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West Brom and Millwall fans fight at a petrol station post-match

West Brom and Millwall fans took to fight but bizarrely at a petrol station post-match with footage uploaded to social media.

A group of lads attempt to throw punches and kick out at a Millwall fans down on the ground, all this going on while beside a pump and bin.

The footage was captioned: “Here we goooooo baggiessss fuck millwall 😂😂” before being posted on Twitter on Sunday morning…

The fans clashing came two years after West Brom and Millwall fans got themselves in a massive punch-up at The Hawthorns.

A video done the rounds appearing to show the sets of supporters clashing during the game, with fists thrown with intent to hurt.

A gate was also broken during the brawl, with no police present to break it up or calm the situation down.

This weekend’s game saw Millwall gain a point after a goalless draw against West Brom in order to strengthen their place in the Championship playoff places.

Baggies’ midfielder Adam Reach missed two good opportunities in the first period, while Brandon Thomas Asante shot narrowly after the break.

Albion goalkeeper Josh Griffiths made two excellent saves to stop Tom Bradshaw’s near post header and parry Zian Flemming’s stinging drive.

Thomas­ Asante was denied a late chance and a Tom Rogic shot was blocked wide for the hosts. Millwall moved up to fifth following Blackburn’s defeat at Birmingham to create a four-point gap with the chasing pack.

Albion are ninth with a game to spare after they extended their unbeaten run at to 11 Championship matches. However, they missed the opportunity to reduce the five-point gap to the play-off spots.

West Brom’s Carlos Corberan after the final whistle:

“Unfortunately, the referee didn’t make the right decision.

“There were two actions, but maybe he saw another one which wasn’t beneficial for us.

“To be a referee in these types of games is very, very complicated.

“Sometimes with VAR they have trouble making the right decisions, but it’s true that if you analyse the actions of Okay and Dike, the only thing it can’t be is offside.

“The pass is from the defender.

“The tackle, you understand, is not a foul, then the defender made an assist to Dike – it can’t be offside if the defender has passed the ball.

“If after you understand that Dike was in a position to win the penalty, or if it’s not a penalty it’s a corner.

“The three possibilities are a foul to Okay, a penalty or a corner.

“The only possibility that doesn’t exist is the offside, because the defender made the pass.”

Millwall’s Gary Rowett said after the game:

“I think to be honest there were only three players pulling him to the floor, so clearly that’s not enough to get a penalty.

“I find it quite ridiculous how you can get dragged to the floor and ‘both players are at it’, or there isn’t enough contact.

“It is a penalty, the ref has to be brave enough to give it.

“I know it’s not easy.

“If we get it that way then maybe we run the risk of one going against us the other way, but particularly with Coops, people stand on him, they don’t look at the ball, they’re holding him, they keep letting people get away with it.

“If you look at their home record since Carlos came in, they’ve won 10, lost one and conceded three goals, which is absolutely ridiculous.

“We knew it’d be a game where if we were going to get something out of the game, we were going to have to play well.

“I thought we played really well and showed great composure.”

This is what social media users said as a video shows West Brom and Millwall fans taking to fight at a petrol station post-match…

Mikey Davidson: TherESSO hard, Idiots!

Alfie Marshall: 5 on 1?

Stephen Ashley: Morons the lot of em wolves ay we 🤣🖕

Jigsy Pittaway: Looks like play fighting bless em 😁

Paul Hastings: Probably one of the most pathetic fights i’ve seen

Ollie Fletcher: seems they can’t handle their drinks, imagine going to games just to have a punch up

Ryan Darlow: youngsters thinking they’re hard, bet they absolutely shit it and leg it when realising the extend of injuries inflicted on the victim

Ian Wainwright: jesus look how many are on one person, hope the lad taking the punches and kicks is alright

Fred Baskin: seems to be a reoccurring thing fighting at petrol stations these days, utterly strange

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