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Wayne Rooney makes plea as he breaks his silence on Derby’s latest punishment

Wayne Rooney makes a plea as he breaks his silence on Derby’s latest much talked about punishment, a further nine point deduction.

The Rams have had plenty of off-field drama over the years, but fast forward to current say and it’s ended up putting the Championship club into administration, confirmed in September, which brought an automatic 12-point deduction.

Further issues with the English Football League then saw them handed their another docking, handed them this week, which leaves Rooney’s side on -3 points for the 2021/22 campaign and 18 points from safety. Therefore, relegation is all but confirmed for the East Midlands outfit.

In his first interview since being dealt with the blow, Wayne has set out his vision for the club under potential new owners, given they are the “right people”.

He also made demands of his future bosses and explained how he will be doing his part to get the club back to where he feels they should be.

“It’s not nice when you find out and it gets confirmed,” Rooney told RamsTV on Wednesday afternoon.

“You’re always hoping that it is not the case, but that’s where the club has been left if I’m being honest and it’s disappointing for myself, the players, the staff and the fans.

“It leaves us with an uphill battle to stay in the division, but we will do everything we can to try and do that – although we have to be realistic.

“It is a really difficult challenge for us to do that, but I couldn’t be prouder of the players and the reaction, once again, to more bad news has been fantastic.

“I couldn’t wish for a better group of players in terms with how they have dealt with it all. The attitude and energy in training in the last couple of days has been incredible so I’m delighted with the players’ response to it and we have to keep working like we have been doing.

“We have to keep giving what we can to make sure firstly that the performances are good on the pitch, but also that we continue to play with pride and passion for this club.”

He added: “As disappointing as this is, we will be back better and stronger. I truly believe that, as long as we get the right people in.

“We need the right owners in who will care for the club, will be committed to the club, do the right things and we don’t leave ourselves in the situation we are in now.

“It’s important we get the right people in. If we do that then I truly believe in myself and the staff, and I believe in the players we have.

“I will be planning to make sure we get this club to a stable place first and then a place where we can challenge again.”

Rooney continued: “I can’t speak highly enough of everyone around the place.

“There’s a lot of pressure going onto the pitch during a difficult period on the pitch, but the staff behind the scenes have been fantastic too in keeping the players smiling and making sure everything is there for the players when they need it.

“It’s been a very difficult time for the staff in terms of redundancies and people losing their jobs. It’s been not nice at times and see it unfold but that’s the reality of where we are at. Everyone in the building has handled themselves excellently.”

“Anything is possible,” Rooney goes on. “There is a chance; but we also have to be realistic.

“There is a big possibility that we will go into League One, we know that, and the good thing is that there should be no more and that is it.

“I have to plan now for the future of this club – how we move forward, how we progress, whether that be in the Championship or League One – and in order to do that then it’s vital that we get the new owners in as soon as possible.

“That is the only way in terms of how I can plan moving forward. If that rumbles on and takes longer than we expect then it makes it impossible for me to put things in place.”

While many expect Rooney to be looking at moving on, the 36-year-old has reiterated his commitment to the club.

“I have said on numerous occasions that I am committed to this club and committed to getting this club back to where it belongs,” Rooney admitted.

“I really care for this club. I have come in and I’m grateful to Derby County for giving me my first job in football as manager and I want to repay the club and repay the fans for their support.

“I am with the club, and with the players and I will be here until I get told from anyone above me that I’m not! I’ll be here to try and help this club moving forwards.”

Twitter users reacted whilst Wayne Rooney makes a plea as he breaks his silence on Derby‘s latest punishment…

@clemens_rachael: Couldn’t love him any more 🐏❤️

@Covlad459811: He’s doing a brilliant job most would have walked by now also

@KeithJonno: Remember that buzz when it was announced he was coming to Derby and that bigger buzz when he took the reigns and now listen to him! What A Man! For certain he will make sure we don’t go down without a fight and we can’t ask for anything more!

@ZacConnor: We love you Wayne

@dazw71: Couple of little veiled digs at Morris there? 😂

@JaneJac54550719: My total respect to Wayne and the coaching staff and players. Going to be emotional. Sunday but bring it on. Loud and proud for the Rams 🐑🖤❤️

@buckers2011: Really hope he trials 3-5-2 now.. nothing to lose

@iBFSZN: Season’s done just go try score some goals for a change and make the games entertaining instead of throwing 11 men behind the ball to lose

@ChrisSummers231: Come on Wayne it’s a challenge but how good would it feel to scrape out the relegation zone it takes just 1 point. You can do it and motive the players as they will achieve with a good leader @WayneRooney

@TridentRAM: What does he mean when he says that he hopes he gets the “right one” when it comes to the ownership? I think he knows something behind the scenes

@DerbyRetweets: Feel sorry for him.

@keithw38: so why did the administrators sell us down the river after launching an appeal, did it involve bribery, is a police investigation required @DerbyPol

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