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Wayne Rooney’s “or Coleen sees this” blackmail message in full

Wayne Rooney’s “or Coleen sees this” blackmail message has been revealed in full as he contacts police over the 10-word post sent to him.

There is no suggestion that any of the women in the pics were involved in any criminal activity, but a blackmail probe was launched before being turned away.

Officers looked into the pictures of Rooney with women in a hotel room with Wayne claiming blackmail over an Instagram message asking the ex-footballer to send £10,000 or “Coleen sees this.”

Wayne Rooney contacts police over 10-word Instagram message sent to him

Wayne Rooney’s “or Coleen sees this” blackmail message in full

Over the weekend, you will have known or saw the pictures went viral online of the Derby manager out clubbing with a women and fell asleep fully clothed in a hotel room with them.

Rooney claimed that he has been “set up” and complained to Greater Manchester Police about the images.

The Mirror reports that this investigation was sparked by an Instagram message sent to the former footballer, which read: “Morning Wayne 10 grand please mate or Coleen sees this.”

However, on Monday police announced that they had dropped the investigation and decided that no offence had been committed, not the news Rooney would have wanted to hear.

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said: “On Monday 26 July Cheshire Constabulary received reports of a possible blackmail relating to a number of images circulating online.

“Officers have spoken to the person involved and are satisfied that no offences have taken place.

“The person involved has also stated that they do not wish to take the matter any further.”

There is no suggestion that any of the women in the pictures were knowingly involved in any criminal activity.

After the pictures from the night were widely circulated on social media, the Manchester United legend’s legal team contacted Greater Manchester Police. The case was then passed to Cheshire Police, and it is understood that Rooney had spoken to officers.

Coleen Rooney, who took her children on holiday to Wales this week, believes that Wayne was set up and according to various media outlets will be standing by her man.

A source explained: “Coleen is fully behind him. She feels he’s been the victim of a stitch-up.

“She has spoken to him and is entirely backing his version of events. They are rock solid.”

It appears that the ex Manchester United player invited Tayler Ryan and her group of pals into his VIP booth during an afterparty early on Sunday morning.

According to reports, a female who was pictured with Rooney in the hotel, Elise Melvin, has seen her fiancé, Stuart Rodger, call off the wedding.

“Stuart ended it because it was all over the internet,” a friend is quoted as saying. “It’s not nice.”

The ex-footballer had left the car to go clubbing on Saturday in Manchester
Credit: The Sun / Backgrid

Wayne Rooney looked worse for wear as he made the walk of shame to collect his Land Rover from where he left it on Saturday night.

Snaps of Rooney showed him in his Rams tracksuit as he picked up his Land Rover Overfinch from a quiet street in Cheshire, with the motor left there before his night out in Manchester, and it’s suggested that it wasn’t picked back up until Tuesday.

The controversial journalist Dan Wootton says “If Coleen Rooney wants to forgive Wayne for humiliating her yet again, that’s her right. But please don’t insult our intelligence by pretending he’s a totally innocent victim.”

GB News' Dan Wootton takes swipe at Meghan Markle as guest accuses her of  lying - Daily Star

He said in a piece on the Daily Mail website:

Wayne Rooney could be caught cavorting around a stripper’s pole with a scantily clad Rebekah Vardy and his wife Coleen would still turn a blind eye. 

Nobody involved in this sordid mess – including the young ladies who filmed Wayne asleep in the early hours of the morning – comes out looking anything other than awful.

But whatever happened in that hotel room, he is a married 35-year-old dad of four impressionable young lads, not to mention the manager of Derby County.

Why the hell did he allow 21-year-old model Tayler Ryan and her friends Elise Melvin and Brooke Morgan into his VIP booth at the Chinawhite nightclub on Saturday night in the first place?

And why the hell did he then go back with them to a £60 budget hotel room at 5.15am, where they later embarrassed him by posting various pictures on social media that have now gone viral with captions including Mooney Rooney and Sleepy Wayne?

Rooney was also filmed walking the girls back to the hotel
Wayne Rooney’s “or Coleen sees this” blackmail message in full

More to the point, when the hell does he grow up and stop humiliating his unwaveringly loyal wife, who is now on holiday in Abersoch, North Wales with their four sons?

We all know the answer by now: Never.

And, as a result, I no longer feel a scintilla of sympathy for Coleen.

The nation collectively took Coleen – Wayne’s schoolgirl sweetheart turned famous WAG – to our hearts when she stood by her man despite him sleeping with prostitutes, including a granny, 17 years ago as a wayward teenage lad with the world at his feet.

The situation was mortifying all round, but it was a youthful indiscretion that could be forgiven.

Sadly, Wayne didn’t grow up and the behaviour never stopped, with the cycle of ritual humiliation for Coleen being repeated once every couple of years.

Now I believe Coleen has been complicit in allowing her husband to continue to live in this way.

While Cheryl Tweedy gave her love-rat husband Ashley Cole a couple of chances before eventually throwing in the towel, Coleen has given in to this toxic pattern of behaviour that will dominate her life.

She might remove her wedding ring for a few days to send a message via the paparazzi.

Or allow friends to brief the papers that she’s finally considering filing for divorce, then failing to go through with it.

Or chuck another expensive holiday on Wayne’s credit card.

But he KNOWS he’s going to get away with whatever he does.

Maybe one day there’ll be a moment when Col finally tells her husband: The humiliation is too much.

But being caught surrounded by tarty young ladies breaking wind over him on TikTok apparently isn’t it.

A source told The Sun newspaper today: ‘Coleen is fully behind (Wayne). She feels he’s been the victim of a stitch-up. She has spoken to him and is entirely backing his version of events. They are rock-solid.’

If you believe that, you’ll also believe that Wayne goes to bed at night reading The Complete Works of Shakespeare.

It is reported the multi-millionaire may have been sent the pictures the next morning by an unidentified party with a message reading: ‘Morning Wayne 10 grand please mate or Coleen sees this.’

Cheshire Police investigated whether any blackmail had taken place and said the matter was closed.

And the blackmail claim doesn’t provide Wayne a get-out-of-jail-free card with Coleen.

He allowed himself to be put in such a compromising position to begin with.

Perhaps, like so many couples, Coleen has decided to turn a blind eye.

She loves her husband and understands this particular leopard will never change his spots, but doesn’t want to tear her family unit apart, with all the inevitable trauma that would cause their boys.

I wouldn’t judge that decision, but it would be better for her friends to be honest about that, rather than asking the public to somehow believe Wayne is a victim being taken advantage of by young women.

If it were the first time, then maybe we’d suspend our disbelief.

But it’s not. Far from it. In fact, there are far too many grubby moments, which I’m not going to rehash.

That’s why it’s time Coleen starts acknowledging, honestly and openly, what’s really going on in their marriage.

Which I’m pretty sure goes something like this…

Wayne is a total tool. He’s cheated on me time and again, including with prostitutes, and I’ve learned how to forgive him.

He can’t handle his booze. But I want him to get help.

He puts himself into terrible positions with other women, which devastates me but isn’t enough for me to walk away from my marriage.

I’d have more respect for that position than Coleen blindly standing by her man, no matter how improper his behaviour, and expecting the public to believe everything remains OK in their football fairytale.

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