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‘Who do I have to suck off to get Bury back in the league’ story has fans howling with laughter

A story in SundaySport has left football fans across the nation howling with laughter and it was the headline that was enough to leave them in hysterics.

In the newspaper, a reader came across the title ‘Who do I have to suck off to get Bury back in the league’, with a very revealing picture of a woman.

It goes into quite some detail about what ‘Bury fan Brenda Goole’ would do in order to saved her beloved club that was recently kicked out of the EFL.

SundaySport claims she said: “If needs be, I’ll suck off Prince William, the President of the FA, if he can pull a few strings and get Bury back in the league.

“I’m so gutted that Bury have been expelled I’d even let them Prince bum me – right up the arse.

“I thought Sunday Sport was the best place to make my offer – so folk know I’m serious.

SundaySport add a quote made by Ivan Lewis MP of Bury South, it read: “The English Football League has every reason overturn the decision.

“This has been an incredibly traumatic and stressful experience for the fans of Bury FC, and indeed our town.

“We now believe we’ve given the English Football League enough information to seriously consider overturning its decision.

“I do believe they will do the right thing, and at the very least the right thing is giving this some serious consideration.”


After reading the extremely bizarre news story, fans took to social media to give their amused and rather shocked reaction – see what they said on the next page.


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