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West Brom fans rage as their own team’s players blame supporters for poor form

West Brom fans rage as their own team’s players blame the supporters for the squad’s poor form in the Championship this season.

A piece by The Athletic has caused a stir, ahead of the Baggies’ fixture away to Hull City on Saturday afternoon.

At the beginning of February, West Brom confirmed that Steve Bruce had replaced Valieren Ismael on an 18-month contract.

Ismael had guided the Baggies to fifth in the Championship, eight points off the automatic promotion place, but fast forward to today and they sit 13th.

Steve Bruce said upon arrival on the 4th of February: “If I didn’t think that we could win promotion I wouldn’t be sitting here. I really think we have got an outstanding chance.”

Steve Bruce then added on the 28th February: “We will try our utmost but it’s a bit of a long shot, I have to say.”

It took just 24 days and five games for West Brom’s latest manager to if anything quicken the downfall, and now the club are eight points from the playoffs. A case of be careful for watch you wish for? Poor appointment? Should they have sacked Ismael?

It’s no wonder fans are miffed off, with promotion hopes all but gone and problems are all that anyone can reflect on.

Based on his own observations and the advice of people he trusted, the former Newcastle, Birmingham City and Aston Villa manager was confident that he had inherited one of the best squads in the Championship, and all that was needed, in his eyes, were a pick-me-up.

It seems that the squad need much more than just encouraging words however, and now The Athletic has been told that Bruce and his staff have been shocked in their month at the club by just how bad things have become.

An alternative view, given to The Athletic by several sources close to Albion players, is that rather than not caring enough, the squad is worn down by multiple failures, the intensity of Ismael’s spell in charge and the now relentless criticism from fans.

Multiple sources have referenced the toxic atmosphere at The Hawthorns, and increasingly among away fans, as a key reason for inhibited displays, with players reluctant to receive the ball and scared to take risks or be creative.

As mentioned, some West Brom fans took to rage while others had their own say as their own team’s players blame supporters for their poor form…

@silver_cyclist: They are saying it’s not helping, they are clearly low on confidence and not enjoying playing, the atmosphere, booing etc is not going to help is it? I know it’s shit, don’t get me wrong, I dread matchday, but the fans aren’t helping.

@ALBIONFANTV: So what are we meant to do then when we are paying good money and they ain’t performing and haven’t been for months

@JonW1995: So when they sky a simple shot, dont pass to the player running or don’t run to give the passer an option, misplace a simple pass, don’t create a passing option, play without a plan, let player run at them, don’t press, pass backwards under slight pressure, it’s our fault?

@Dominic_s_Cox: I understand the point. It’s not a nice atmosphere to be in for them. But surely they should realise how they’ve contributed to it. Just feels like they’re blaming everyone but themselves.

🎶 It’s never their fault, it’s never their fault…
…first it was Slavan…
…then it was Ismaël
…now it’s supporters…
🎶 Next it is you, next it is you, Steve Bruce, next it is you…

@tyrellb04: So we travel miles and miles every other week to see these players put in 30 per cent effort but they expect us fans to be happy they are taking the piss . They are lucky they have fans like us who support the team through thick and thin

@clem1291: So if val wanted intensity surely they should be performing much better now under Bruce and his 2 training sessions a week. Plenty recovery time?

@Bashie1970: They need to grow a pair and show what they undoubtedly have in the locker. It won’t take much to turn the fans around, but professionals should be able to cope with the pressure. #wba

@johnoakley711: Happy enough to take the money though.

@griffraces: Whats their excuse for the performances during the restrictions when the stadium was empty??

@Albionista3: My heart bleeds for the poor souls! Anyone would think the fans booing was the catalyst for them to go on an appalling run of games. The fans had been patient and yet players continued to put in half arsed performances. I can believe this squad saying that

@bolton_chris: Well there’s a surprise… Ha ha

@martin1evans: The fans turning on val gave the players an excuse to turn on him to and use val as an excuse, it’s the chicken and the egg though, players want fans support and the fans want something to shout about and encourage, for me it’s cowardly for the players to use fans as excuse

@FozWrestle: Shows the character of the players then, instead of trying to prove us all wrong they have just given up. How can a footballer be scared of the ball?

@parkhallenglish: Must be heartbreaking earning £55,000 a week and having some jeers

@shadyacer: Bollocks they have been terrible away from home all season the away fans only turned end of Val tenure what is there excuse before that?? They need to have a long hard look at them selves, wheres the running, closing down throwing bodies in front of ball basics of a footballer

@rjbarham: What doesn’t help is when you’ve got knob heads behind me singing “we’ve had a shot…🎵” and jeering when we make 3 passes ffs!

@Stevie_M82: Intensity of Ismael spell = didnt like hardwork and high standards, criticism of fans = dont like being held to account for producing rubbish week in week out, massive misplaced egos with weak as piss mentality. A horrid bunch.

@craigylove81: What a load of bollocks this is!!!!! Yes the club is toxic but this is down to the fact the players let the club down week after week after week. I’ve been to qpr, millwall, Luton, Fulham and everyone of those games the support has backed the players throughout

@scottwjones1988: Passing 5 yards to your own player isn’t taking a risk, basic defending isn’t a risk, giving a shit isn’t a risk, they can’t even do that, there not even getting the basics right never mind talking risks what a pathetic bunch of players we have

@LiamRobertoooo: The biggest load of bollocks Iv ever heard in my life seriously 😂😂 scared to receive the ball and take risks that’s what your being paid to do you imbeciles

@MattyJPerry: Dunno why the players saying this are in the sport. If you can’t take it during the bad times, don’t come celebrating in the good. Pathetic really #wba

@brodymoz2: Absolutely embarrassing group of players. To have the nerve to say that when they are the reason fans criticise them, is pathetic. If u can’t take criticism, then don’t be a footballer. Hope they all get gone come the summer, cancer of the club. #WBA

@muklyktally: Get fucked. We don’t have to put the miles in watching this team do what they do.

@phillclo: They get paid excessive amounts and blame the fans. Give them the standard 20k a year

@jackgou92519623: This is ridiculous if true. Need to realise we want players to take risks, use their initiative, impact the ball etc. All we are asking for is a bit of resolve. We all have pressure, try running a resus infront of a devastated family screaming for you to save their relative #WBA

@aidenskeldon99: Really is piss poor of an excuse. YOU ARE PAID PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLERS WE PAY TO WATCH YOU ENTERTAIN US

@Marty_Duffy: Just shows how spinless these bunch are

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