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Wealdstone Raider speaks for first time on footage showing him getting arrested

The well known Wealdstone Raider Gordon Hill speaks for the first time after footage online shows him getting arrested by police.

In the viral video, he can be seen running away from police officers, before being detained at the side of a London Underground tube station recently.

The non league supporter says that he regrets running away from the police after he was caught on camera being held on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly.

A video of the Wealdstone Raider appearing to run away from police appeared on social media

The incident is said to have taken place on Saturday night outside Redwood Sports Bar at London Bridge station ahead of England’s Euro 2020 quarter-final with Ukraine.

Officers pinned him up for allegedly being drunk and disorderly, but he was later released without charge.

The Raider claims that he had only had two or three pints and that the slurring of his words is down to his speech impediment.

He told the Daily Star: “You know what, I don’t even know why I did a runner, because I had nothing to hide. It was a spur of the moment thing.

“I shouldn’t have done it. I ran straight into a corner and it’s not my normal thing.”

The British Transport Police said: “British Transport Police attended London Bridge railway station following a report of anti-social behaviour at 8.18pm on Saturday 3 July.

“A man was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly in a public place and conveyed to police custody. He was later released and no further action was taken.”

The Raider, 55, travelled to London Bridge to watch the football after being given a VIP ticket into the Redwood Sports Bar by a friend.

But trouble began as door staff would not let him into the venue and he explains: “I showed the bouncer the ticket and he couldn’t get me in there for the VIP. They couldn’t give me the protection that I needed.”

Discussions continued between the bouncer, the promoter and police officers who were on the scene, as tensions escalated at the door.

The Raider was rejected entry into the building, despite alleged disagreements between staff members as to whether he should be allowed in or not.

The Raider said: “I walk away and as I walk away, another police officer has turned up, wanting to find out what the situation is. As I’m walking out, she is saying ‘come back, come back’. I thought no, I don’t want it.

The Raider was seen being detained by police in the video

“Next thing I know, I’ve turned around and these two police officers are running towards me. Instinctively, I am running away.

“If I was really running, I would have ran faster than that – and I ran straight into a corner.

“They took me by van to Caledonian Road Police Station.

“The officer that arrested me was just standing there speechless. The desk sergeant was amazing. Me and the van driver were just having a chat.”

The Raider was allegedly accused of having the smell of alcohol on his breath.

He said: “He said about having alcohol in my breath. So I said if you arrest everyone at this time of night, there wouldn’t be enough prison cells or police stations in the world to hold them.

“The desk sergeant was absolutely amazing.

“They didn’t charge me, they didn’t even give me a caution and the desk sergeant said ‘I am keeping you here because if you want to make a complaint, we have to keep it on record.'”

However, he opted against making a complaint against the officers who arrested him.

“You know what, I was absolutely busting to go to the toilet,” he explained.

“All I wanted to do was to have a cigarette. They said they would drop me down from Islington Police Station down to Caledonian Road station.

“But I just wanted a cigarette, so I walked up to the local pub, ordered a pint and had the best wee I’ve had in ages.”

Fans reacted as Wealdstone Raider speaks for the first time on footage showing him getting arrested…

@itsocheagain: Haha what a bellend #Wealdstoneraider

@lia_bentley_: Met and served the Wealdstone Raider dude today and what the sweetest lil man he is. Ppl tried to buy him a drink in return of a photo or video and he was told em to put that money in our charity pot instead. Lovely man absolute sweetheart #wealstoneraider

@mjs121272: That video just needed Benny Hill music. 🤣🤣🤣

@PatBuckingham: Wealdstone Raider been arrested. 2021 has peaked.

@Neville7hedevil: Wouldn’t wanna be stood next to the camera man at the urinals

@AndyS01178383: You’ve got no fans 😂😂

@justan0therw00l: Some turn of pace on him tho

@Ryannn999: What’s the Wealdstone raider at nowwwww lolol

@Joel__C: Hahahaha what on earth the Wealdstone raider doing bail from the bobbies

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