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Wigan find out verdict of their appeal against points deduction

Wigan Athletic find out the outcome of Tuesday afternoon’s verdict of their appeal against their points deduction which they received last month.

At the beginning of July, the club said they entered administration and were subsequently given a 12-point deduction by the English Football League.

This was implemented into the league standing at the end of the season, seeing them drop from 13th to finish 23rd, despite losing just one of their last 15 games.

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“The only grounds we have is ‘force majeure’,” said Krasner. “This situation was totally unexpected, so we believe this case applies.”

Force majeure events are certain acts, events or circumstances beyond the control of the involved parties, such as natural disasters, war or a pandemic.

Wigan could reportedly have also faced a further points deduction increased up to 15 points should any new owner fail to pay 25% of the money owed to non-football creditors.

Latics supporters have urged the EFL to suspend the points deduction until a further investigation looks into the events leading up to the club entering administration.

Krasner added: “I can tell you all that the initial appeal has already been made by our solicitors and we have until Friday the 10th of July to put in a substantive defence as to why the 12 points should not be deducted.

“That will be done on time. It will cost the club/the administrators costs they have to be incurred.

“I’m not giving any guarantees that the penalty won’t be imposed by the Football League in accordance with their regulations.

“But we are taking all steps possible to either avoid it or at least minimise it.

“You should also be aware that there is a second potential points deduction if creditors are not paid 25p in the pound under what’s known as a CVA, which is a Company Voluntary Arrangement, or informally it can be done by the administrators.

“That is going to cost quite a bit of money and the penalty can be 15 points next season.

“Leeds had that penalty imposed a number of years ago when they were in administration. Once again, I am giving no guarantees but we are working on a strategy how to deal with this problem if we have a successful sale.

“I want to see the club going forward without any points deduction next season if at all possible.”

Today’s verdict announcement has been revealed, knowing that if it is successful, then it could see the Latics remain in the Championship and Barnsley would be relegated instead.

However, should it be upheld, then they will be relegated to League One.


Reliable journalist Paul Kendrick added: Just spoken to David Phillips QC… Wigan Athletic have failed to get their 12-point deduction overturned for entering administration, and have been relegated to League One.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

EFL Communications wrote:An independent Arbitration panel has ruled that Wigan Athletic’s 12-point deduction for entering administration last month will stand after dismissing the Club’s appeal against the sporting sanction.

“The insolvency event occurred on the 1 July 2020 and under EFL Regulation 12.3, the Club was subject to a 12-point sanction; yet the timing of the deduction could only be determined once the final games of the season had been played. 

“The reason for this approach was due to the administration taking place after the fourth Thursday in March. In such circumstances EFL Regulations state that, in the event a Club is relegated by virtue of their final position following the conclusion of the league campaign, then the deduction would apply in the following season. 

“As the Club was not in the relegation places following the last round of Championship fixtures, the sanction was then applied to their 2019/20 total which resulted in a 23rd placed finish.  

“In cases of insolvency, the panel does not determine the timing of the sanction as it can in independent disciplinary proceedings.

“The decision of the arbitration panel is final and legally binding.

“The EFL will continue to engage with the Administrators to provide its full support in all ongoing matters with the aim of achieving a long-term future for the Club.”


Wigan Athletic say: “The Independent Disciplinary Commission has deliberated over the last few days on the evidence presented at Friday’s appeal against the 12-point deduction.

“The Independent Disciplinary Commission has ruled that the appeal has not been successful.

“The club put forward a strong case and naturally we are disappointed at the decision.

“The first team management will now prepare the team for next season’s Sky Bet League One campaign.

“No detailed reasoning behind the decision is available yet, but we will post further information at the appropriate time.”

The search for a new owner goes on. Talks with the administrators’ initial preferred bidder broke down last month and talks are now ongoing with another potential buyer for the club.

The club’s assistant, Leam Richardson, will take charge of first team training next week with the support of Anthony Barry and goalkeeping coach Nick Colgan.

Fans have reacted after Wigan find out the verdict of their appeal against points deduction

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