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Wigan have last laugh after Blackburn’s cheeky dig at them in pre-match tweet

Wigan Athletic have last laugh last night after Blackburn’s cheeky dig at them in a pre-match tweet referencing the goal size.

The Latics claimed a first home win of the Championship season with a 62nd minute goal in what was a rather uninspiring north west derby against a blunt Rovers side.

On-loan Everton forward Nathan Broadhead got the only goal of the game on the rebound after Blackburn keeper Thomas Kaminski parried from Will Keane.

Rovers would have climbed back into the top six with a point but much to the travelling side’s disappointment failed to register a shot on target, with top scorer Ben Brereton Diaz firing their best opening wide.

They remain 7th, two places above Leam Richardson’s Wigan who leap seven places from 16th to 9th with a scrappy but deserved victory.

Before the game however, Blackburn took a swipe if you like at Wigan making sure the size of both goals are the same.

Wigan’s Championship clash with Cardiff City at the weekend saw a bizarre mix-up result in one of the goals being placed higher than the other.

According to FA rules, crossbars must be no higher than eight feet tall — yet one of the goals at the DW Stadium exceeded that limit and now Wigan Athletic face an FA probe.

Rugby league outfit Wigan Warriors also play at the venue with goalposts dismantled by groundstaff at the end of every game and then put up prior to the next match.

The crossbar incident delayed the game for seven minutes. It didn’t help the Latics though, who were beaten 3-1 by the Bluebirds.

It was made aware before kick-off that one goal frame was approximately two inches taller than the other.

The clubs and match officials agreed the game should go ahead as neither team would gain an advantage.

“I did ask if we could attack that end in both halves but they weren’t having that!” said Cardiff boss Mark Hudson.

The EFL will contact Wigan for their observations.

Cardiff won the game 3-1, with Ryan Wintle’s late third goal for the Bluebirds going in off the underside of the higher bar.

Mark Hudson, caretaker of Cardiff, said: “A couple of the lads thought there was an issue with the size of one of the goals.

“One of the goals was too high by a couple of inches. We obviously flagged it straight away, and then they had to recalibrate it because of ‘Hawkeye’, I think.

“We were initially told we’d have to wait a couple of hours for it to sink another couple of inches, but no-one wanted that. We decided to continue with it, and it was the same for both sides.

“I did ask if we could attack that end in both halves but they weren’t having that!”

Wigan boss Leam Richardson said it was another example of “the way things are going” for them.

“One of the goals was two inches too high and their third goal goes in off the bar, so you do the maths…” he said.

“It just sums up the day for us doesn’t it? Look, it doesn’t help you in terms of preparing for a game, but it’s the same for both sides.

“It’s just coincidental that the killer third goal is one that probably bounces away at the other end.”

The EFL went against the idea of the fixture being replayed, as both clubs were happy to play when the issue was highlighted prior to the game starting.

James Bell was the referee in charge of the game. Professional Game Match Officials Limited, the body in charge of referees in English professional football, has been contacted for comment.

As mentioned, Wigan have the last laugh after Blackburn’s cheeky dig at them in a pre-match tweet…

@pskl73: I hope they’re made smaller for us tonight but I don’t think that will help 😂

@RyanMas01567063: Well??? Can I have a response please 🙏 😳🤣😂

@Warriorjim: Could have been twice the size and you still wouldn’t have scored 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 another loss for Blackburn at the DW 😘😘😘😘

@ethan_wafc: How’d your night go fellas asking for a friend

@danjwafc: Did you bring a striker ? 😂

@dcokell: Could of left the rugby posts up and we still wouldn’t of scored

@RyanPill: 0 shots on target, didn’t need the tape measure 😂😂

@mattclayton2015: Did you bring the 3 points? Hahahahahahaha

@IanCart59216988: Hope you enjoyed the result tonight 😂

@SamFiel72376823: We couldn’t find it if it was 20 metres wide and 10 metres high anyway

@XxLaticsGirlxX: Didn’t bring your shooting boots did you 🤣🤣

@Wids032: Proceeds to have zero shots on target 💀

@CraigFarrimond: Did you bring the 3 points for us

@JackScarb44: Yeah. And we’re using it to measure the size of this W

@rimmimgton: Looks like you didn’t bring your shooting boots, I’d be more worried about that.

@davidjackson3: Too busy dicking about with tape measures and forgot how to play football. Have a good night, lads. 😘

@Catterall24: Did you have a shot on target ? #wafc

@WafcHugh: Well why don’t yous put the ball in the back of net and test it out….. Oh wait 😘

@GregFarrimond: Thought this was quite funny tbf but it was only ever going to preempt a 1-0 defeat with the goal being scored in that end

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