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West Brom player slammed after footage shows him lash out at Peterborough steward

West Brom player Dara O’Shea has been slammed by a talkSPORT pundit after footage shows him lash out at Peterborough steward.

Adrian Durham has lambasted the Baggies footballer as a clip uploaded to social media by fan YouTuber appears to show a steward thrown to the ground.

There were chaotic scenes at London Road for the televised Championship fixture on Saturday night after Semi Ajayi’s late winner sparked wild scenes in the away end.

The 1-0 win saw West Brom earn themselves their fourth successive success in the league to draw them back level with Fulham at the top of the Championship.

However, Posh supporter Adrian Durham was left venting his anger after a video emerged that showed a West Brom player involved in an unsavoury incident with a stadium steward.

Writing via his personal Twitter profile in the early hours of Sunday, Durham said: “A West Brom player pushes a steward to the ground around 28″ into this video. No problem celebrating a goal, but this is unacceptable.”

West Brom News wrote via their website: “Over-exuberance.

“It’s not quite clear how the incident flared up but one can only assume it was mainly down to adrenaline and over-exuberance following a late winner.

“The steward looks to be attempting to escort a fan off that had run onto the pitch before an Albion player intervened and pushed the steward away.

“There has been no confirmation over who was responsible, but it was alleged on social media and underneath Durham’s tweet that it was defender Dara O’Shea.

“It has, however, been acknowledged that he did go over and apologise for his alleged actions.

“O’Shea received a yellow card immediately after the goal celebrations, so perhaps the referee did spot something untoward from the Republic of Ireland international.

“It remains to be seen what subsequent action, if any, falls upon the 22-year-old, if indeed it was him who pushed a steward over.”

Meanwhile, Darren Ferguson says that West Brom manager Valerien Ismael ‘is not the God of football’ and ‘that he needs to calm down’ after he refused to shake the Peterborough manager’s hand at full time.

“He’s (Ismael) managing a big club like West Brom and he behaves like that?” Ferguson stated. “I don’t mind them celebrating a goal. They can celebrate how they like, but you shake hands with the other manager after a game, not give them a ‘v’ sign.

“He needs to calm down. He’s been to the play-offs once, he’s not Pep Guardiola. What he did was disrespectful. They didn’t like it when we started giving it back to them.”

Ismael was cautioned for his celebration, but claimed Ferguson misunderstood his choice of sign language.

“I think he misunderstood what happened and it has been explained to me what happened,” Ismael said.

“I went to the fourth official and said normally we have two penalties. We need to have two penalties.

“The second one was a clear penalty and I think he misunderstood my gesture. He explained to me in England it means something different.

“That was not the purpose, I talked with the fourth official and he took the gesture for him. it wasn’t disrespectful I was just talking with the fourth referee. I think it was a misunderstanding.”

Fans reacted as West Brom player Dara O’Shea is slammed by talkSPORT’s Adrian Durham after footage shows him lash out at Peterborough steward..

@TheNutterSparky: Looks like assault to me..you can’t just push someone over..

@indymunkey: At first I thought you were exaggerating the first players grab at him but looking again the second player does indeed shove him to the floor. No excuse for that.

@dan_hazza: I mean it’s deffo a West Brom player flooring a steward. The WBA fans won’t like it, but it should be investigated.

@asbo_wba: Oh here he is, Adrian “let’s dig at West Brom” Durham. You pathetic man just wanting attention. Remember when you called us a racist club? Eat your words idiot.

@KRB89: He could of been killed

@ATID69: Oh look Tosser Durham picking faults with Albion again. Stick to your shit radio station

@BccPod: Bore off you fucking wet lettuces. Scored a last minute winner, few fans spilled on, and the stewerds tried to stop em by ragging around our fans. Gets pushed away cus they know they’re safe. Fucking football fans on here condemning it….Football fans! Last minute winner!! SMH

@DWUK89: Another salty Peterborough fan reaching 😂 go get ya self a box of tissues and pop round to Ferguson’s and dry each others tears 😆 doubt tissues will do though maybe take a TOWEL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕

@baggieant64: No way lifes to short, celebrating a last minute winning goal is ecstatic let the players and supporters enjoy the moment, stewards stand down!!!!


@wfcjm: He definitely said the phrase “don’t you know who my dad is?”

@ThomasAskew88: 1 winner. Big Val all day long.

@wbanathan_: Val would have him on toast who does he think he is 😭

@WBA_99_: Big Val by 1st round KO

@HappyB79: “He did’nae shake my hand…” 😭 😭 😭

@ItsWhitehouse: Cry some more Fergie

@lewis_WBA: Val would fill him in

@44champ_: Val would absolutely lamp him

@mot_leave: Darren would never have hit him, after all Valerian isn’t a woman

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