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Why PSG cannot transfer their Ligue 1 dominance to win the Champions League

PSG reached the final of the UEFA Champions League in 2020. That was the season most of us thought they could end their wait for the coveted European crown.

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, Les Parisien won their way to the competition’s final, thanks in part to UEFA’sUEFA’s decision to make the knockout rounds just a game.

However, Bayern Munich was also in terrific form that term, with the inevitable Robert Lewandowski leading their attack, and they beat the PSG team in the final.

Kylian Mbappe was fresh off from winning the 2018 World Cup and worked hard to help his side win that trophy in 2020, but it did not happen.

Since then, PSG has not reached the final of the competition and will face Bayern in the round of 16 of the competition this term, which will be a tough game.

Despite coming short in European football, Christophe Galtier’sGaltier’s men have continued to dominate Ligue and have won eight league titles since 2013, and their Qatari owners have continued to bolster the squad to ensure they remain competitive.

The reason they signed the likes of Neymar, Mbappe and Lionel Messi is that they want to get their hands on the coveted UCL trophy. Why have they failed so far?

Poor league quality

Ligue 1 is one of the top five European leagues, but in reality, it is probably the poorest among them, which is why clubs from the competition rarely make an impact in Europe.

The quality of opposition is low because clubs continue to export their best talents to richer European leagues.

The likes of Monaco, Lille and Marseille have threatened the dominance of PSG in the league and often make an impression on the European stage.

But almost every summer, they sell their best men and have to rebuild their squad again with average or low-quality players.

These teams do not provide PSG with the quality of opposition they need to prepare against top sides on the continent, and it affects them.

Players who are past their best or just beginning

When PSG signed Neymar and Mbappe, it seemed they were well on their way to dominating the European game because these are two of the world’sworld’s finest players.

However, two quality players cannot drive a team to success and the Parisians have realized this the hard way.

Subsequent buys have been players who have passed their best, like Georginio Wijnaldum or youngsters who are just starting their careers like Hugo Ekitike.

You need a nice blend of youth and experience to win trophies, but you need a coherent group of experienced men still in their prime and young players who are well-developed to win the Champions League.

The closest time PSG reached that level was in 2020, and it nearly won them the UCL, but they have struggled to assemble a strong squad since that time.

Not sticking to one manager.

PSG is desperate to win the UCL, and nothing makes that as evident as the number of managers they have had in the last few seasons.

Six gaffers have managed Les Parisiens since 2012, which means they have a new boss after every two years, and the gaffers can argue they need to be given more time.

For context, Jurgen Klopp was at Liverpool for four years before he won his first trophy as their manager, the 2019 UEFA Champions League.

The German was given more than enough time and finally won the UCL and ended their wait for a Premier League title, which had lasted for three decades.

PSG do not have that type of patience, and it does not help that the players have to get used to a new manager and tactics almost every season.

If they want to win the trophy and retain it, they must be prepared to stick to one gaffer and support them as much as possible to bring the crown home.

Stability is essential in achieving success, and the more managerial change a club undergoes, the higher the risk of it ending a season unsuccessfully.

Not winning against top opponents.

If you want to win the best trophies, you must win matches against top opponents around the continent, and PSG has often struggled to achieve this.

They were beaten in the final of the UCL by Bayern Munich and have been eliminated from the competition’s knockout rounds by the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona in pivotal games in the past.

Until the Parisians can win against the established European elites, it will be hard to see them become the champions of Europe.

They have dominated the French league, partly because they have won matches against the top clubs and have continued to do well against the bests in the competition.

If they make that happen in Europe, we can be sure they will end their wait for that trophy soon, but it will not be an easy task, which could help if their fans buy PSG tickets for home games and provide them with the support they need.

A lack of a European-winning mindset

PSG added Lionel Messi to their squad in 2021, one of the biggest transfer deals in football’s recent history.

It means they now have one of the world’s best players on their books, and they continue looking for the best talent.

The addition of the World Cup winner to their squad makes it much stronger than it was before, and you can say they now have players with meaningful European experiences in their team.

However, in previous campaigns, their dressing room has lacked enough players who have won the Champions League, which is one reason they struggle in the competition.

With Messi, Neymar and Sergio Ramos in their squad now, you can expect them to do well this season, but it does not guarantee that they will end their wait for the trophy.

The likes of Manchester City, Liverpool, and Real Madrid are still in it, and they will be hoping to reach at least the final again.

If PSG can beat Bayern and reach the quarterfinal of the UCL, it will hand them a significant confidence boost because the Germans have been on a terrific run of form, and they have a manager who is proving to be one of the finest in the business.

When both clubs meet, it will be a game between two sides who want the gong and have managers with a point to prove.

PSG must continue dominating the Ligue 1, but even more importantly, they must ensure they up their game on the European scene and earn huge wins if they want to become European champions.

One mistake most clubs chasing the trophy make is to sell their best players in the summer, but PSG cannot afford that because they have a delicate squad and losing one key man could make them struggle to even qualify for the Champions League.

Galtier knows he will lose his job if he does not deliver the trophy in the next few seasons, and Messi knows his chance of winning the Ballon d’Or will improve if he wins the UCL.

We expect both to be terrific on the pitch and the bench in the remaining games in the competition this term, knowing this is probably their best chance to earn it for PSG.

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