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West Ham fan dealt with by police and his own club’s fans after doing Nazi salute at Freiburg

A West Ham fan has been dealt with by police and his own club’s fans after doing a Nazi salute in the Hammers’ game at Freiburg.

Footage has surfaced showing what happened, with his fellow fans giving the culprit a good talking to before he was arrested.

It came in a game which ended on a controversial decision with West Ham not awarded late penalty for handball after lengthy VAR review; Michael Gregoritsch had earlier tapped in late on for Freiburg win.

This isn’t the first time we saw something like this, as a few years back, seven West Ham fans were hunted by police after supporters were spotted making Nazi salutes and mimicking Hitler moustache during Europa League clash with Eintracht Frankfurt.

DC Dickinson said as the time anyone who recognised the men to ‘get in touch immediately’, adding: ‘This was a challenging police operation on the day of the match where arrests were made.

‘But our work does not stop there – officers have been analysing footage and have identified seven individuals we want to trace in connection with abhorrent gestures and comments that were made during that match.

‘This type of behaviour has no place in football or wider society and these people must be held responsible for their actions.’

It happened again for West Ham’s game against Rapid Vienna. A man who made Nazi salutes was fined and handed a three-year football banning order.

Daniel Garner made several Nazi salutes towards away fans during a Europa league game between West Ham United and Rapid Vienna at the London Stadium.

At Stratford Magistrates’ Court , he pleaded guilty to one count of using threatening or abusive or insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment or alarm or distress.

Garner was fined £166 and the prosecution successfully applied for a football banning order which will stop Garner from attending matches for three years.

Nosheen Hussain, from the CPS, said: “Football fans from any country should never have to tolerate abusive behaviour. Daniel Garner’s conduct was insulting and inciteful.

“The prosecution case included CCTV footage which clearly showed Garner making offensive Nazi salutes toward Austrian fans. During police interview he claimed to be intoxicated – but this is no excuse for such vile behaviour.

“The CPS will always aim to prosecute those who seek to cause harassment.”

Police release images of West Ham fans wanted over alleged racist abuse -  BBC News

Twitter users gave their reaction upon reading that a West Ham fan has been dealt with by police and his own club after doing a Nazi salute at Freiburg…

@vinnywhufc: What happened after this was more significant. I’m not sure how he made it out alive.

@DelaneyMan: He’s not welcome at West Ham

@Blowmonkey1: The proper WHU fans dealt with him there and then. Got a few right handers and then arrested.

@DarrenR28: That’s disgusting

@benparry26: Disgusting… I hope he got a good well deserved hiding.

@alfie_jenner: Old enough to know what that gesture means, and especially in Germany. Good to know he got dealt with by fellow Hammers. Wanker

@Ampowell94: Our own fans dealt with him. Got slaughtered and then took a beating before being kicked out.

@DEAD_since_92: Bloke at the end having a word with him . Fought that was long gone ffs 🤦‍♂️

@EYECULATER: Great to see racists facists get there comeuppance!! Don’t need it on any world!!

@orr_it: Fella got an absolute battering for this.

@rosspur: He got a bit of a beating apparently….. oh well

@Kevin_hurst_: Guy should have to hand in his passport for future West Ham euro away games

@louiefootbalI: Then he got decked 👍🏻

@TheDB30: Got filled in outside the ground, banning order on the way, job prospects down the drain, all because he thought he was being hilarious. Bit of proper education on this and how it affects people needed. Silly, silly lad.

@OC02_: Absolute clown, only entertaining part of last night was him getting battered at half time

@DanBuckss: We aren’t scum at all, this kid won’t be allowed at any West Ham games again

@WHAMUtd: Yeah. He’s an idiot mate. Embarrassment to the human race. Let alone football fans. Not a Hammer.

@ScottDavidson26: Twats like him ruin it for everyone. Took the enjoyment out of yesterday.

@GoatyGavster: Fucking knob! Disgrace to West Ham.

@CrayAhoy: Fucking tramp name n shame him

@adambrown93: Loads tried to fill him in. Fucking bellend him

@BryanRich22: Disgusting behaviour just one individual to all Jewish people we apologise for stupid behaviour like this

@mralexthfc: Disgusting.

@DanNumbersWHU: He was dealt with at the time and then got a good slap during half time. Stewards nowhere to be seen. Probably just a coincidence but looks abit like the kid who ran on the pitch against Sevilla when we were on a decent attack

@RichThake: Our fanbase are thick as shit absolute clowns 🤡🤡

@WhuTommy: Fucking knew this would happen. One prick who got what he rightfully deserved. There are people like this at every club

@westhamvoice: He doesn’t represent West Ham fans … he got slapped for what he did

@arrrrrrrchie: Glad to hear he got turned over by the others out there but it’s a bit counter productive if we start suggesting this is completely shocking

@00sfield: Prick him got a good and well deserved slap

@hawley_joseph: Disgusting cunt , ban him for life, shouldn’t be anywhere near a football ground

@cockneyboywhu: Heard he got a good bash in by our end and rightly deserved, what a knobend.

@danielluker_: What actually goes through peoples minds to do stuff like this ffs, shouldn’t be allowed at a West Ham game again. Hopefully he did actually get filled in like everyones saying

@bzaps100: This guy got absolutely battered after this 😭😭

@NickMarrable: He got what was coming to him by all accounts. Absolute back to front

@FPL_Cockney: I was there and he got rightly dealt with! West Ham and Freiburg was respectful the whole trip! No Trouble at all!, proper friendly crowd!

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