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West Brom fans left furious with new head coach close to being appointed

West Brom fans have been left furious with a new head coach is close to being appointed according to reports on Tuesday night.

David Wagner is set to be the man taking over from Sam Allardyce after Chris Wilder was initially the No 1 choice but majority of club’s board have opted to move for Wagner, who was last at Schalke.

Any appointment made in Wilder was vetoed by the Baggies club owner Guochuan Lai, who is based in China. Lai also made clear the remit was to appoint a manager who would not require compensation, ruling out the likes of Cooper, Ismael and Appleton.

Albion’s bosses were impressed by the job Wagner did in getting Huddersfield promoted in 2017, and then keeping them in the Premier League the following season.

They would also avoid paying compensation, with Wagner out of work since leaving Schalke in September.

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Despite his heroics at the club, Wagner left Huddersfield by mutual consent in January 2019 with the club sitting bottom of the Premier League.

In May 2019, he was appointed as manager of Schalke.

But he was sacked in September 2020 following a run that saw the Bundesliga side fail to win in 18 league matches.

Meanwhile, former West Brom midfielder Carlton Palmer says David Wagner is said to be an ideal candidate to replace Sam Allardyce.

He said two weeks ago: “I like the way he managed at Huddersfield, I liked his enthusiasm, I liked his desire for the game. I think the game misses characters like David to be fair to you.

“So he will be high on the list. I mean all three names [Wagner, Lampard and Wilder] would be ideal candidates for West Brom.”


Youth career
SV Geinsheim

Senior career
1990–1991 – Eintracht Frankfurt
1991–1995 – Mainz 05 – 94 games (19 goals)
1995–1997 – Schalke 04 – 29 games (2 goals)
1997–1999 – FC Gütersloh – 49 games (7 goals)
1999 – Waldhof Mannheim – 5 games (0 goals)
1999–2002 – Darmstadt 98 – 76 games (21 goals)
2002–2004 – TSG Weinheim – 23 games (8 goals)
2004–2006 – Germania Pfungstadt

National team
1992 – Germany U21 – 1 game (0 goals)
1996–1998 – United States – 8 games (0 goals)


Borussia Dortmund II – 1 July 2011 until 31 October 2015 – 164 games, 57 wins, 47 60 34.8 win %
Huddersfield Town – 9 November 2015 until 14 January 2019 – 154 games, 51 wins, 33 draws, 70 defeats, 33.1 win %
Schalke 04 – 1 July 2019 until 27 September 2020 – 40 games, 12 wins, 12 draws, 16 defeats, 30.0 win %
Total – 358 games, 120 wins, 92 draws, 146 defeats, 33.5 win %


Schalke 04 (as a player)
UEFA Cup: 1996–97

Huddersfield Town (as a manager)
EFL Championship play-offs: 2017

EFL Championship Manager of the Year: 2016–17
Premier League Manager of the Month: August 2017
EFL Championship Manager of the Month: August 2016, February 2017

As mentioned, West Brom fans have been left furious whilst other fans had something else to say with a new head coach close to being appointed…

@TheRainbowStand: Sake

@Fonzyy97: That’s like ordering a Moretti and ending up with a fosters hahahaha oh dear

@Joebevon: Absolute joke of a club @WBA

@Peteroreilly79: Sack the board

@tommymcmullan: Sweet mother of Jesus!!!! The tight Bastards. Not sure about being the best man for the job, probably the cheapest. Good luck to him, but I think that as an appointment shows the clubs ambitions for the season ahead….

@tambag94: Worst appointment since Alan Irvine

@credwood_dcfc91: Managed to get promoted with a minus goal difference and without scoring a goal in the play offs. Guy is obviously a magician

@AntSwailes: No no no no no @wba no no no. No. #wba

@KeithSu51736990: GET IN!!! WAGNERRRRRRRRRRRR – Lovely job albion! cracking appointment

@Matt1Price: Can’t remotely see any positives in this appointment. The football he played at Huddersfield was awful to watch. I’d rather have had Appleton. And I didn’t want him either. Reckon he lasts 6 months.

@kingofchezo_WBA: Very uninspiring and underwhelming

@coyb63: The board wanted Chris Wilder. Then decided Wagner was a cheaper option. Same old Albion

@rjdowning: Cheap option

@SimonJMarriott: How could they possibly choose him ahead of Wilder?

@baggiedave70: Shocking decision from Albion. Disappointed is an understatement

@Baggiejohn1: Will back whoever we appoint, but I have serious doubts about this one.

@JSimmo200: Absolute shocker they have had here

@CazzaFPL: Fuck off

@Martw90: It’s Alan Irvine all over again, could be wrong of course but this is desperate.

@TomOConnell_WBA: Oh fuck off

@thehuwdavies: “What have you been up to since Huddersfield, Dave?” – “Nothing, absolutely nothing at all, it’s been quite dull if anything, hahaha”

@johnwba01: This fucking club man. Ugh. Such a shit appointment

@jdcecfc: Absolute howler of an appointment. Fuming. Tin pot shambles

@LiamCooper_20: Banter FC strikes again. Fuck my club man

@RyanPGlasgow: Majority of the board wanted Wagner over Wilder? Hmmm i wonder why… cheaper wage, happy with a cheaper transfer budget, probably wouldn’t kick up much of a fuss.

@le_lebouf76: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH just read that thread anyone accepting of the wankers who run our club can have my share – It may mean fuck all to them or anyone else but I’ll be making a stand – I’ll leave it there for tonight before I get myself in trouble

@ATID69: Give him 6 months #DOWLINGOUT

@stuhopcroft: Fucking Wagner wank appointment

@japwba: Joke, lots of good candidates out there.

@shadyacer: Wilder was an obvious choice, I could see reasoning in appointing Appleton but Wagner?? Talk about picking the most underwhelming candidate on the list! I hope I am proven wrong #WBA

@lukestokes84: Oh dear @WBA there is going to be a major meltdown. I just want to know how we went from wilder to Appleton to Wagner…

@mattsport_: EFL mediocrity for the next 20 years it is then. Didn’t think we could get an less ambitious but here we are.

@Cal102030: Fuckkkk me…. league one here we come.

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