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What Gillingham’s away end looked before the temporary ‘scaffolding’ stand

What Gillingham’s away end looked before the temporary ‘scaffolding’ stand? Old news footage has appeared on social media site Facebook.

Believe it or not, the League One side have had their temporary away stand at Priestfield since 2003, however, a clip shows what it looked before the scaffolding monstrosity went up.

Gills fan Sam Luke Whitham Caricatures uploaded a video appearing to show an old interview between ITV and chairman Paul Scally from around 17 years ago talking about his plans to make it a much better stand within 2 years, the club’s financial situation has not allowed the new stand to be built.

The interviewer starts off by saying how much it was a nicely newly renovated ground but the away end was ‘not quite so sexy’.

Scally replied whilst laughing: “Well it depends what you like really?”

She said: “They’re a bit al fresco aren’t they?”

Scally added: “Actually I might add, they’re not just away fans, some for the home fans as well. And this is the fourth side we haven’t got round to doing.”

The reporter: “”That’s part of the bigger plan, do all the rest?”

Scally: “Yeah, once we’ve finished this – well not really, wasn’t intensional, sounds terrible doesn’t it – they’re not the best facilities for the away fans but once we have finished this and have got more money, we’ll do that straight away. Hopefully in the next two years.”

Interviewer: “And then you think everything will be finished here?”

Scally: “I think so, we’ve done as much as I think we can do. Got to try and pull some money out of the place and it will work and pay for itself.”

The chat continued but the video cuts off. Watch it for yourself including how the away end with blue and yellow painted railings looked below…

Now the current stand behind the goal looks like this…

After seeing the old footage of the interview between ITV and Paul Scally about the realtively new look Priestfield and the away end before the temporary stand came in, fans took to social media to give their thoughts…

Alex Davies: To be fair his timescales were pretty non-committal amd non-ambitious, which is unusual for him. “Hopefully within the next 10 years, if we can find some money from somewhere and make it pay for itself”

Sam Luke Whitham Caricatures: ‘Haven’t got around to doing it yet’ (2002)

Amy Gambrill: Always the dreamer!

Rob Baker: Certain irony being on the ITV Sport Channel!

Matthew Price: Would have been better if he left it like that than his BS about tempory scaffold stand!!!!!!

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