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Who Will Be The Top Goal Scorers During The Euro 2020 Cup?

The Euro 2020 tournament is set to bring some of the top players in the world together, which means that fans can expect to see some highly charged play and impressive goal scoring. With so many of the world’s top footballers coming together to play, it can be difficult to make an accurate guess as to who is going to be the top goal scorer of the tournament. When you take the time to dig down into some serious research, you will notice that a few contenders keep cropping up. These players are likely to be the top goal scorers during the Euros 2020. 

Harry Kane

Harry Kane was the Golden Boot winner of the 2018 World Cup and was the biggest scorer of the Euro 2020 qualification, with a total of 12 goals. There is no doubt that Harry Kane is one of England’s most promising players. However, despite this impressive goal-scoring record, Kane has a history of underperforming in the Euros, having appeared in four matches and scored a total of zero goals. That’s a shocking stat for somebody who is considered to be the best English striker of a generation. Despite this slightly darkened history, Kane is still predicted to be one of, if not the biggest goals scorer of the Euro 2020 Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo did not end up playing in the Euro 2016 Final due to injury, but he was widely regarded as the reason why his team ended up winning the tournament. Ronaldo’s record for goal scoring is very strong in the Euro Cup, with his history showing a 41% chance of goal scoring.

As can be seen from odds on Unibet Euro 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Kane are seen as some of the safest bets in terms of the top goal scorers. However, that does not necessarily mean that Kane or Ronaldo will definitely take home the title. With so much young talent coming through this year, there are some major contenders for the Euro 2020 Golden Boot.

Romelu Lukaku

Despite his move to Inter Milan, Romelu Lukaku is still one of Belgium’s top goal scorers and a bookies favourite. The promise of Romelu Lukaku is not only up to his impressive goal-scoring abilities but the talent of his fellow teammates that will be feeding him.

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe might only be 21, but he is already a world-class player filled with promise. The young player has already played for France 39 times and scored 16 international goals, and has all that it takes to win the Golden Boot for Euro 2020.

Other Contenders

The nominations for the top goal scorers for the Euro 2020 Cup are by no means set in stone. As the qualifying rounds do not affect the rankings of the top goal scorers, the title of the Euro Golden Boot is still all to play for. Other contenders for the top goal scorers during the Euro 2020 include:

  • Alvaro Morata
  • Memphis Depay 
  • Ciro Immobile 
  • Raheem Sterling 
  • Antoine Griezmann 
  • Serge Gnabry 
  • Eden Hazard 
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