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Fans come in many forms. Some are so passionate that they openly support their teams in all possible ways. They adorn the team colors, chant their songs, watch almost every match, and make it clear where they stand. Most of these fans also use sites like Bet365 to wager in favor of their teams. Then there are the fans on the other extreme side – they know where they stand but are not as open about it. They catch the occasional game, rarely wear the team colors, and do not get heated about game arguments. And, of course, there are the fans who fall in the middle. They can sway to either side depending on the occasion.

Regardless of where a fan falls, their support of the team means the world to the team. It motivates them to keep going as they know they have people watching them and wishing them the best. Of course, the louder the support is, the more motivational it is. So, let’s look at the most passionate football fans in the world:

Countries with the Most Passionate Football Fans

Football is the most watched game in the world. And that alone points to its huge fanbase. Even so, some regions have more fans than others as the sport has been more popularized in these areas. Which are they?

  1. France

The French national team is not a stranger to world titles. Not only has it clinched the World Cup, but it has also walked away with two European championships. So, it makes perfect sense that the French would happily support it, knowing it has the potential to bring more cups home. The support for the team lasts all year, with the fans showing up in huge numbers. Those who make it to the stadium come draped in the team’s colors with face paint of similar nature. From the field, the players can see the fans waving at them and cheering them on with delightful sounds. And this has a bearing on how the team performs, eager to please its ardent fanbase.

  1. Uruguay

While this country has a population that barely reaches 4 million people, its football fanbase is largely unrivaled. The fans come out in throngs, supporting a team that has not only won Olympic Golds but has also walked away with World Cups. These achievements are not only on the international scene but on the regional scene too. The national team has earned more than 15 Copa America titles, excelling over other regional nations.

So, whenever the national team hosts an opponent, the fans show up in large numbers. They dress up, dance as they watch the matches, and sing anthems to motivate the team. Even when the team is away, many Uruguayans make it to the away match to watch the team close up. And those who cannot support it by watching the game on TV, wagering on it, or posting on social media.

  1. Colombia

The love for football is so strong in this country that football has become part of the culture. Colombians start playing football from a young age just for fun. Thanks to this, most of them understand the rules of the game, and many start playing it professionally in subsequent years. Even those who do not take up professional football keep their love for the game alive. They show up to matches draped in bright team colors. Yellow, red, and blue hues adorn the field whenever the team hosts an opponent. Moreover, the fans ensure that no seat is empty whenever there is a match, signaling their support for the team. Showing up is but a part of the support. 

The fans are also energetic – they cheer on their team as it makes its way into, around, and out of the field. They sing and dance and engage in celebrations that start before the match and continue long after the team has left the field. And when their team wins? – That calls for an outward show of support as the fans dance on the streets, happy to have clinched yet another win. To them, a win for the national team is a win for everyone!

  1. England

If you follow the origins of football, you will find your way to England, where the first game was played. The decades that have passed have not dimmed the national support for the game. They feature some of the best teams in the world, which explains why the nation has been so prosperous internationally. 

The fans do not play when it comes to supporting the teams. They show up to matches, cheer on their teams, and actively participate in the day-to-day team activities. They keep up with transfers, managerial changes, brand partnerships, and anything affecting the teams. They are also quick to support their teams online, with many of them posting their opinions on community forums. Plus, they show up to games, averaging at least 50,000 fans in home games.

Why are Fanbases Important?

The fan-team relationship is not one-sided. While it may seem like fans go out of their way to support their preferred teams, the teams appreciate this effort. After all, it comes with the perks of:

  • It boosts the team’s spirit: Team players are not always confident about winning a game. But having people rooting for them instills a sense of confidence that helps them put their best foot forward,
  • It supports the team: Whenever there are injuries, red cards, and other factors that diminish a team’s ability to win, fan support gets them through. The fans cheer them on, shout words of encouragement, and assure them that the setback will not hold them back.

So, teams often find ways to engage their fans to boost their loyalty and show appreciation. And this fan engagement makes the fans even more active as they know they are heard and seen.

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