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West Brom’s Matheus Pereira vents fury as he lets rip in open letter

West Brom’s Matheus Pereira vents fury as he lets rip in an open letter which has been issued on Monday afternoon, and going viral.

The 25 year old has launched an impassioned defence of his character after some claims were made about the Baggies attacker in recent days.

Several outlets and journalists have recently published reports that the 25-year-old is not committed to the club as he seeks pastures new after Premier League relegation was confirmed last season.

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A whole host of top-flight clubs have been linked with him, including West Ham, however it appears Saudi Arabian side Al Hilal are at the front of the queue for his signature.

The Brazilian has responded to recent rumours in an open letter via his personal Twitter account on Monday afternoon, check it out below…

I remained silent and was not going to address anything until after the transfer window out of respect for the fans and all my team mates, however after being called “not committed” with the club I felt extremely disrespected as a professional, I’ve been living off football since I was 12 years old, I chose to give up family time and just ordinary fun to chase after a dream of a better future for my self and those around me.

No one has ever seen an interview in which I bad mouthed the club, or any one associated with the club or even that I wanted to leave the club by any means. That is because I have character and I respect the club as it opened its doors to me when I needed and believed in me. Dedication has never lacked and I’ve alway been committed in the last two seasons.

We fought our way back to the Premier League and we fought to stay in the Premier League and I know every single professional also fought for those goals just as I did. It is extremely wrong for anybody to say I’m “not committed” since I train and commit as I normally would and give 100% every single day. I think its low to try and degrade my image and my professionalism in this manner.

I don’t want to leave the club through the back door that was never my plan or intention quite the contrary, I want the club to be adequately rewarded for believing in me and supporting me for two seasons. 3 weeks ago I received an offer that would change my life and my family’s life for ever, I come from humble beginnings, slowly but shortly I’ve been building my self up and achieving things with a lot of hard work and dedication.

For to achieve financial freedom at 25 would be unimaginable. I want to leave I want to seek new experiences but want to do this in a fair and correct manner. I will forever be grateful to WBA, to its fans and every single professional that works at the club and that welcomed me with open arms, to those that cheered for me these last two seasons, you’re part of my history! I’m a professional and will always respect that. Matheus Pereira

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A post shared by Matheus Pereira (@matheuspereira)

Fans reacted as West Brom’s Matheus Pereira vents fury as he lets rip in an open letter…

@BoleynLong: If anything that Pereira statement has put me off of signing him. Clearly only motivated by money which will not feed into the ethos that Moyes is creating amongst the squad. We need players to want to come here for the right reasons. #whufc

@josh_trownson: Matheus Pereira sounds like a right mercenary. We’ve been there & done that countless times before, so no thanks. Let him go to Al-Hilal and earn insane money if that’s all he cares about.

@CallumWBA_: Pereira’s gone mad and had a go at the manager yet signing Adam Reach is still the worst news of the day

@mba2008: Please don’t feel bad about wanting to leave and achieve bigger things. You served our club like a warrior. You have nothing to apologise for or to feel bad about. On behalf of every true Baggies fan I’d like to thank you and wish you all the very best for the future.

@KiranGill0: It’s unfortunate but he wants to go so let him we have the money from it win win. Wish him well for the future

@Cal102030: He says he’s committed to the club, but he also want to leave the club? So Val was right and he’s not committed to the club otherwise he’d be available for the season rather than crying about a move that hasn’t been accepted.

@BurgerSight: It’s unfortunate that we will always be a stepping stone club, I remember yacob arriving and thinking a yard quicker and he would be a top player, but then a yard quicker and he wouldn’t be playing for us! I have loved watching MP as a baggie but unfortunately he wants out!

@dylanrowe2003: Bored of it already, just announce that he has gone

@KarlSteadman1: Same as it was when the club confirmed they would look to move him on. Wait for an offer the club deem acceptable. Until then, all involved should remain professional. A sale would be best for all parties involved though.

@JDWBA2: Why does this shit always happen with our best players?

@Rio_Edwards_0_1: Anyone that is currently disrespecting Pereira, you should be ashamed. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t of been promoted, wouldn’t have beaten the dingles. Be grateful that we’ve actually been able to watch such an amazing player grace our club.

@westham_hub: Time to bid for Pereira now, test the water. He’s made it clear what he wants to do. So let’s make a move

@CherryFan29: Actually a very good statement

@shukokai_mike: Always two sides to every story. Pereira’s hand forced into making a statement after fans started throwing their toys out the pram. He was never staying this season so don’t know why it’s a surprise he wants to leave. Turned up for us. Wish him well for the future.

@thfclp__: Top “professionals” could learn a thing or two from you bro

@GemmaColledge: Ismael says Pereira isn’t committed to the club, Pereira confirms he isn’t committed to the club. Am I missing something? Superb talent, I wish him all the best! #wba

@danielbowenn: Such a shame as would say Pereira is technically the best player I’ve seen in an Albion shirt. But that still doesn’t mean that we would should accept any offer. Should be getting at least 30m. #wba

@EddieOliech: Interesting from Matheus Pereira, I’d love to watch him play in the Premier League again.

@JamieTheo2: The club have dealt with it horrifically. From trying to illegally sell him in January, to Ismaël coming out and saying he doesn’t want him. Absolutely dropped the ball with it, and now I’m afraid his value goes down

@samgeorg_e: I thinks it was unfair for Ismael to talk about him so negatively and I think he deserves respect for all that he has done for us.

@WHUNath8: Come to West Ham then

@kendallrowanx: Whoever picks him up will be amazing. Nice to see a player calling out the media as well

@george_downes17: Matheus Pereira is the most gifted player I’ve ever seen in the stripes, absolutely scintillating to watch. But it’s time to move him on if he’s not prepared to play. Let him go before he starts to tarnish what a brilliant legacy he has left in such a short space of time #wba

@AndyLeeman91: Great player but a total waste of a career if you go to Saudi purely for the money. The best players want to play in the best leagues. But fair play for admitting it really is just about money for you.

@tomwba1982: “I’ve never bad mouthed the club” clearly written by his agent…. What a pair of cunts #wba

@jayreillywba: Respect his honesty, deserves a chance to prove himself at the top level. But please for the love of God, do not go to Al Hilal! I won’t be able to deal with their fans banging on about it for the next 15 years, bad enough having to listen about 1982 from the other lot 😂 #wba

@JacobGreet: Feels like the club/management have dropped the ball on this one. No need for the situation to spiral into a public argument. Significantly worsens Albion’s already weak negotiating position.

@JamieTheo2: Couldn’t agree more. Has been dealt with appallingly by Val/higher ups imo. We’re now in no position to demand such a high fee, as clubs now know Val doesn’t want him anywhere near the squad so we will have to accept whatever we can get for him.

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