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West Ham fan, 19, in hospital with serious injuries after falling off wall in Prague

A West Ham fan, 19, is currently in hospital with serious injuries after falling off wall while out supporting his club in Prague.

The Hammers fanbase have helped exceed a fundraising goal for the lad who is still being treated by medics with an update given on his condition.

Jarrod Bowen‘s late strike sealed a 2-1 victory for the Hammers over Fiorentina on Wednesday, but unfortunately his family’s evening was marred by the incident in which their son was badly injured. He is still in hospital, meaning he’s unable to return to England.

The fan, Connor Reid, attended the match in Prague with his father, Alex, but fell off a ‘five metre drop’ wall.

According to the GoFundMe details, the impact resulted in a skull fracture and a bleed in the brain with his spleen also removed.

The GoFundMe page gained particular traction on social media after Alex Reid posted about the incident to his followers on Twitter.

He wrote: ‘So after last nights great performance, my son had a bad fall and is currently in hospital in Prague.

‘Broken ribs fractured Skull and has his spline removed. Was due to come home tomorrow but don’t know what we will do now.

‘Send him some love please #westhamfamily’

Father Alex was questioned on what led to the accident, to which he told a fellow Twitter user: ‘He was sitting on a wall waiting for his Uber home not realising there was a five-metre drop the other side and lost his balance’.

In an update on the donation page, he added: “Morning All – Just a quick update on Connor. They won’t let me see him till 2pm but I have spoken to him on phone and he seems to have perked up a bit. I had a good chat with the doctor and because of the operation he had and his Liver not being great, he has just had a similar thing to an epidural to ease the pain in his stomach but doctor has said he is making good progress.”

On Friday afternoon, a further post emerged: “Ty all again for your amazing messages and donating to the go fund me page Connor is doing ok and making good progress but is still In a lot of pain The Hospital are going to review his situation in 5 days and will hopefully let me know when I can take him home Ty all ❤️

“Can I say that I have not spoken to the sun and have never said that my boy is fighting for his life or has shattered his skull Yes he has serious injuries yes we are all worried about him All I want to do is get him home His family does not need to read things like this.”


There was plenty of reaction with the West Ham fan, 19, in hospital with serious injuries after falling off a wall in Prague…

@luke_calderwood: Mate I watched it happen. He was with his friend wasn’t he? I phoned the ambulance and got them to come but the police told us to go and leave him and his mate alone. We were left wondering if he’d died, or just got up like nothing had happened. Hope he has a speedy recovery

@WestHamFansUtd1: Hope he gets home safe with no lasting impacts.

@Renvoize: Sorry to hear this. Check with your bank and his as mine provides travel insurance which includes emergency medical and personal accident cover.

@Fadingbubbles: Oh my word, this is awful. Wishing all the very best to your son, poor little lad. @_DeclanRice @Michailantonio @pablofornals can any of you help a slightly less happy hammer out!

@Steve_Brown01: Very sorry for your boy, it must’ve been really worrying. I hope the medical costs are not too expensive. Wishing him a very speedy recovery.

@doddsy35: hope it all gets sorted soon at minimum cost and max repair ⚒️❤️

@petewhu1966: That’s awful Alex…hope he gets better very soon and you both get home ASAP ⚒

@RealMartinCee: Sorry to read this Alex… I hope he is home soon and healing asap 🙏❤️⚒

@Reggaemaester: Some things are more important than football and winning trophies. I hope he recovers quickly and there is no long term harm. @westhamhelp could perhaps get some messages from Decs, Jarrod and others to help you all through get through this. 🙏🙏

@johnlewiscoyi: Omg sorry to hear this mate hope he as a speedy recovery ⚒️⚒️⚒️

@mattjames94: Hoping for good news soon, keep your head up mate, he will pull through, if you start a go fund me tweet it and will donate and retweet! All the best mate ⚒⚒⚒

@MightyLeeds64: Best wishes to your lad, Alex & hope all goes well. Such a shame your big night was spoilt by this. Speedy recovery to him & hope you both get back home soon

@ncbb__1: Set up a Just Giving page, hopefully you can raise enough to cover the medical expenses

So sorry to read this Alex
Sending so much love to your boy and you
Hope for speedy recovery

@Rob66Hammer: Wishing him a speedy recovery 🙏. If you need anything, just ask the West Ham family. We always look after our own.⚒️

@Sunshin37765208: Sorry to read this. Sending love and get well wishes to you and your son. ❤️⚒️

@holliesmum: So sorry to hear this, how awful for you all. Wishing him a speedy recovery and keeping you all in our thoughts. Hope you’re home soon ⚒️❤️

@WHUDellBoy: Sorry to read this, hope he makes a full and speedy recovery and you’re back home soon. 🙏⚒️

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