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Wife of Forest Green groundsman thought he was having an affair with a robot lawnmower

The groundsman of Forest Green Rovers has revealed a robot lawnmower caused his wife to think that he was having an affair.

The pitch at the eco-friendly club is cut by using a solar-powered GPS-navigated MowBot which regularly texts him with updates.

Adam Witchell, the groundsman, revealed that it however got him in trouble after the lawnmower sent lots of texts to him in the middle of the night.

He told The Sun : “Once, my phone started bleeping at 2.30am.

“It kept going off and waking me up.

“My partner elbowed me aggressively in the midriff and said: ‘Who is f***ing messaging you at this time?’

“I said it was the robot.

“We argued until 6am. Eventually she believed me.”

In September, the League Two club were recognised by the United Nations and were named “greenest football club in the world”.

They were one of just 15 organisations to have picked up the “Momentum for Change” climate action award.

Forest Green tackles climate change with the introduction of a fully vegan menu, an organic pitch, electric car chargers, the installation of solar panels and of course the solar powered robot lawnmower.

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