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‘What a mess’ ‘Sacking imminent’ – Derby fans rage as ‘ridiculous’ news emerges

‘What a mess’ and ‘sacking imminent’ are just some of the calls made by many Derby County fans rage as ‘ridiculous’ news emerges.

A number of the club’s fanbase have been left reeling at the sale of Duane Holmes, who has left Pride Park for a move to Championship rivals Huddersfield Town.

Rams supporters took to reply to a tweet from The Athletic’s Ryan Conway which shared the news of the transfer with the window rapidly coming to a close.

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The journalist confirmed that Holmes has now signed a three-and-a-half-year contract at the John Smith’s Stadium, and it’s angered many.

Even more so after he revealed that Derby County will receive no transfer fee upfront for the 26-year-old, then explained that this meant Holmes is effectively departing on what is ‘essentially a free transfer.’

A with still no news of that potentially much anticipated takeover, no income for selling their players is not good news by any stretch for the club.

Conway wrote: “Duane Holmes has completed his move to Huddersfield Town on a three-and-a-half year contract. The Athletic understands there is no up front fee for Holmes. Incentive based triggers only. So essentially a free transfer.”

Sky Sports reporter Rob Dorsett revealed just a week ago how they aren’t looking to sell any first-team players, but instead are looking at offloading some of their academy graduates to help them financially. No wonder there fans are losing it!

So what is the latest on all this takeover talk then? That’s what everyone related to the club are asking.

Derby said that they wouldn’t be appointing a permanent manager until the proposed takeover was completed, yet they’ve ignored that, appointed Wayne Rooney anyway.

Derby, under a transfer embargo, were hoping for a takeover by Sheikh Khaled’s Derventio Holdings to be finalised and those at the club keep banging on how everything will be alright.

But the money has not come through and before today didn’t have the funds to cover their December salaries meaning players are getting restless having not received what they’re due.

The takeover bid is said to have had run into alleged ‘cash flow problems’, then reports emerged that they were facing administration as well as a January clear-out, with their best youngsters being axed.

On the 25th of January, it was confirmed that Derby County players have received their outstanding December wages.

Speaking after the QPR game at the weekend, Rooney told BBC Radio Derby: “We have to have answers in the next few days… it’s a big week. We have to show the ambition to move this club forward.”

Rams CEO Stephen Pearce told BBC Radio Derby earlier this month that the takeover was “absolutely going ahead” and said: “It’s just a case of that final bit of the transfer going through.

“There are absolutely no problems that have been raised by either Mel [Morris, Derby owner] as the seller or Derventio Holdings Group in relation to this deal.”

The wait goes on and with no new incomings but some outgoings including players such as Duane Holmes, it’s easy to see why Derby fans rage as ‘ridiculous’ news emerges…

@Rik_JP1884: Just when you think Derby can’t get any more Derby…

@tombdcfc: … wait you what? What is the point when we need money now?

@AndrewWoodman: That’s ridiculous, another 700K write off for the only successful permanent transfer brought in by Lampard.

@charlie_dcfc: We have the worst negotiators in the world

@MarkSpendlove: DCFC could not even get past midday Monday before playing with fans heads. Buckle in folks a lot of turbulence ahead.

@NavrinSidhu: Wow…Derby really is a joke club!

@noddy2203787: We let a good player go for free. The running of our club is shocking. Every day there more and more crap

@RyanSharp93: What, why surely that makes no sense on our part. Even with his contract running out.

@MartinBunning: Can’t be right surely?

@tommynicklin: Grim.

@261hbh68267: WHAT!! surely not, if that is true, then it just shows how much shite dcfc is really in

@scottyw82: What a Shit Show we are

@Joe43534774: We’re so skint we didn’t pay our players for a whole month… I know what to do. Let’s literally give away a valuable asset fuck no fucking money at all. Genius.

@DaveLockwood5: Typical derby we are skint yet could have got a few hundred grand but no you can have him for nothing

@biblicalrams: The fuck

@derbytwits: WHAT?! Surely not? defeats the main purpose of the sale! Surely we could’ve got a fee for him. BIZARRE.

@iainjennison: Can’t pay players but can give them away. Well done #dcfc #dcfcfans

@dcfcGeorge_: What’s the point in that?

@ChristophLamby1: If this is true then this really is great business by #htafc

@RCutcher: Urgghhh why are we giving away players? Blimey.

@dietmountainlu: Excuse me what

@Chrisdcfc123: What is it with Derby and giving players away

@weston_ash: If true shows just how skint we are basically getting rid so it’s less wages. Surely he’s worth at least 500k as a standard transfer fee…. #dcfc

@joecowler1: Can’t help but feel that any other club would have commanded a fee there, albeit minimal due to contract left. Yet again Derby just bending over and taking a shafting when it comes to selling. Water is wet #dcfcfans

@matijakrajnik92: We are so bad at selling players it’s almost an art form.

@JimmyB_96: Derby just aren’t very good at transfer are they #dcfc #dcfcfans

@TerrierHack: Not sure I can get my head around a world where you get Duane Holmes for free but have to pay for Richard Keogh #footballlogic

@ShaunGowtage: Derby transfer policy always baffling.

@rjohnsondcfc: Absolute joke of a club at the moment. Ridiculous.

@mattharvey07: Depressing. Regardless of what some might say, he’s a decent player – at least decent enough for a few. #dcfc

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