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Wayne Rooney slams Rotherham chairman for what he did during game

Wayne Rooney slams Rotherham United chairman Tony Stewart for what he did during the two sides’ Championship game on Wednesday.

The Derby County manager stated that the chief showed a lack of respect, yet his claims have been denied by Rotherham officials who claim that the behaviour Rooney found offensive, was not the voice of the chairman, but from club officials in the stand.

The Millers hosted and beat the Rams 3-0 with late goals from Michael Ihiekwe, Michael Smith and Ryan Giles in a crucial clash near the bottom of the Championship table.

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The game was originally meant to be played on Tuesday night, however the pitch was heavily waterlogged due to heavy rain, so rearranged for 24 hours later.

The result ended Derby’s run of three consecutive wins and clean sheets, leaving the fanbase gutted as the club drifted back closer towards the relegation zone, two points from safety.

“We have been on a great run, performances and desire, and I don’t think that was missing today. It was a lack of concentration for the first goal,” said Rooney, who was unhappy with what appeared to be some overly-vocal home support from the stand, with one man shouting “COME ON ROTHERHAM” every 18 seconds.

Rooney added: “The one thing that Rotherham didn’t show was a bit of class, a bit of respect from above.

“I think the chairman, Tony Stewart, was a bit disrespectful.

“We are quick enough to have a go at fans for using language and being offensive on the side, but you don’t expect it from the chairman.

“I wouldn’t expect it from our owners or board, so it is a bit disappointing.”

“I am not happy, obviously,” Rooney told RamsTV on the game.

“I am disappointed with the scoreline and think we could have done better.

“We had a chance just before they took the lead and we should have scored and then from a set piece we conceded a sloppy goal.

“From that point we were chasing the game, which allowed them to hit us on the break and score the second and third. It was a disappointing result and we knew it was going to be a difficult game tonight.

“We know small margins decide games and if we had scored first then I think we could have gone on to win the game.”

He added: “There is another game coming up on Saturday and we know how we have to react to this result.

“We did that after the 1-0 defeat to Rotherham last time, in January, and we need to do the same again.”

Reflecting on the game, Warne told The72: “We didn’t start as well as I’d have liked, I think we showed them too much respect, so at half-time I asked the lads to play a bit quicker. I thought we finished the half really well, and then our subs had a positive effect.

“Then in the end we probably could have scored more. It was an edgy game, both teams were trying to win it. To come away with a clean sheet and to score three, we’re really pleased.

“The players have been magnificent, even in defeats they’ve literally given everything they can. Football changes on split-second decisions and bounces of the ball here and there.

“Fortunately for us tonight the ball bounced kindly for us in the six-yard box and we took our chances. Saturday it could change completely but it does give our lads confidence. They’ve had three wins out of five.”

Fans reacted as Wayne Rooney slams the Rotherham chairman for what he did during game…

@MightyMillers20: It’s his Brother

@TrisWeavers: Can’t believe he’s mentioned that. Had nothing to do with how slow we moved the ball or our lack of quality. They can shout what they like…makes us sound precious

@Twin19861: Least our chairman pays his players

@GuyPearson1: Sour grapes. Imagine he wouldnt have mentioned it if the players had actually turned up

@PeteSmith1983: He’s going to be in for a shock when stadiums are full again.

@josephsimpkin: Did that put the players off!?

@Millerman78: Well done Derby. You are the only club I know who could lose 3-0 and have a gripe about a 60-odd year old bloke backing his own team in his own stadium. Stay classy eh

@AxholmeMiller: Pathetic really, childish and a bit embarrassing.

@xDronee: Bit of passion, don’t see the problem to be honest.

@merrymillers: Hes probably read all the absolute venom spouted by the rams fans on twitter last night and thought sod it, I’ve paid for it in full so why not give a bit back. Stones in glasshouses springs to mind. Plus I would fear for Rooney when crowds are let in if tonight has upset him.

@RobMStables: Lack of class and respect is not paying your teams wages on time look closer to home Rooney

@JamesHammez7: Would hate to think how he’s gonna react when there’s fans there

@RobMStables: Funny thing it’s not even the chairman pmsl

@samsandars: It was annoying on tv but surely can’t blame the bloke? Fans in the ground do the same

@NavrinSidhu: Let’s not make excuses about their chairman, we were absolutely pony on the pitch and just as bad tactically off it from Rooney. Shitshow performance.

@HodgsonRUFC: I think his anger stems from himself not being able to say the exact same words without sticking five “erms” and six long pauses in.

@hackabusi: I’d be more disappointed with the shit show that Derby served up in their defeat to Rotherham than a chairman bellowing out his support for his team

@Adkins150408: I’d worry more about losing 3-0 to that shite. Shocking and embarrassing performance. Talking of chairman, where is ours?

@JackRankin_: He clearly did a better job organising them than Wazza did us

@RPlufc93: He needs to get a life complaining about that

@ryanwise94: Imagine cheering on a team that you’ve pumped millions into! Outrageous behaviour

@jasoncain97: Bloke supported his club , Pathetic to say that after how his teams just performed

@cball7891: Exactly!! How can he be classless for shouting his team on?

@jamiemcconville: Bloke who spent his entire career in referees’ faces and running 80 yards to get involved in disputes which were nothing to do with him, starts whining when someone else practices gamesmanship…..

@timothy_nemeth as Wayne Rooney slams the Rotherham chairman: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more ridiculous comment 🤦🏻‍♂️ disrespectful for trying to cheer on his team (who he pays) in his own stadium (that he paid for) Entitled prick

@Owen__Connell: so childish, cheers for six points, grow up. #rufc

@DwyerBig: Genuinely baffles me why millionaire footballers go into management. Big Wazza could be sipping a pina colada on a beach somewhere, or sat in a studio having light-hearted banter with some old pals, yet instead he’s stood in the pissing rain arguing with Rotherham’s chairman

@LiamKFootball: Feel like this is something Rooney will have to start ignoring if he’s going to be a manager. You’ve just been spanked 3-0 by Rotherham. Don’t try and distract from that with this nonsense.

@Levi_Owen2000: Tony Stewart has done more for his club than most other chairman’s. Sat in the stadium he paid for, watching the club he saved & supports. He can shout what ever he wants

@joe04johnson: Just embarrassing that, how dare he cheer on his football club

@DMCG1991: Fuck off Wayne you div. Got too used to no fans aint he, good on him for supporting his team and not giving a fuck about muppets like Rooney being offended by it.

@ACTaylor96: Nah, come on Wayne. Fair play to the bloke for backing his team. #dcfc #rufc

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