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Wealdstone investigate alleged incident involving striker and homeless woman

Wealdstone are to investigate an alleged incident involving a striker of theirs and a homeless woman which took place in London.

The National League side say they are probing striker Ryan Gondoh with reports claiming the 23-year-old was involved in an altercation with a homeless woman in London.

It is alleged that Gondoh threw water on the women after an accusation that he was racially abused by her, with footage getting plenty of attention.

A video of a white woman (pictured) who appears to be homeless, hurling racist abuse at black footballer 23-year-old Ryan Gondoh has gone viral after he shared it on social media

Wealdstone investigate alleged incident involving striker and homeless woman

The video begins showing the young woman begging for change outside Queensway Underground Station in west London when she was confronted by the footballer who accused her of calling him a ‘black c***’.

After initially denying it, she repeatedly called him the N-word prompting him to retaliate by kicking out at her begging cup over and calling her a ‘tramp’.

He then left the scene before returning with a bottle of water and poured it over her head, as she ran inside the station to get away. That’s one way to deal with racism.

The footballer has now set his Twitter account to private after being deluged with racist messages

“There is absolutely no place in society for racism, discrimination or any form of violence,” Wealdstone said in a statement on social media.

“The club will be discussing this incident with Ryan in due course and will be making no further comment at this time.”

Gondoh joined the Ruislip based club in March having had spells at Isthmian League side Whyteleafe and National League South club Hampton and Richmond Borough, scoring twice in 13 appearances.

Footage shows the woman call Gondoh a n***** prompting him to kick over her begging cup

Footage filmed by the player was posted on social media earlier this week and has since gone viral, with more than 200,000 views.

It shows Gondoh approaching the female beggar outside the station entrance, as he repeatedly asks: ‘What did you call me?’ before replies ‘I called you greedy, darling.’

To which he responds: ‘No, what else did you call me?’

She denies calling him anything else, but he insisted: ‘No, you called me a black c***, you little tramp. Didn’t you?’

The woman lays a pile of newspapers on the wet pavement and sits down holding her begging cup.

In a second clip, Gondoh uses a bottle of water to drench the woman begging outside a station

She eventually admits it and says: ‘Yes, I did. You’re a n*****.’

He asks: ‘I’m a what?’

She then sings: ‘N***** n*****, pull the trigger.’

He dared her to ‘call me that one more time’ and she replies: ‘Mate, you’re a n*****. Please leave me alone.’

He questions how much money she has in her cup and she says: ‘Not much, that’s why I’m calling you greedy.’

The man then offers to ‘put more in’ and asks: ‘How much do you want?’

She answers: ‘I want somewhere to sleep.’

He says: ‘Well, you know when you call people n***** and be racist and all that? It ain’t gonna get you far in life.’

She replies: ‘Go away then, darling. I’m not asking you, am I?’

He promises to put £5 in her cup but when she puts it down on the ground he kicks it over, scattering the contents across the footpath.

As she quickly picked up her coins, he says: ‘You ain’t getting nothing you little tramp. The old me would’ve kicked you in your f****** head, you little sket.

‘Don’t you dare ever call me a n***** again.’

A second clip shows him returning a short while later, claiming he has ‘come to apologise’.

He then pulled out a bottle of water and let all the liquid drop over her head, forcing her to run inside the station.

He follows her, shouting: ‘That’s what you get. You dare ever (be) racist to me again. Listen, you little f****** b****.

‘That’s what you get. Come out here, then. Come and sit down here again.’

The man kicks over her pile of newspapers and repeatedly shouts ‘I’ma shame you’ – before the footage then ends when another man intervenes. 

Gondoh has shared since shared screen grabs showing vile racist messages he stated that he has been subjected to since he shared the footage, before setting his account to private.

Some of the messages show other Twitter users have called the 23-year-old the N-word while making other appalling remarks regarding his skin colour.

Responding to the abuse, Gondoh said: ‘So the second we react to the racial abuse we receive, we’re in the wrong? It doesn’t make sense. 

‘I can’t imagine what the likes of [Manchester United star] Pogba and that go through.’

Fans reacted as Wealdstone investigate the alleged incident involving their striker and a homeless woman…

@KRennicks19: Stand with him. Support him. It’d have took a huge influence on his well-being the past week undoubtedly. If punished, keep it undisclosed. Keep it professional. Show solidarity.

@Matt_CAFC: #ImWithGondoh

@Jimbokav1971: He deserves your complete support. I’m not a @WealdstoneFC fan and in fact support 1 of your rivals and have asked them to support him also. Talk to him and then come out completely in support of him. #ImWithGondoh

@iamKayRaja: Big up yourself bro! Sorry you had to go through that man, but you handled that well! Props 👊🏽👊🏽

@AidanNorbury: Will say a lot if they back bro 🤞🏻

@PindsPinds: Wealdstone FC have a great opportunity to stand against racism by supporting Ryan. A fantastic opportunity as a football club in the conference league to do something that has not been done before.. PROPERLY. I’m counting on you.

@robscott___: Someone slap the mario sound on for when he kicks the coins

@Barnsey299: @RyanGondoh ✊🏼✊🏿 with you big man! We gotta do better!

@ItsBlaineMan: “could of been the bigger person” “two wrongs dont make a right” “he should of known better”… usual suspects out in force looking for anything to condemn except the actual racist. Isn’t the victims job to be the bigger person but he was anyway for not kicking her head off!!!

@ConStones5: What was the old saying? Kick Racism out…?

@Am_ldn: It was a good kick, no wonder he’s a professional

@CaneKieran29: Shoulda recreated Rooneys volley against Newcastle with her head

@Bu8James: They are both in the wrong. But he should know better. She has a horrible life. He just got called a nasty word. He should be the bigger person and just ignore her. Kicking her money and pouring water over her doesn’t seem like much but where does she go to dry? Both idiots

@nannyCatherine: Is she mentally ill or just substance dependent & begging & annoyed he didn’t give her enough money? He shouldn’t have poured water over her BUT he’s fed up of needless racism. I support him – she’s plain wrong

@Whatsjohndunn: @RyanGondoh fucking good on ya lad. Shouldnt be putting up with that shit.

@elliotmitchell8: People saying walk away 🤦‍♂️ if he walk away she thinks it’s acceptable and will just do it again
🤷‍♂️ hopefully she thinks twice next time she is racist!!! #imwithgondoh

@JillAnd50355619: Serves her right!!

@Ollie_Underwood: Not worth talking to him, @RyanGondoh
done nothing wrong #IStandWithRyanGondoh

A huge amount of fans slammed the Daily Mail for how they worded their headline for this story…

@NLBIBLE4: Daily Mail trying to stir up trouble as usual. She 100% deserved it. People don’t seem to want to tackle racism so he did it himself. #ImWithGondoh

@longest90: If you think being drenched with water is the issue here then you need to give your head a wobble

@SteveBa99880334: The headline should read…. “ Professional footballer is racially abused by vile girl” – That’s the only story here you fucking twats 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️

@JaredSJMiller: Daily Mail at it again 🤬 #imwithgondoh

@SaeedTV_: The daily mail are really scummy aren’t they.

@AShitden: What type of headline is this. She had it coming and got what she deserved.

@Kierzz01: Good she’s lucky he didnt kick her in her mouth. #ImWithGondoh and FUCK DAILY MAIL YOU TRAMPS

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