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Why Football Fans Should Try Out Bingo

Many of us are constantly welcoming new ways to have fun and pass our free time. Bingo is a game we have all heard of, but that some of us may not have tried. 

Most famous for its creative calls such as ‘Two Fat Ladies’, bingo has an unshakable place in popular culture. 

However, the outdated image of a bingo hall full of senior women couldn’t be further from today’s truth. In reality, bingo is seeing a surge in popularity amongst younger generations, men included. 

With no practice or experience necessary, bingo can be enjoyed by anyone at any time. One of the best things about bingo is its ease of play, just buy a ticket and cross your fingers.  

Most common is 90 ball bingo, where the jackpot is achieved by having all 15 numbers on a card called. Speed bingo consists of just 30 balls, with a sole prize won by whoever has all 9 numbers called. 

Furthermore, studies have even shown that bingo can have a wide range of health benefits, helping to maintain cognitive function.   

The Appeal of Online Bingo 

Although bingo halls are nowadays more scarce, the popularity of the game itself remains high courtesy of online services. The huge demand for online bingo has created a strong virtual community, and bingo sites provide a range of services.  

Double bubble bingo offers multiple interesting and fun twists on classic bingo, including some inspired by our favourite TV shows. With such a vast online market, you are sure to find a bingo variety that is perfect for you.  

The reduced cost of operating online means that games of bingo can be played for as little as 1p! Online promotions are common and national jackpots mean that life-changing amounts could be up for grabs.  

One of the best elements of the switch to online is that it hasn’t diminished bingo’s social side. Integrated chat tools and dedicated hosts facilitate detailed interactions between users.  

Some games include added bonuses for those who can correctly guess the first and last number called in a round. Group games offered on some sites mean that you and your pals can team up for bigger prizes. 

Many sites offer lucrative rewards schemes for frequent customers, so the more you play, the bigger you win! 

Furthermore, some more advanced chat rooms accommodate voice chat, turning a collection of homes into one big virtual bingo hall. It’s never been easier to have an authentic bingo experience from the comfort of home.  

Crucially, thanks to smartphone apps and widespread internet access, bingo can now be enjoyed at any hour of the day.  

Bingo and Football- You’ll Love Both. 

Both football and bingo are beloved British pastimes but have seemingly little in common. Some fans might not consider it their cup of tea, however, many elements of bingo will charm any footie fan.  

It’s no accident that bingo sites are being advertised more and more on the front of a player’s shirt. With huge appeal, clubs as big as Sunderland and Coventry have seen themselves sponsored by bingo companies in the past.  

So, despite their differences, let’s discuss why football fans should try bingo:  

Firstly, the social aspect is an integral part of football and bingo, with both inspiring a sense of community. It provides a perfect chance to meet new people, or a fresh way to have fun with old friends.  

A broad demographic of people enjoy bingo, allowing for people from all walks of life to come together.  

Even when playing online, chat rooms make distance irrelevant and ensure the banter keeps flowing.  

The great thing about bingo is that most games have a low entry fee and a considerable prize. With winnings sometimes in the thousands, a simple game of bingo could have next year’s season ticket fully paid for. 

Why Football Fans Will Love Bingo 

There are few things more stressful than watching your favourite football team play. Bingo is a great way to relax with an activity that doesn’t cause nearly as much stress or tension.  

Despite its simplicity, there is plenty of fun and excitement to be had playing bingo. It’s hard to replicate the thrill of awaiting that one crucial call ahead of your close competitor.  

Although there is a fundamental competitive element in all bingo, it remains fun and non confrontational. 

Additionally, the popularity of bingo means that it is now enjoyed in multiple settings. Events such as ‘Bingo Lingo’ combine bingo and booze for a more lively take on the classic game.  

Up and down the country, such events combine crowd participation with an entertaining host for a unrivalled bingo experience.  


Overall, it isn’t hard to see why bingo is slowly becoming a favourite pastime of many football fans. Fun, cheap and easy to play, it’s a favourite pastime for many whilst being extremely welcoming to new players.  

Even though football and bingo don’t seem like a conventional pairing, a vast, social community guides both. There is a strong emphasis on socialising, and oftentimes both football and bingo are enjoyed with a drink in hand.  

Due to its simplicity, bingo can supplement any footballing community and be enjoyed by all football fans, old or young. As well as offering a casual and stress free experience, considerable amounts of cash can be won.  

Though some may think it seems dull, bingo is an exciting social experience that anyone can enjoy! 

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