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Which Nationality Has Scored the Most in the Premier League This Season?

The Premier League has undoubtedly been one of the most competitive football leagues for a long time now. With the massive interest in its teams and players that have global followings, it’s become a media behemoth and a punter’s paradise. 

The rise of online betting platforms has made betting on football an expansive enterprise. Sports betting now charts everything from specific margins of victories to individual player performances. Although the bookmakers listed in safebettingsites.com generally agree that Norway’s Haaland is going to be unbeatable as this season’s top scorer (2/5), how are his compatriots performing? Is Norway the country with the highest-scoring players in the league this season? Or is second-favourite Salah’s (10/3) Egypt the leader? Let’s find out.

The Season So Far 

The 2023/24 season has already thrown up another intriguing battle between Liverpool and Manchester City. With the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham, and surprisingly, Aston Villa, still in with a shout, the congestion at the top has made for some fantastic betting dynamics. 

Liverpool currently sits on top. However, their slim lead over Man City is precarious, to say the least. With the return of Kevin Debruyne, and Haaland’s return likely also imminent at some point, there’s no doubt that the title race will be tight. 

Liverpool’s lead is further threatened by the absence of many key players. Mohamed Salah and Wataru Endo are both away at the AFCON and Asian Cup tournaments respectively. Meanwhile, injuries to the likes of Andy Robertson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Dominik Szoboszlai mean they have all been missing too. 

The quality of Salah and Haaland, in particular, has again been shown to be a cut above the rest. Despite them both missing matches, they remain joint top scorers so far with 14 goals apiece, with Salah topping the goal contribution stats since he also has nine assists as well. 

Those two goal machines aside, since they come from nations that don’t have many other national teammates scoring a lot, their nations aren’t the most prolific scorers in the Premier League this season. However, it is intriguing to note that Haaland and Salah’s individual contributions have still managed to keep Norway and Egypt 7th and 12th on the list respectively. Here’s how the rest of the nationalities fared in terms of goals scored in the Premier League this season. 

The Top Five 

The top five nationalities that have contributed the most goals this season so far all have numbers on their side. It should come as no surprise that English players lead the way. Despite the wide array of foreign players that play in the league and often make for the best players around, naturally the most represented nationality in the league are English players. 

There are currently 235 English players in the league. As of 22 January 2024, they have scored 176 goals between them. Some of the largest contributors to that figure are Bournemouth’s Dominic Solanke (12 goals), Westham’s Jarrod Bowen (11 goals), with Aston Villa’s Ollie Watkins and Chelsea’s Cole Palmer contributing 9 goals each so far. The rest are spread out over a host of players from various other clubs.   

The rest of the top five include Brazil, whose 34 players have scored 54 goals so far. Next is France with 25 players and 31 goals, then Portugal with 23 players and 20 goals. Lastly, rounding out the top five are world champions, Argentina. While the South American nation currently has 14 players in the league, among them, they’ve so far also scored 20 goals, which places them on par with Portugal.      

The Rest 

In sixth and seventh place respectively, we have South Korea and Norway. While the Koreans have 4 players and 22 goals, Tottenham’s Son Heung Min has contributed the bulk of those goals. Similarly, while Norway’s 5 players have scored 20 goals, the bulk of those came from Erling Haaland and Arsenal’s Martin Ødegaard. 

Rounding out the top 10 are Sweden, whose 7 players have also scored 20 goals so far. Then comes Scotland with 18 players and 18 goals. In 10th place is the Netherlands with 18 players and 18 goals. The next two are Denmark with 14 players and 14 goals, then Salah’s Egypt with 2 players and 14 goals, all scored by Liverpool’s talismanic winger. 

Interestingly, despite being massive footballing nations with a high number of players in the Premier League, Spain languishes in 15th place with 23 players and 10 goals. It’s a similar story for Germany, who sit in 19th place, with 11 players and 8 goals. 

Other Corners of the World

There are currently four African nations in the top 25. Ghana leads the way in 14th place, with 7 players and 12 goals between them. Next is Senegal in 17th, with 6 players and 10 goals. Then comes Nigeria in 21st place, with 5 players and 8 goals. Lastly, we have Cameroon in 24th, with 4 players and 7 goals among them. 

Somewhat fringe footballing nations, Jamaica and New Zealand have done well. The former currently sits in 13th place, with 5 players and 13 goals. However, Aston Villa’s Leon Bailey and Fulham’s Bobby De Cordova-Reid have contributed most of those. On the other hand, New Zealand sit in 22nd place with two players. Of those two, only Nottingham Forest’s Chris Wood has contributed to the 8 goals scored. 

The other nations in the top 25 include the likes of Belgium, in 16th place with 186 players but only 10 goals. Ireland sits in 18th, with 23 players and 9 goals, whereas Uruguay is in 20th place with 4 players and 8 goals. Lastly, in 25th place, we have Colombia with 7 players and 7 goals. 

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