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Wayne Rooney: Derby are unwanted in Championship – new EFL and administrators statement

Wayne Rooney claims that his Derby County are ‘unwanted in the Championship‘ while a new statement has been issued by the administrators.

The Rams fell to a 1-0 defeat away to Cardiff City on Tuesday night, thanks to a very late goal from Uche Ikpeazu.

However, Rooney’s comments after the game were largely on the performance of the referee, with the former footballer turned manager insisting that the officiating was “unacceptable”.

It appeared as though defender Curtis Davies may have been fouled in the incident that led to the Bluebirds to score, which Rooney was reeling with.

Irishman Festy Ebosle was also bundled over in the buildup to the goal, however Rooney didn’t specify which in particular he thought should have been blown as a foul.

When asked what went wrong on the night, he said: “Ask the officials. I have been unhappy with the officials for the majority of the season. It’s very frustrating because we’ve got a group of very good, young, honest players giving everything. They’re being spoken down to and they’re not getting decisions.

“I said it after the last game, I asked the fourth official ‘Why do they not give us any decisions?’ Is it something to do with the situation we’re in? I’m just asking the question.”

Speaking specifically about the incident in Tuesday night’s game, he said: “I think it’s a clear foul. We have to defend better after that, but it’s unacceptable.

“What these young lads are doing is inspiring. It’s inspiring the city of Derby. So it’s frustrating that we’re not getting the luck or the decisions. I questioned it after the last game. Is it because I’ve questioned the officials? Nobody likes getting questioned.

“Is that why the fourth official didn’t speak to me with any respect or dignity?”

Rooney told RamsTV after the final whistle: “It’s frustrating and a difficult result to take.

“We have to take our chances, we know that, and to come away with nothing is a tough one.

“This performance will stand the players in good stead for the future but when you play a certain way, you have to take your chances otherwise you get punished like we did tonight.

“I think we moved the ball well, created chances and good opportunities and we have to take them.

“We have to reward ourselves and score more goals. If we do that and score the first goal tonight then it can be a very comfortable game; but we didn’t and we’ve lost it.”

He has insisted his players will continue to fight and battle on the pitch to represent the club in the best way possible.

“The fans were great and have been excellent all season,” he said. “I want them to keep getting behind the lads and we’ll keep fighting.

“We’ll keep doing everything we can and give everything on the pitch. Hopefully we can end the season in a positive way, so I would say to them to keep getting behind the lads.

“We need to pick up as many points as we can and start turning some of these performances into good results.”

While the odds on them staying up aren’t in their favour, sitting eight points from safety with just 11 games left to play, Rooney believes the fight is not over for his side and both him and his players have a shared belief.

He said: “It is not over. We are still fighting, we still believe we can stay up, we will keep going to the end.”

Wayne Rooney: Derby are unwanted in Championship – new administrators statement

Meanwhile, Derby County’s administrators have offered a new statement regarding the club’s ownership bids.

“The joint administrators of Derby County Football Club are currently considering bids for the club, following deadlines set for offers at the end of last week,” said a joint spokesperson for Quantuma, via Derbyshire Live.

“Further requests for clarity from prospective purchasers have been sought and we hope to be able to name the preferred bidder shortly.

“We are aware that everyone connected to the Club wants to see its future resolved as soon as possible.

“Our duty is to ensure we secure the best long-term outcome for Derby County and we are working hard to achieve this objective.”

Derbyshire went on to report that they believe Quantuma are set to meet with the EFL this week, and the league organisation dispel rumours that they will be kicked out of the league anytime soon with some fans suggesting the end of February and March the 1st was the day they could have been liquidated.

The EFL said: “On 27 January the EFL and Derby County’s Administrators, Quantuma, announced a four week extension to the deadline for the provision of evidence of sufficient funding to complete the current season.

“The Administrators have not yet provided that evidence, and we await an urgent further update from them on both that and the announcement of a preferred bidder.”

Wayne Rooney: Derby are unwanted in Championship – new EFL and administrators statement


The EFL notes the statement issued today by Quantuma (Derby County Administrators) but remains deeply concerned at the lack of any form of substantial progress in respect of the outstanding matters affecting the Club.

Despite requesting an update almost 48 hours ago, there has been no communication from the Administrators with correspondence and calls from the EFL going unanswered.

As a result, the EFL still has no further information on the preferred bidder status or evidence of funding until the end of the season and has advised the Administrators that the lack of progress on these two critical issues, amongst others, is threatening the very future of Derby County Football Club.

The EFL has once again written to the Administrators requesting an immediate response to its questions so that the necessary and outstanding clarification is provided, not only for the League, but also for the benefit of the Club’s other stakeholders, including its supporters and the local community.


@AO1865: He’s not seen the officiating all around the championship for the last 5 years at least then?

@adrianclarke64: Even as a #nffc fan, I respect what WR is doing and he clearly has the makings of a good manager, but don’t soil all the good he’s doing with interviews like this. It smacks of sour grapes. If you need ref decisions to win a game then clearly the team jsnt good enough. #dcfc

@slaney_kieran: Look let’s get it right that was the interview of a frustrated individual. However the standard of officiating across English football is diabolical – not saying that’s why we lost today but is shocking.

@SteveBloomerPod: The irony is that Rooney will probably get fined for these comments.

@PRF_DerbyCounty: Lost count of how many clearly wrong decisions have gone against us this year. Rooney is exactly right to call this rubbish out, it’s just too late. The Worrall handball against Forest beggars belief, before we even get onto the Roos / Byrne reds. There’s at least 4 points gone

@GaryTowers: I’m surprised he didn’t try to pin the blame on Steve Gibson, Derby getting what they deserve, what goes around comes around

@DarleysNo6: I just feel for this bloke and all the players and staff at our club. What’s happening is just so, so depressing, combined with what’s happening in Ukraine and all those poor innocent people, it’s just a very, very dark time. Honestly it’s just so draining 😢😢

@lucy188444: He’s not wrong

@adam_hurt: Referee didn’t cost us the game tonight, quality up front did

@ijclarke72: It’s right but it’s been same all year, look they did fixtures start of season with us in league one, it’s clear they wanted us there, got scared when minus 21 didn’t look enough, but January and refs have made it so. Let’s hope we have a club next year and efl back off

@hayesmatt903: The fact we cant score away from home in a months of Sunday or keep a clean sheet too is what has and is costing us. Tough to take because they were poor but again we need to look closer to home

@nffc_red_dog: Rooney suggesting that derby are the only club that has poor refereeing decisions against them, do me a favour

@psychoFTID: Derby blaming somebody else? Didn’t see that coming 🤷‍♂️

@Chardgrills: He is right…23 teams plus Wycombe want to see them relegated…it’s what is deserved

@Twheatman: Derby are really unlucky because they’re the only side in the Championship who get given shit refs…. 🤣

@BigVinnyB: So sad for #DCFC and its amazing supporters. Done wrong by administrators, by #EFL. Team has run out of juice. Squad, coaches, supporters giving everything, suffering for others’ misdeeds. Football is not supposed to be this unfair. Rooney is a champion. #SaveDerbyCounty

@ArgyleLoz: I swear if Derby County, a famous old club and one of the founder members of the @EFL goes under I’ll cry, I’ll cry with it’s supporters at the demise of a great English institution, don’t let this great football club die #dcfc

@McelweeAlfie: Wayne saying it how it is on radio derby, “nobody wants us in the championship next season, league 1 is the real punishment they want” I hope to god he stays whatever happens #dcfc #dcfcfans

@sjforsyth: That’s probably it, players giving it absolutely everything and there’s nothing more we can ask. We just don’t have the squad depth and there’s only one man to blame for that. Rooney and the players blameless for this season, it’s all on Mel Morris #DCFC #dcfcfans

@DebatesSwfc: Had some great away days at @dcfcofficial. Don’t care what anyone says, they are 1 of English football’s proper clubs. Love them or hate them, that’s part of the game isn’t it. Imagine if your own club was about to go under, no fan should be put in that position. #swfc #dcfc

🖕🏼Fuck Quantuma🖕🏼
🖕🏼Fuck Mel Morris🖕🏼
🖕🏼Fuck Steven Pearson
🖕🏼Fuck Chris Kirchner🖕🏼
🖕🏼Fuck the EFL🖕🏼
🖕🏼Fuck MP’s🖕🏼
🖕🏼Fuck Steve Gibson🖕🏼
🖕🏼Fuck Rob Couhig🖕🏼
🖕🏼Fuck Rick Parry🖕🏼
🖕🏼Fuck fake deadlines🖕🏼
🖕🏼Fuck The Derby Telegraph🖕🏼
If this club dies… it’s on you!
#dcfc #dcfcfans

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