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Wigan in deeper crisis with just the chairman left on the board as more members resign

Wigan Athletic find themselves in deeper crisis with just the chairman left on the board as more members announce they resign from the role.

Paul Kendrick tweeted a brief summary of the situation: “And then there was one… Tom Markham and Oliver Gottmann follow Mal Brannigan out of the door. ‘Positions untenable’. Only chairman Talal Al Hammad remains of the board. What a mess.”

On Friday, reports emerged that Wigan Athletic had reportedly failed to pay player wages on time once again.

The reporter tweeted that while some players and non-playing staff have already received their wages, the First Team squad were still waiting.

The Latics will begin the new League One campaign with a minus 8 points penalty after failing to pay players on time twice in recent months.


A departing statement from Tom Markham and Oliver Gottmann of the Wigan Athletic FC Board

On 22 March 2023 a revised Board comprising of Talal Al Hammad, Tom Markham and Oliver Gottmann was installed by Phoenix 2021 Limited to oversee day to day operations at Wigan Athletic. At this time, the players were overdue payment of their wages by twelve days and HMRC PAYE payments were two months in arrears. At 5.00pm on 24 March 2023, no funds had arrived into the club’s bank account and there were genuine concerns that the club was heading towards administration. By 5.05pm all creditors had been paid following an injection of £2.3m by the ownership group.

The Board’s next immediate objective was to regain stability within the football club after this period of extreme turbulence. Over the following month stability did return to the organisation. Staff were excited about the future of a modern, transparent and more sustainable football club that empowered its employees. These strategic objectives were underpinned by Shaun Maloney’s five year on-field vision focused on player development. It was agreed that a Sporting Director would be appointed and data would play a significant part in recruitment going forward.

On 4 May 2023 players and staff were due to be paid. Unfortunately, despite numerous promises, no funds arrived from ownership to cover the circa £500k deficit meaning that the club did not have sufficient funds to pay player wages. This was hugely deflating after a very positive six week period. At the same time, the club was in the midst of dealing with previous EFL charges in relation to non-payment of players and the EFL wage bond. The non-payment of players in May meant that the club would start the 2023/24 season with a four point deduction which would not have happened had the players been paid on time.

Between 4 May 2023 and 2 June 2023, the ownership group promised nine different funding amounts to the club ranging from £700k to over £20m. The EFL (who have been kept informed of proceedings throughout), HMRC and other stakeholders were provided with documentation in relation to two of these amounts. In the case of the second of these amounts (the eight-figure sum mentioned by the Chairman in his public statement on the club website on 26 May 2023) we were assured that this would provide the club with all the necessary funding for the remainder of the 2022/23 season and the entirety of the 2023/24 season. It would also allow for the plans outlined above to be implemented. None of these funds ever arrived.

The lack of funds meant that the club was not in a position to pay £2.35m into the EFL Wage Bond by 24 May 2023 resulting in a further four point deduction for the 2023/24 season. We were promised by the ownership group that funds would be in place by 2 June 2023. With these funds not arriving and with no visibility of when funds will arrive it makes our positions untenable, so it is with great regret we have both resigned from our roles at the club with immediate effect. We remain passionate about Wigan Athletic and would reverse this decision immediately if funds appropriate to implement the aforementioned plans were injected into the club.

We would strongly encourage the ownership group to put the necessary funds in to pay creditors and preserve the future of this proud football club.


The EFL has yet to comment on the reported delay in the payment of salaries. However, the Latics have experienced similar issues with the points deductions.

Latics fans will be deeply concerned by this news. They have expressed their displeasure with the owner Abdulrahman Al-Jasmi, who purchased the club in 2021.

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Paul Kendrick revealed the news on his Twitter:

“Been told Wigan Athletic staff have been paid along with the club’s Under-23s…but the senior squad remains unpaid. Assurances have been made it will be today…but of course they’ve been made before. Appalling state of affairs.’

“Just been told not all non-playing staff have been paid…obviously hard to check if every single member of staff has been paid…but important to make that correction.

“That we’re even having to clarify this is a damning indictment on current events.”

This is what fans are saying with Wigan in deeper crisis now it’s just the chairman left on the board as more members decide to resign…

@CalWafc: #believe in what 😂 #wafc

@DanWAFC03: There is a genuine possibility Wigan Athletic will be playing football several divisions below Hashtag United next season and with that I say goodnight #wafc

@kevwafc: Last part is telling here, should the cash arrive they’ll reverse their resignations, they’re making their play here to force the owner to sort it out #wafc

@AaronBoon55: We’re fucked aren’t we #wafc

@LeonOlechnowicz: Just another normal day of supporting Wigan Athletic. @netflix buy us and get the documentary filmed, we’ve got a blockbuster on our hands #wafc

@Kai_WAFC: We are the next Bury, I don’t think that’s in doubt anymore #wafc

@samuellatics: Wigan athletic 1932 – 2023. We had a good run, but I honestly can’t see now where we go from there. Sounds like the ‘owner’ is quite literally holding the club hostage. #wafc

@jack_unsworth: Won’t be missed either, you two and Brannigan not innocent in all of this. Example of how not to run a football club

@laticwolf: Fit and proper my arse. How these clowns have been able to turn things upside down in such a short space of time is just bonkers. No idea where we go from here but I’ve got a horrible feeling it’s going to be absolutely terrible #wafc

@ZachOfTheDay: Not to sure what’s going on at wigan athletic again but judging from some fans tweets it looks like things have gone back to square 1 again. Good luck to you all, the fans are the heart and soul of the club and they deserve so much better, I hope it gets sorted out 🔵⚪🟢 #wafc

@rlowe20: @SkySportsNews @talkSPORT you should be shouting about this and drawing attention to the fraud Al Jasmi and what he is doing to our club. Not banging on about City etc every 3 mins…. Real people, real lives being affected again…. call out these liars and frauds

@JennaGal89: The worry inflicted on staff every 4 weeks is just too much. We deserve better! #wafc

@sw_wafc: So to sum this up… we’re fucked #wafc

@shoveyxxx: Our club is on its arse and all I’m reading is people stopping season tickets and fans fund. That money goes into the club and I’m hoping in some small way is helping. This is our club and if you think cancelling your funding in anyway effects our owner you’re a muppet #wafc

@WAFCLouis: Why the hell would I want to pay over £200 for something that I’m not guaranteed to get?

@sugarspunemily: why should we continue putting money into something we are getting a lack of honesty about and have been for months?

@terrythomas1: A move for the better? Who knows what’s afoot? I’ll get off the train when I tire of the journey but the time draws near and if this club goes I’ll support no other 💙

@itswoosey: I mean, are refunds even possible? One paid in full, one is two instalments in. My heart says leave it we’ll come good, my brain is tweeting this question… shit show #wafc

@Davethefloor: Gutted about what’s happening at Wigan. Just can’t believe we may not even be in existence next season #wafc

@laticsian: Total chaos this. In all other instances of seeing other fan bases wanting their owners out etc, even them lot down the road, I have never ever seen a football club run as badly as this. Ever

@im_martinholden: What must Maloney be thinking this evening, absolutely disgusting state of affairs. #wafc

@Son189802: All jokes aside, it’s actually painful to see how incompetently run Wigan are

@Latics_WN6: @TalalAlHammad32 pull your fucking finger out and quickly. If you Al Jasmi is not providing you with funds, then tell us that and stop giving us bullshit about him being committed. Stop lying to everyone and put the club up for sale you incompetent clowns. #wafc

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