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Wholesome moment sees club legends present Luton players with Premier League debut balls

A wholesome moment sees the club legends and Mick Harford and John Still present Luton Town players with their Premier League debut balls.

Along with fellow teammates in receiving a ball is Tom Lockyer, who returned to watch training recently, as he continues recovery after he suffered a cardiac arrest.

The three minute footage has gone on to get millions of views with 24 hours as well as over 10,000 likes and a thousand retweets.

Rob Edwards says in the clip: “We’ve got a real special presentation for a number of you that have made your Premier League debuts this year.

“Now what happens, the Premier League, for every homegrown player to come through an English academy for three or more years and gets, when they make the Premier League debut, a ball.

“We’ve also then got some for some of the lads who aren’t homegrown but I think it’s really fitting that we ask Mick who you all know is an absolute legend of this football club, but I also I want to introduce you John Still.

“So for those of you who don’t know John in my opinion I think was the main reason that we’re here right now because he got the most important promotion I think the most difficult one, Mick, and John, can you present you lads now with these Premier League footballs.”

This is how fans reacted to the wholesome moment which sees club legends present Luton players with their Premier League debut balls…

@FulhamTransfer: If Luton stay up it will be an incredible achievement and fully deserved. They’ve been a breath of fresh air and have a very talented young manager in Rob Edwards. Good luck lads.

@HazaUTD: This really is so so wholesome to see. I hope you guys stay up this season. Classy classy football club🧡

@OliverP76171357: Dan potts needs one I swear. Mascot vs Yeovil a few years ago walked out with him because olly lee wasn’t playing. Im praying pottsy gets at least a minute on the pitch this year.

@DulcetDave: Brilliant to see John Still given the recognition he deserves- John was an outstanding manager- his knowledge of football and talent particularly in the lower levels of the professional game unsurpassed

@ltfc4ever1976: Got something in my eye 😂 😢 Gary sweet the legend making an appearance as well. COYH

@R_JLife: Bet they’ve never had to send as many of these to one club. Love that we’ve given so many their first chance and brought special ones along with us. Thanks god it’s not Umbro producing the balls though, or the players would have retired first.

@ben_combes: One of my favourite clips of our @premierleague adventure. The deep connection from the start as @TheVanaramaNL Champions in 2014, with John Still and Pelly, to now in 2024, with Rob Edwards and Barkley, is a huge narrative arc. What a journey! That is still being written #COYH

@David_S_85: The togetherness, it feels like they’re a tight-knit family. Not forgetting where we’ve come from & recognising in particular the historical contributions that both Amari and Pelly made to get us where we are today. I haven’t seen/felt camaraderie like it since my military days.

@donnaedwards02: LOVE 🧡 this! How humbling when you see other clubs spending a fortune! Home grown talent. Desire. Dedication. Resilience. Team spirit! The purpose of football in a nutshell! Great to see!

@andygill76: Rob really just gets it, doesn’t he!? 🧡💙

@harryt84: Luton Town broke my heart on two occasions and we’ve had so many battles over the years, but I can’t help but love what this club has achieved. From strength to strength. Rob Edwards is a class manager who’ll hopefully one day lead 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 for now, Keep upsetting the Apple Cart boys

@Neil_Stone1979: Luton Town seems like a special unique football club. I hope they stay up this year 🧡

@MattingleyGrab: Good stuff! Mick & John are proper football men and the brains behind Luton’s rise. Many similarities between todays Luton and Micks Wimbledon team of 30 years ago.

@FanHubHatter: Sir John Still handing Pelly his Premier league debut ball, after it was him that signed him 10 years ago in the conference. A special moment indeed. 🥺🧡

@Darwen88: Proper beaming at this. Should never be normalised, never understated and never played down. The greatest ever story in world club football. John Still presenting is just perfect. The Pelly Ruddock biopic needs to be made. #historymaker So much love.🧡 #COYH #TTASU

@Lukenffc06: Rob Edwards & Luton annoyingly may be the most likeable group in the prem.

@allenLTFCbrooke: Stills smile is so infectious ain’t it? What a man. Icon.

@LutonNews_LTFC: Another great example of the Hatters just getting things right this year.

@heyitsjeevan: Such a brilliant gesture. Hope they keep the current form & avoid relegation ❤️ #hatters

@dee_jay2020: Class. In hindsight I couldn’t have wished for a better club to beat us in the play off final. Especially looking at some of the entitled supporters of other clubs in Championship. #pusb

@lewyj90: All Luton fans should be concentrating on this season is stuff like this, it’s genuinely priceless. Just forget whatever pundit triggered you six months ago and *ENJOY THE RIDE*

@teamslikeLuton: Locks, JS, Pelly, Rob nearly crying, special place. Onion time again, tbf.

@ltfcoscar: we should’ve bought potts on at the end of the brighton game, feel bad for him sitting there watching everyone else get one🤣

@_KRM97_: Rob Edwards just seems/is a very sound likeable guy with a very open personality and a bloke you could have a drink with or he’d simply take the time out to speak to you if asked. Just wholesome content and means much more, we don’t do half of this or show #CPFC

@LutonTownExile: Love the bit where Alfie takes his off John Still. Two Londoners enjoying a bit of silent mutual respect. No eye contact. Both going ‘Ave it’ under their breaths. Poetry.

@Jamesr02_: Let’s be real, Luton probably have to be the most likeable club the prem have seen in ages

@cherrystreet71: Luton Town 👏 Surprised most people this season and although they not my team I’m a little bit jealous of the way they’ve approached the Premier league 🤝. Hope they stay up ⚽️✔️

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