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Wayne Rooney rages at woeful referee decision as Derby suffer survival bid setback

Wayne Rooney rages at a woeful referee decision after Derby’s survival bid suffers a setback by losing to Blackburn Rovers on Friday.

The Rams boss slammed what he described to be “unacceptable” refereeing after his side suffered a damaging 2-1 defeat at Ewood Park.

Tom Lawrence scored his second goal of the season, giving Derby the vital lead they were looking set to build on until Sam Gallagher levelled with a free header before the break.

Harvey Elliott then marked his 50th senior appearance by hitting home the winner halfway through the second half to deal a potentially devastating blow to Derby, who remain just above the drop zone, four points ahead of Rotherham having played three games more.

Derby have now miserably won one in 11 games after Rooney had started to guide his side away from the relegation zone in the Championship table, now he has called on the referees’ chief, Alan Wiley, to take action after deeming Stephen Martin to have missed a “clear” penalty when Festy Ebosele went down in the box late on.

“I’ve seen the replay, I think it’s the most clear penalty you would ever see,” said Rooney. “I didn’t need to see a replay. From where I was stood, and the fourth official was stood right behind me, the referee has got a great view of it and it’s completely unacceptable to not give a penalty.

“I know it’s a tough job, I respect that. They will get decisions wrong at times but this one is completely unacceptable.

“If my players don’t play well and don’t have a good game, I’ll deal with it. I’ll take action and deal with it. I don’t really want to go this route but Alan Riley has to take action because that is unacceptable.

“I’ve asked to speak to the referee calmly. I’m not going to barge in shouting and have a rant. All I wanted was an explanation on why he can’t see it as a penalty.

“Even the fourth official knew it was a penalty. But once again, he’s not prepared to open his mouth and tell the referee. He didn’t tell me that it was a penalty, I’m just a good judge of knowing people are thinking and I knew the fourth official truly believed it was a penalty.”

Blackburn’s Tony Mowbray: “I can’t remember playing without the control that we normally had like that for a long time, and yet we won the game. We could have scored a lot more, Adam (Armstrong) could have had a hat-trick tonight, and yet they’re a good football team. Good structure in the way they play. We’ll take the points, move on, four to go.

“After we scored, it gave the team a bit of confidence, because they came with a gameplan. They played a transition game, dropped Lawrence in and they had a front four that looked like they could all break away in the first half. Listen, I’m just happy to take the points. I think they’re a good side, they obviously have to win a game or two themselves before the end of the season but there’s good signs for them. For us, important to get the 50 points. We’ve got four games to see how many we can get to, potentially another 12.”

Fans reacted as Wayne Rooney rages at the woeful referee decision…

@timbo_dolman: @joedolman_ clear penalty

@DCFC100: A shit refereeing decision; imagine my surprise. Should never have got to that; we deserved to lose. Defending was shocking.

@wragg_nick: Refs had a mare again!! Still think they’ve got an agenda against us as they’ve had since the charge fell through.

@gempopmoo: Defo peno

@wilkinson1ps: Stone wall

@chris_langsford: @andhealey hows that not a pen?

@andhealey: I know shocking

@MJRose_: Only just seen this. Horrendous decision.

@Limes_361: I think it’s a pen

@Gav1981: Youd think the @EFL had something against us not giving decisions like that 🤔

@andydaviesk: Does not matter the game is over and again we just did not do enough at either end of the pitch, dismal

@sturner85: Of course it matters. OK maybe the penalty would have masked our deficiencies to an extent but that HAS to be given. You can’t just brush it off and say we didn’t deserve to be given a stone wall penalty.

@RichWest74: That’ll teach Mel Morris to piss off the EFL

@Adamroberts_: Blatent pen, disgrace

@DavidHu47410777: Am I the only one who thought we played well? The problem was we defended shite and missed out chances. It was a stonewall penalty but chances are we’d have missed it anyway.

@MarkShaw_Design: Does look like a decent shout for a pen to be fair

@Worcester76: Robbed!! 🤣 it was a clear dive, shoulda got a yellow!

@TheLukeBeck: I’m not pinning this loss on that! Yea probs a pen but game should of been done.

@StefanBroome: Stonewall, ref is 10 yards away, baffling

@stevelandlord: Clear penalty but just papers over the cracks

@Nobby0101: You only have to look at the player’s reaction had in the air as soon as he made the challenge he was expecting a penalty. Shouldn’t be blaming the result on this one decision but for me thats a penalty. Its a foul anywhere else on the pitch

@becJxo: It’s one of those times where when you’re at the bottom you get fuck all and if we were at the top we’d of had a penalty given us

@danielwarren88: Thats a red card offence and a stonewall penalty

@adamcm88: Shouldn’t have to rely on that but fuck me, how is that not a penalty. Well, it is but the @efl clearly have an agenda against us. Shocking decision, again. Say it every week

@ScottGretton: To be fair thought do you know what upsets me the most? Look at the half hearted appeal? Look at Clarke. A half hearted arm in the air. Do they actually care? You’ve got to make the appeal believable at least. Pathetic

@CaelODonnell1: Half hearted appeals from Clarke and Buchanan. No fight left in us.

@kevjohnson77: Referees in this league are getting better 👏👏👏👏👏

@bencashmore10: Like yeah, we deserve to be where we are etc etc. But I’ve watched this over so many times & especially given the refs position… how can you look at this & not see a penalty?? I’m so baffled. Stinks of Cam Jerome against Bristol, that #dcfc

@LoneRam92: This is 1000% a penalty 😂 what is the ref thinking. Maybe thought time was up? There’s no way he doesn’t see that #dcfcfans

Fans continued to reacted as Wayne Rooney rages at that woeful referee decision…

@BenjaminJJ03: I mean we shouldn’t have to rely on it, but that’s a penalty. End of.

@rjohnsondcfc: Shafted by a referee yet again but we should never have been in the position of needing that to get something from the game.

@Derby_Dazzler: Rooney has just called for the ref to be banned. Can’t disagree with him #dcfcfans

@clarkey15: another penalty not given @EFL @FA saying that it shouldn’t come down to individual decisions to say “we should have this” “we should have that” going 1-0 up you should Atleast come out with a draw, the players need to show fight, but it could be too late…. hold on sports fans

@IanHutcho1: When it’s not going your way things like this ain’t given. #dcfc

@dalevillage18: Fuck the EFL

@AshFlude: You still trying to tell me the EFL don’t have it in for us

@Reece2_dcfc: Excuses after excuses, just show some fight and win the games!

@jkderby: Rooney has inherited a lot of poor players, however the 5 loans he bought in haven’t added much quality to the squad. If we stay up he needs 8 new players. Most of our 1st team are League 1 level so massive overhaul needed to avoid a repeat of this seasons shambles

@PageDcfc: Give us 100% is these last couple of games boys show some passion and give 1000% and you have us behind you, gotta show us you want it tho

@wehateforrest: We are going down Rooney wake up and smell the coffee

@AttackingGoalie: #RooneyOut

@lukepd1: Still 100% confident are we Wayne?

@roy6gkelliott: Rooney should stick to banging old women because he is shite at management

@ScottGretton: Don’t get me wrong our defensive performance wasn’t good enough. Rooney blaming the ref was a massive annoying cop out. Going forward, apart from final ball, we were half decent. But the players should have been all over that referee there. It was a blatant penalty.

@Leap_year_man: Feel for derby but we have had our fair share of penalties not given this season it is swings and roundabouts unfortunately due to the shabby standard of officiating in the championship

@ElRover2: It was a stonewaller. Was just waiting for the penalty spot finger point. Officiating in the Championship overall is often shocking. @RefsAssociation

@Walsall_Ram: Biggest indication that the EFL are against us. Stonewall penalty. Rooney says fourth official knew but didn’t open his mouth… #dcfc #dcfcfans

@manx_ram: Blaming a 93rd min penalty decision is a poor defence

@WestSussexRam: And perhaps our coaching team can teach our team how to defend corners and our strikers how to score!

@DCFC_tom: Oh Wayne that’s not the reason though is it – resign and allow our great club a chance of staying up

@ScottCresswell: My moneys on Wazza getting sacked before any ref. Heads gone.

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