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Wayne Rooney reveals the song he’d play while on massage bed to help him ‘settle down’ pre-match

Wayne Rooney reveals the song he’d play in the dressing room while on the massage bed to help him ‘settle down’ pre-match in his career.

He appeared on The Overlap, taking part in a series of quickfire questions as part of ‘Wazza Week’, and boy did he give some surprising answers.

But one that has left fans a little disturbed was when he was asked what songs he would listen to prior to matches during his playing days.

‘I’d normally get on the massage bed, and I’d actually put Susan Boyle on,’ the 38-year-old said on The Overlap, brought to you by Sky Bet.

‘It just helped me settle down – only for that little bit of time I was on the massage bed.’

You have to watch the amusing video of him giving his answer below. The awkwardness of Wayne Rooney, the reaction from Gary Neville. Just brilliant.

The quickfire questions kept coming, diving into his most memorable goals, first ever football match growing up, the club he wished he played for, and the most famous person he’s ever played golf with.

The full interview will be released later this week, but you can watch a good 30 minutes of Gary Neville asking all these questions to Wayne Rooney, and we have to say it’s a rather intriguing watch…

Among the many questions put to him, he also named the surprising club he wishes he had played for during his career.

Rooney simply replied ‘Celtic’ to Gary Neville who was left surprised.

Neville then said: ‘Celtic? Wow. Celtic fans you missed out there.’

Rooney expressed his fondness for them, stating: “My family and I have always followed Celtic, since I was a boy anyway, so my kids have all got Celtic kits and I always look out for the scores.”

On who’s better out of Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes, he said: ‘On ability, [the best player I’ve played with is] Cristiano Ronaldo. But Scholsey as well with what he brought to the team but certainly from an ability point of view, I’d say Cristiano.

‘Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are all different. As an all-rounder, Stevie is the best; he can defend, pass the ball, run, tackle, score goals, set pieces. As an all-rounder he’s the best from that point of view.

‘From a goalscoring point of view, Lamps [Frank Lampard] was the best. The goals he scored were incredible from midfield and technically he wasn’t at Stevie or Scholesy’s level but there was no-one better at scoring goals from midfield.

‘Scholesy, the way he adapted [made him amazing]. He was a striker when he was younger so to go to a ten, then midfield then a deeper midfielder dictating the game, I don’t think either of the other two [Gerrard or Lampard] could dictate a game the way he could.

‘All were world-class players. Stevie could come to Manchester United and be a top player and do what Scholes could do. But I don’t think Scholes could do what Stevie did at Liverpool.’

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When asked to name the best player he ever played with, he said: “I’d probably say on pure ability it’s Ronaldo, but then Scholesy as well, what Scholes brought to the team, but on ability it’s Ronaldo.”

On what his dream managerial position would be, Rooney replied: “It’s a tough one because I’ve always said that I’d love to manage Everton or Manchester United. I’d probably say United – that would be the pinnacle to manage Manchester United. Everton would be more from an emotional standpoint, a club I support and love, but United would be the pinnacle really.

“Duncan Ferguson (was my hero growing up),” Rooney explained. “I used to love (Alan) Shearer and Gazza (Paul Gascoigne), but Duncan being an Everton player and what he brought to the team – it would have to be him.”

When asked where he sees himself in five years, Rooney added: “I don’t know really, obviously I want to get back into management, it’s something I want to do and prove to myself. The last one, I was disappointed with myself with the results but also with how it ended.”

On which is the biggest regret of his professional career: “The red card in the World Cup was my lowest moment in football.

“That was a difficult one because I remember going in the dressing room and thinking, if we go through, I’m suspended for the Semi-Final and Final if we get there. If we don’t, it’s your fault. It was horrible.”

When asked the most famous person he’d played golf with: “Donald Trump. The maddest thing about it was we had [Rudi] Guiliani in the buggy behind us, then there were about 50-100 golf buggies that were all security.

“There was a boat in the lake with snipers, there were snipers in the bushes, and I was like ‘what’s going on here?!’

“I went in, he asked me to give his son football lessons. He said ‘do you want to see my dad?’ Took me into the oval office. From there his PA just texted, ‘do you want to play golf?'”

On the Messi – Ronaldo debate: “I think Messi, I think he’s the best ever. I get a lot of stick for saying Messi. I understand people can say Messi or Ronaldo, they’re both incredible, probably the best two players to play the game. For me, Messi has just got that little bit more flair which I like in a player.

Naming the ‘cool’ and ‘calm’ player he wishes he played with but never got the chance, Rooney said: “I wish I played with Zinedine Zidane, just how good he was. [Lionel] Messi is the best of all time but to play with Zidane [would be amazing]. He’s cool, calm, plays with both feet, goals and assists.”

When asked who his best-ever manager was and with a few to choose from, he said: “Alex Ferguson”.

“I think… It’s funny because when you stop playing and obviously when you go into management as well, you look back at different managers and different things they do, and I remember I used to think, ‘Why is he not coaching all the time’ and stuff like that and you see the trust he had with his other coaches.

“His man-management with everyone was incredible and obviously we had a bit of a falling out as well but I think that’s part of football, we all want the best and he was certainly the best.”

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This is how fans reacted when Wayne Rooney reveals the song he’d play while on a massage bed to help him ‘settle down’ pre-match…

@_GarnachoProp: He probably shagged Susan Boyle, she’s in his age range

@NeilDonachie: She’s granny ish age

@buffywhatever1093: This guy doesn’t give a damn what anyone EVER thinks about him, love it!

@LloydC07: Gary repeating Wayne’s responses like he’s running a translation service

@Absolutetripe: Rooney is beginning to come across as pretty hilarious of late.

@kevinrvh: Susan Boyle before a match, I love it 😀

@willbrown2930: Everything shocks Gary

@DB11_: That Susan Boyle cover of wild horses is 10000000% one of those tunes you can feel not just hear… class choice Wayne laaaaad

@fplmartial7153: Love how genuine and authentic he is, still a proper lad and well grounded. Legend Wazza

@imnottellingyoumyname3050: Massage bed. Head down. Susan Boyle whispering in the ear. Hmm.

@somethingnothing9307: Susan Boyle. Wazza was really into grandmothers

@Mark-pz9xw: Somehow, Rooney listening to Susan Boyle just seems right. One of the most naturally gifted footballers in PL. Top player.

@Kingcazza: Susan Boyle what is it with Wazza & Grannies

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