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What Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela claims he whispered in Glen Kamara’s ear

Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela claims what he whispered in Glen Kamara’s ear after reports of racist abuse in Rangers’ Europa League tie.

Glen Kamara claimed he was racially abused by the Slavia Prague player near the end of Thursday night’s defeat, according to Rangers manager Steven Gerrard.

The title winning boss says he has total confidence that his player’s accusation of racism in their Europa League match with Slavia Prague is accurate.

Both were booked as a result and Kamara was visibly furious with a comment made by Kudela and Gerrard urged UEFA to thoroughly investigate the alleged racism.

However Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela has denied claims he racially abused Glen Kamara – insisting he whispered “you f***ing guy” in his ear.

“Glen Kamara to me is one of my own, like all of them in that dressing room,” said Gerrard. “I 100 per cent believe him, what he’s saying in terms of the accusation.

“Other players around it heard it. I will stand toe-to-toe with Glen Kamara.”

In a statement released on the club’s website, Kudela admitted he had used offensive language but added: “It was said in emotions, but I absolutely deny there was anything racist in those words.”

Police were also called to Ibrox, amid claims from Slavia that Kudela was assaulted. Those reports have not been verified – with Police Scotland due to release further details on Friday morning.

Slavia also claimed the team were not allowed into the dressing room after the final whistle.

“Ondrej Kudela was assaulted by player Kamara and hit with fists in the head when Rangers manager Steven Gerrard witnessed the incident,” said the Slavia statement.

“Even the UEFA representatives who were also present on the site of the incident were shocked by this behaviour.”

A UEFA spokesperson has told Sky Sports News the organisation “is aware of an incident which occurred in the tunnel after the end of the match and which involved some players of both teams”.

“We are waiting to receive detailed reports of the match officials who were present at the game before commenting further,” they said.

It was Rangers players’ decision to remain on the pitch after the alleged racist incident, according to Gerrard.

“I tried to call Glen over during the game, he didn’t come over,” said Gerrard. “I was going to ask him did he want to leave the pitch? I would have backed him whatever his decision was. The players stayed on the pitch, that was their decision.”

Gerrard said the issue is with UEFA now and he hoped it is “not pushed under the carpet”.

“The Slavia player has caused this, and he’s caused it to escalate. Something needs to happen quickly that is above me,” he added.

“That situation is not normal; why does he cover his mouth to say something? Their people are trying to defend him, and saying he doesn’t do it.

“All that we can do is hope that UEFA do something about it. I don’t really want to talk about football. I can’t be any more proud of my players, the incident has soured a good game between two good teams.

“The players said it didn’t cross their mind to come off the pitch. It was important to get communication with Glen, and he wanted to continue.

“It’s very difficult to say what should happen. The only way to eradicate it is for people high up to do something. It doesn’t make sense what their player has done; we’ll see what happens.”

Rangers forward Kemar Roofe was subjected to racist abuse on the social media platform Instagram after the match.

Roofe was one of two Rangers players sent off after he caught goalkeeper Ondrej Kolar’s face with a high boot when challenging for the ball 61 minutes into the tie.

Kolar was taken to hospital with 10 stitches on his head, said Slavia, who accused Rangers of “unprecedentedly malicious play”.

Fans reacted after seeing what Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela claims he whispered in Glen Kamara’s ear…

@theboysof609: Sorry @SkySportsNews but for a channel which has done nothing but preach about black lives matters, respect, and we are all one etc to have your TOP STORY as spurs being beaten ahead of Glen Kamara being racially abused, quite frankly makes a mockery of your campaign

@PeterOb25353059: I’m a Celtic man which is immaterial in this instance, I stand with Kamala and gerrard in supporting the club’s stance on this , it’s shocking in this day and age and needs removed from society

@declanlally: Let’s see if @UEFA has the bottle to kick it out.

@DMcIver22: If Ondrej Kudela did in fact racially abuse Glen Kamara, I’m absolutely fine with the reports that he got battered in the tunnel by Rangers players.

@Kankagroup: The thing that makes me think it’s something racist, is the shitebag attitude from Kudela after it. Running away like a wee pussy the same way most racist cunts do either behind a profile picture, or shout something and run away.

@Matt_2k8: Absolutely made my night that Ondrej Kudela was apparently leathered

@ofvoid: Slavia saying Kamara leathered Kudela in the tunnel with Gerrard standing by, and I hope that absolutely is the case.

@sayersy1872: If it’s true that wee racist bastard kudela got a slap or 2 up the tunnel at full time then that’s absolutely genius from our players…. deserves everything he gets. Horrible little prick and I hope the police charge him for racism.

@HamiltonRory: No form of racism is ever acceptable. If the allegation tonight is true(and I see no reason why it would be made up) then it shows how far society needs to progress. Kudela ran 40m to say something, hidden by his hand. At best, it’s cowardly. If proven, he should never play again

@CalumMac1997: So you’re telling me Ondřej Kúdela ran 40 metres, to aggressively lean into Glen Kamara just to say ‘You fucking guy’ whilst covering his mouth… Absolutely spineless statement from Slavia Prague, embarrassingly fabricated.

@czechfooty: According to Kudela himself, he said “you’re a fucking guy” to Kamara, which… sounds exactly like a sentence you make up on the spot in panic.

@TheFamousRFC: Horrible club. Hope they get knocked out next round. Scum

@ClareL1872: We didn’t deserve to take anything from the game over either leg, the best team won. For Slavia to come out with a statement saying he said fucking guy is absolutely ridiculous. You do not cover your mouth to say that and the sentence makes no sense whatsoever. #StandByKamara

@PartisanPrague: We have experienced it numerous times. Why would the players react that way to “you’re a fucking guy”? Czech football needs to get a grip.

@mhare641: Such a shame it happened as Slavia has been such a good advert for Czech football this season & something like this puts a cloud over the achievements of the club

@KylEnsign: It’s utterly embarrassing. What a disaster. For the club, for the game which was really entertaining! Completely ruined. I don’t think I’ve seen a single Rangers fan say we deserved to go through so these weird “sore loser” comments are bizarre to me

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