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What Jack Grealish said to Burnley coach in heated full time confrontation

We take a look at what Jack Grealish said to one particular Burnley coach in as a heated full time confrontation embroiled.

The Aston Villa captain got himself was involved in an on-pitch spat with the Clarets’ Ian Woan after the final whistle and appeared to mouth two words towards him.

An altercation played out after Sean Dyche’s side won 3-2 at Turf Moor, a result that meant Villa had suffered their third defeat in four Premier League matches despite taking the lead twice on Wednesday night.

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Dean Smith’s side were pegged back by the hosts after Ollie Watkins and Jack Grealish had scored, and then the game saw a winner thanks to a late Chris Wood header with 11 minutes remaining.

As the players made their way off the pitch and down the tunnel, BT Sport cameras showed Grealish involved in an on-pitch confrontation with Woan.

Grealish could be seen clearly annoyed, and appeared to mouth the words “what if” towards the Burnley staff member while teammate Ahmed Elmohamady felt the need to calm him down as he was getting more riled up.

Despite the efforts of Elmohamady, Villa boss Dean Smith then came in to defuse the situation before ‘chuckling’ as Grealish and Woan continued to exchange words.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

It is not known what happened to spark the heated moment but Smith’s post-match comments did reveal how frustrated the squad were at the result.

“The word I’ve used is disbelief,” he said. “At half time we should have been out of sight with the chances we created. We didn’t actually start the game well in the first 10 minutes. But we had a number of chances there and we should have been three goals up at half time and it would have been game over.

“I’ve just said to the players it’s a difficult league to win in and we’ve just thrown away three points there today with some really poor defending and general basic errors really.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

“They hit diagonals and hit balls behind us and we coped with it but it was a set piece and I spoke about it before that that was one of the ways they’re going to score goals, from a cross and a header.

“They get a set piece, showed more desire and we had blockers there to block them and they never did that. Our zonal markers never went and attacked it as well as they did and they get back into the game.

“We then show our quality to get the second and put ourselves in the lead. Then we don’t defend a hopeful ball again. They have a bit of fortune because it’s a cross-come-shot that goes in at the far post. We don’t defend a hopeful cross into the box and it goes in. That can happen when you’re not on it all of the time.”

Burnley manager Sean Dyche said after the game: “Aston Villa were excellent in the first half, by far the better team. I know they’ve had a trickier run than they did earlier in the season, they looked more confident with the ball and had a good shape without it. We didn’t really ask too many questions and they did.

“But our diligence saw us through the half well, although it was a soft goal from our point of view. Pope made a couple of big saves and we stayed in it. At half-time, I said to the players that I didn’t think they could be as strong in the second half and we could be miles better. There was no shouting or screaming, just pointing out what I thought was the obvious.

“The second half had a completely different feel to it. We got on the front foot without possession and then playing when we could with possession. The mentality to see a game through and do what you need to do to win, we’ve never been short of that.

“We had to get back to the defending and attacking balance. Our defending came back to us and we started doing better without defensive shape and now we’re beginning to find that balance again which we’ve found many times. It’s not a given for us, we have to continue to work hard at it… I felt if we could do the diligent things often enough, these guys [the centre forwards] have done a good job for us statistically over the years and will score again. I’m pleased to see they are and now we’re getting goals from elsewhere.”

Fans reacted at the confrontation between Jack Grealish and the Burnley coach…

@Jase_M_Hall: @JackGrealish I saw your face at full-time. exactly how I felt, raging don’t come close. kicked me living room door off the hinges… aint felt that angry or robbed since the playoff final against Fulham at Wembley took me over an hour 2 get on the coach! never leave us!

@Jack_Llewellyn2: Woany had Jack on strings at full time but you won’t talk about that

@DMAPP: How did Burnley win that match? Great game and fair play they played some great football but Villa were fantastic no wonder @JackGrealish was unhappy at full time he was outstanding

@jojo1276: @JackGrealish ian woan would of twatted you , you think ur so good at football when ur not your a diving cunt and you have greasy hair

@matty_ormerod: Ian Woan winding Grealish up at the end of the game to the point of almost tears… you absolutely love to see it #twitterclarets

@anfieldgaz: Pre madonna that one

@ThisIsCMBarnes: He was born in 1995, so he’s actually post madonna

@GaryProctor5: Go on Woan!

@CricketFieldEnd: Longest he’s been seen on his feet.

@ClaretLS12: Careful, he will drive his Range Rover at you. on Jack Grealish and the Burnley coach: Is he really taking on woany

@JoshChew96: Maybe if he spent more time playing football and less time rolling about on the floor he could have found an equaliser?

@Brownie1882BFC: Great player buts hes a moaning cunt

@shazzajbfc: Such a great player but what a sore loser

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