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West Brom fans sing amusing chant on bus after being waved off by Bolton lads

West Brom fans decided to sing amusing chant on the bus home after being waved off by Bolton Wanderers lads after the pre-season friendly.

A video was uploaded to social media showing the post-match moment outside the stadium with it going on to get a million views.

The travelling fans could be heard saying “Back to school in six week!” as they watched Bolton yoof throwing some hand gestures their direction…

West Brom suffered a 4-3 defeat at Bolton Wanderers on Saturday afternoon with a brace from Brandon Thomas-Asante and Jed Wallace npot enough for the visitors as Bolton grabbed four goals through Kyle Dempsey (2), Will Forrester and Aaron Morley.

Albion started the stronger side and thought they had taken the lead inside six minutes as Okay Yokuslu poked home from close-range – but the assistant referee’s flag was raised for offside.

The opener did come shortly after though with Darnell Furlong playing Wallace in, and the winger made no mistake to put the ball past Nathan Baxter.

After a flurry of chances from both teams, it wasn’t until first-half stoppage time Bolton got a leveller through Dempsey’s long-range effort.

West Brom were back ahead on 56 minutes, Thomas-Asante converting Wallace’s pinpoint cross.

The Trotters turned it around though with two quick efforts around the hour mark to go 3-2 up– Dempsey putting one in the bottom corner before substitute Forrester came on and did the same.

Thomas-Asante’s first-time finish got on back for West Brom, but Bolton snatched a win during six minutes of added time, Morley curling the ball in..

Wanderers: Baxter; Jones (Sadlier 73), Almeida Santos, Ashworth (Forrester 62); Dacres-Cogley Thomason, Sheehan (Morley 62), Williams (Conway 83); Dempsey (Mendes Gomes); Nlundulu (Adeboyejo 67), Charles (Jerome 67). Substitutes: Coleman.

Booked: Ashworth, Sheehan, Nlundulu

West Bromwich Albion: Griffiths; Furlong, Ajayi, Kipre, Townsend; Yokuslu; Swift, Mowatt; Wallace, Thomas-Asante, Phillips. Substitutes (used): Bartley, Pieters, Chalabah, Gardner-Hickman, Fellows, Malcolm, Hall, Faal.

Booked: Furlong, Yokuslu

Referee: Simon Mather

Attendance: 4,900

Bolton boss Ian Evatt said via the club website: “We are highly ambitious for next season, but there’s a huge difference between ambition and entitlement and we have to be humble enough to know we’re not entitled to anything.

“Yes, this club has a huge rich history. Yes. We’ve progressed all the time I’ve been here, but it doesn’t mean to say anything’s a guarantee.

“We’re going to work our socks off to make it happen. Obviously, our ambition is huge, but we must stay on the right side of that and maintain the ambition and not feel entitled.

“I think that’s really the message to everybody this season, to stick with us because it’s a long old season.”

Evatt added: “We’re going to have ups and downs and it’s how we manage the downs which will really define us.

“Fingers crossed we’ll have more ups than downs and we’re very much looking forward to next Saturday.

“We are highly ambitious. We all know what we want to achieve but we’re not entitled to do so. We are ambitious but we’re not entitled.”

WBA boss Carlos Corberán said on the game: “It’s true that today we didn’t achieve the result that we wanted to achieve, because in football – even friendly games – we want to win.

“I think in the game there were some very positive moments. In the first 15/20 minutes the team were excellent. We were breaking the high press of the opponent, we were creating chances and we scored a very nice goal.

“But after the goal we started to see some unforced mistakes. We gave some easy balls to the opponent, and we didn’t defend to the level we need to defend to be a competitive team.

“In pre-season, the most important thing is to give a lot of work to the legs of the players.

“And now this coming week it’s the total opposite. It’s about using the work you’ve put into the players to increase their freshness in the games.

“We have made some positive steps in terms of training and in terms of game minutes.

“Now I have a clearer picture of how and what we need to improve on to become a competitive team before we head to Blackburn.”

This is how Twitter users reacted as West Brom fans sing an amusing chant on bus after being waved off by Bolton lads…

@Petermog86: Only kids having a laugh!! Them chants are 100 times worse 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

@WillowUfGood101: Bolton fan ere and I’m defo saying that’s embarrassing it was a fuckin friendly lol. Guarantee if them West Brom fans ran off that coach they’ll be running the opposite way!!

@crwni: Keep safe, it’s a dangerous world out there

@JoshBuckley90: State of that 😂😂😂😂 look at Claire Balding on the left givin it large #bwfc #wafc

@dems199991: Anthony Gordon gets about

@Stu1906: F***ing hell its Ed, Edd and Eddy!

@simsamsuk: I am a Bolton fan and this is just embarrassing ffs

@OneMUFCLove: When you see your rival school at Alton Towers.

@azza_leva3: Average thogden viewer

@wba_cabbage: Bolton firm are hard 🤣

@JJames_2020: 🤣🤣🤣 Did the big lad there check he was holding up the right amount of fingers? 🤣

@Ric_COYW: Mate I can only apologise….unfortunately all clubs have got kids like this 🤦‍♂️ nothing like being graceful when you win

@kingofchezo_WBA: Some Albion fans are an embarrassment them songs are cringe central and I’m an Albion fan 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

@LaurenWBA: They are so happy with themselves. That kid in the middle is absolutely buzzing

@MortyBWFC16: Calm down lads, its only pre season 😭 #bwfc

@NoahWal92840223: Don’t help ourselves do we #BWFC

@AdamH_ASB: Regrettably all clubs have this to a degree, 😆😆 I’ve been ‘Waved off’ by young people at loads of grounds 🤦‍♂️

@J311824W: Christ alive the state of this 😭

@Dylan58750642: Cant wait for my trip to bolton 😂😂

@leeroyston75: That’s fairly intimidating tbh

@N26bwfc: Kids having a laugh don’t see what’s wrong 👍👍

@B0lton1: Rattled by a couple of kids, cute

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