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Welling United confirm stadium redevelopment plans and temporary move for 2024/25

Welling United confirm plans for a stadium redevelopment and also a temporary move to Tonbridge Angels for the 2024/25 season.

National League South side Welling United and Lita Homes have officially announced the submission of plans for the redevelopment of the Park View Road stadium to Bexley Council.

The initial announcement of the ambitious regeneration project was made in July, and after careful consideration of public feedback, revised plans have now been submitted. This marks the club’s proactive approach in preparing for the upcoming extensive project.


Welling United and Lita Homes can confirm that plans for the redevelopment of the club’s Park View Road stadium have been submitted to Bexley Council.

Plans for the major regeneration of the site were first announced in July and, following public consultation, revised plans have now been submitted as the club begins to make preparations for the extensive project to begin.

The planning documents can be viewed in full on the Bexley Council website by clicking here.

The plans include a state-of-the-art home for the Wings which will provide a community-embracing facility for usage by local residents and community groups, as well as 104 new homes to completely rejuvenate the local area.

While the club are rightly proud of its historical roots at Park View Road, the current facilities are not fit for purpose and lie in a rapidly-declining state of disrepair. As such, the redevelopment of the stadium is vital for safeguarding the future of Welling United Football Club.

The vast improvements will secure a future for the club, providing it room to grow and ensuring it can provide a safe and welcoming standard to members, visitors, and the wider community. In particular, it will ensure it can extend work on its various community programmes, delivering on its purpose of football for all.

As part of the the ongoing work on the site, the club can confirm that they intend to temporarily play their home fixtures at Longmead Stadium, the home of Tonbridge Angels, commencing the start of the 2024/25 season, pending final approval from both the National League and Isthmian League.

The temporary move to Tonbridge presents the most viable option for the football club while the forthcoming works take place and is a necessary measure to ensure that the club can return to its Park View Road home with its sustainable, long-term future secured.

As part of the planning permission process, fans are encouraged to lend their support to the scheme and play their part towards safeguarding the future of Welling United.

You can register to leave your comments in support of the new home of Welling United Football Club via the Bexley Council website by clicking here. 

Twitter users gave their reaction as Welling United confirm a stadium redevelopment plans and temporary move for 2024/25…

@garyh01: No objection to the plans. No objection to moving to Tonbridge – ONCE we get planning approval. If we don’t, then we’re in limbo whilst E&B use our ground. Ridiculous

@Mark25007355: Shouldn’t be going anywhere until planning permission is approved! #fansnotflats

@patrickmason007: Looks terrible

@jimmycafc24: Then there Is the question of if they don’t get planning permission where does that leave club

@Shomer1987: Interesting point, it’s a point I would like answered by the club, but we know it won’t be

@goonercup: As a deres supporter, we have a 26 yr lease on Parkview. That’s legally binding so trying to make us move out is purely for the birds. 🐦 So good luck on that one. 👍

@DavidWa17088232: Then the owners will probably sell up and leave us with a ground we can’t use!

@rd_npse: Dulwich Hamlet submitted their planning application for a new stadium back in 2019, and still no spades in the ground. At best this would mean years in limbo before a decision is made.

@wingsmad: So how will the club be funding themselves with greatly reduced gates, no bar takings & paying rent? How can Erith announce they are playing at PVR next season? if true there gates will rocket. its easier to get to St Albans away then Tonbridge by public transport. crazy decision

@OccupiedKtown: Speaking as a K’s fan (still homeless after all these years), do not trust your directors or the developers. Hopefully your local council are more helpful to you than they have been to us.

@daniel_tortoise: Moving into a groundshare before planning permission is approved seems utterly suicidal, as years of football history in this country so clearly demonstrates.

@Hengist123: Looks like a lots of flats for very little stadium.

@DannyPegg1: I hope that they throw it out! If it came before my Council I would suggest to officers to reject it. Its not wanted and just a big cash grab regarding the flats etc. They don’t care about the club! Cmon wake up! We will end up in Tonbridge and can see the club disappearing.

@Stan_the_man_67: Jesus H Christ that looks awful. Looks like you’ll be playing in the car park of appartments. Hate to be cynical but….. Best of luck Wings fans.

@charlcox6: Leaving out how the clubs moving to tonbridge for an unspecified length of time. This club dies with this decision. No chance it’s still there by the end of next season, maybe even Christmas this year. Owners can go and rot for all I care. Absolute wankers

@JamieCowley100: I’ll be objecting…moving ground without planning permission whilst our tenants refuse to leave the ground and continue playing there is madness!If the development doesn’t go thru coz of planning rejection, Erith squatting & prolonging absence, no income, no home, we go extinct

The way I’m looking at this
No council approval yet
Announce we’re playing at tonbridge next season
Erith&B won’t move nothing can take place.
Less than 150 a week at tonbridge
Our club will die.
Bunch of chancers/bellends run our club.
All they care about 💰
None of it is washing with me whatsoever.

@Daveswufc2: I’m sure e&b will move out when planning permission is granted and work can start (😀😀) but why should they move now when nothing is happening and likely to happen.

@TOTTBoffcial: Absolutely disgusting, hopefully Bexley Council will reject the plans and these crooks with piss off and not kill The Wings

@beamishruss: 🤣🤣🤣 Clubs that move out without planning permission rarely return. Why would any fan support this? #FansNotFlats

@Daveswufc2: Thanks for letting me know. I will object.

@untilnextyear: I think there’s a deeper story at play here…from what I can gather E&B haven’t agreed to vacating the ground for two years while the building work takes place, and with their current lease are under no obligation to do so.

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