, continue reading below.

Try to Shop Around
You need to check all the odds offered by like half a dozen of sportsbooks. It doesn’t stop with finalizing the predictions of probabilities, you need to shop around for odds to. There would be slight differences in the odds if you try to look into multiple books. Now, it’s your assignment to secure the most favorable odds among the selection.

Make a Staking Plan
If you are not familiar with a staking plan, you’re probably losing control of your bankroll right now. Well, there are many staking methods you can use but you need to get a grip of the most disciplined staking plan that is also applicable for your betting habits.

Staking plans restrains you from exhausting your finances for stakes that are way beyond your bankroll’s capacity. At the same time, you’ll be able to smartly maximize your profits using this method. If you have a structured staking plan in place, a streak of luck won’t get you extremely excited so you can think rationally whether you hold back or continue the rush.


Bettors should know that one absolute way to win a stake to search for odds with the positive value. Analyzing values and learning how to identify them guarantee you profits out of betting. You don’t have to force a bet if you haven’t found any positive values in the odds. Try looking high and low for the most favorable odds and get the best deal out of your effort.

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