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Weymouth manager speaks out on loud boos and alleged insults aimed at his son after 5-2 loss

Weymouth manager Bobby Wilkinson speaks out on loud boos from fans and alleged insults aimed at his son after a 5-2 loss against Hungerford.

713 supporters were present at the Bob Lucas Stadium, and it turned sour come full time, with Weymouth fans watching their side go from 2-0 down, to 2-2, then well and truly collapse with around 12 minutes left on the clock.

Hungerford started the better, attacking and causing problems Weymouth defence, taking the lead after just four minutes. After some strong play by Joe Boachie, Ryan Jones found some space in the box to power the ball past Oualah in the Weymouth goal.

Jake Evans extended the Crusaders’ lead in the 20th minute after Jones swept it across the box and Evans was on hand to place the ball into the roof of the net.

Hungerford could have gone 3-0 up, Rollinson hitting a curling dipping shot that beat the keeper but the ball struck the post and out, with Weymouth going straight down the other end and got a goal back thanks to Ahkeem Rose.

After Bearwish then so his effort hit the post, Rose found the equaliser on 67 minutes.

Hungerford went back in front with Jones grabbing the first of the three goals before George Smith made it 4-2, Weymouth went down to ten after Lopes was brought down having broken free. Boachie then made it five with two minutes left.

Some of the Weymouth fans stayed behind to voice their anger towards the players and staff, with the club sitting 23rd in the National League South table, with 32 points from 36 games, and are five points from safety.

As mentioned, Weymouth manager Bobby Wilkinson speaks out on loud boos and alleged insults aimed at his son after the 5-2 loss.

He said via the club’s YouTube channel: First things first, I just want to apologise to the fans and the board and Paul I feel as collective grew today we’ve let ourselves down today and you know really really disappointed that in the manner that we’ve you know we’ve conceded five goals at home especially when we brought it to 2-2 but we didn’t start the game well two sloppy goals, yeah really disappointed and um as a manager I’ll take full responsibility um I know the players are down um I need to pick them up now uh but there’s no excuses I’ve come out here to up front here and um you know just give them my honest opinion.

Interviewer: Obviously it was a really difficult start to the game and you went into halftime tune or down but were you encouraged by the way that the team fall back and we’re determined to get it back to 2-2

BW: Yeah um I was really pleased with the changes we made bring it back to two two you’re in the drive then to go on and win it and then we you know we could see to them you know them sloppy free goals again um and that one’s hard to take we let everyone down tonight we’ve let everyone down um one thing we don’t normally do is sink but I thought we did at stages today you can’t go 2-0 down in a battle in the bottom four but um you know there’s a lot of upset people today and angry people after the game and guess what they deserve to be and um I want to you know apologise to them they’re paying customers um and they they deserve um better than that tonight and um you know um I’m the manager of the football club so I’ll take full responsibility today just want the players left alone so I can pick them back up even though they’re hurting as a group um you know you can see there’s quite a few angry people at the end of the um the game and rightly so they pay money to come and support these boys and I felt as a group we let everyone down today

Interviewer: And just to touch on those angry fans there was a number of Boos around the ground that are full-time as well um do you want to comment on that and just explain what you thought about the scenes

BW: Um listen they deserve to be upset I have no problem I’ve come out here to front now I have no problems you know you see the one fan you were there like you know attacking my son um he’s 14 years old but if my son is still with me he has to then man up and you know get on with that and um he he’s left here devastated today uh but the fan is entitled to his opinion he’s allowed to say whatever he wants to me um and and rightly so if that’s if that’s the way he wants to uh speak to me I have no issues with that whatsoever I’ll always stay class in them in them departments because he’s he’s a loyal fan who pays money and we let him down today um and as a group we just didn’t perform when we went to 2-2 um and there was some great individual performances at times but then there was some sloppy performances at times as well but we can all sit now and everyone’s going to say we’re relegated and we’re down and I understand that as well um like I said we came here with two points we were dead and buried when I first come with that are buried now so a lot of people were going to say but it’s still 10 games as a we now we have to regroup go again on um on Saturday and hopefully we can put on a better performance from the start um and you know continue what we were doing quite well but we let ourselves down as a group today we we truly did and I just want to apologise to everyone out there and I understand why you’re uh you’re upset and you have the right to be upset

Interviewer: Even the team obviously will not give up we have 10 games to go is there every hope that we can go obviously on Saturday to Welling then Tuesday and chipping them and pick up two really positive results

BW: Well listen we set up every week to win um you know we were outstanding on Saturday so you think Tuesday night is going to be the same but then we didn’t start we didn’t come out the blocks um and we’re two nil down and you can’t do that when it’s through the teams fighting relegation uh but as a group as uh um as a management team um we’re all upset because of that you can’t give Hungerford to go lead and then when you do bring it back I think you’re going on to win um and then do what we did with the sloppy goals um but it’s my team they’re my players so I will take full responsibility uh but do I believe we can beat Welling and Chippenham, well I of course do, why wouldn’t I you know um you know I got told at the start you’re never going to do it with only having two points in your first 11 games well we brought that belief we we will give ourselves a good chance and we’ve got 10 games to go but one thing I want to do is I want to make sure if we go down we go down fighting I just don’t think we went down fighting when we were a lot we went three two or four two down today um and there’s a manner of losing as well and to lose five goals at um at home that’s where everyone’s a little bit disappointed and I understand that I totally respect everyone’s passion everyone’s um anger um but we’ve got to now stay as a group um together as a wee and try to drive forward what’s going to be difficult on Saturday now um but everyone’s going to write us off but because what these players and myself we won’t write ourselves off why it’s still mathematically ready to go but I thought it was right to get out here tonight from what uh difficult questions you’re going to give me and and rightly so

This is what social media users said as the Weymouth manager speaks out on loud boos and alleged insults aimed at his son after the 5-2 loss…

@LewisClifton: Enough of this “we” and the “collective he talks about! You could literally choose any one of his interviews from this season and you’d think he was talking about tonight’s game 🙄 the guys doing the interviews really need to ask tougher questions! So so so poor tonight 😒 “Never get too high, or Never get too low” is another classic line you can expect to hear in any bobby interview, same as oldfield and the same as stock before him. Perhaps ask why he left us with two defenders on the pitch to try win the game? 🤔 tactical ineptitude at its best

@haymaker6914: N one should be attacking his 14 year old son 😡😡

@wrighty1000: Bobby is a c##t, most of you are probably realising that now but leave his family alone ffs!

@gavindavis41: Looks like they cut the bit where he gave @HungerfordTown credit for wanting it more than his side ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🤍🖤

@muffer89: Paul Maitland needs to give his mate Mark Molesley a call and get him back in…im sure he would jump at the chance

@Joey19774324: We deserve to be relegated 😠😠😠, can’t win against teams in the same position as self’s,sad night for the supporters , what will be the excuse for tonight’s result???

@SE25man: Bobby needs to fuck off and then fuck off some more

@Thomasjtaylor92: I don’t quite know what to say after seeing that. I’ve tried to refrain from saying it as I do want to believe but I’m afraid it’s done for this season. There needs to be a complete club overhaul in the summer from top to bottom in my opinion.

@MarkRic91845508: Totally out if order to abuse his 14 old son, the supporter concerned should be banned by the club 💙

@maxdaws88727519: Sums up the season

@GeorgeClarke07: Back to back relegations incoming that is tremendous

@JonFry76: Unacceptable, fans deserve an apology for that 😤

@Dextertyson51: Close then 🤣🤣🤣

@Harry90555673: Bobby I’d like to ask wtf you tell the players to do

@JaydenBiggs4: embarrassing the lot of yous

@ako__7: We’re going down 😩

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