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Wayne Rooney blames two refereeing errors caused Derby’s defeat at Bournemouth

Wayne Rooney blames two refereeing errors caused Derby’s defeat at Bournemouth on Saturday, and the Rams fans were just as incensed.

His Derby County side slipped to a 2-0 defeat at the hands of promotion-chasing Cherries at the Vitality Stadium.

Bournemouth broke the deadlock in added time at the end of the half when Jaidon Anthony managed to get into the box, and give the ball to Dominic Solanke who thumped the ball into the net from close range.

Ryan Allsop produced a top save from a Solanke effort early in the second half stopped Derby from going two down, and the Rams gave it as good as could when Lee Buchanan and Morrison had shots saved.

The home side got a second goal in the 90th minute when substitute Jamal Lowe found the net after Allsop had saved from Solanke.

However it Rooney felt his team were denied a “clear” penalty, with the scoreline goalless during the first half, Ravel Morrison was caught from behind in the area.

Derby appealed for a spot-kick but referee Andrew Madley waved away the claims.

While Rooney was disappointed with the result and pleased with Derby’s performance, he took aim at the officials again.

“If you look at the two squads, the budget and value of the two squads, really we shouldn’t be on the same pitch,” Rooney said.

“So to come here and compete, and make it a competitive game – I don’t believe we deserved to lose the game.

On the decision not to award a penalty, Rooney said: “It is a clear penalty.

“I am sure if you ask [Bournemouth manager] Scott Parker, I am sure he will say it is a penalty. I think everyone in the stadium knows its a penalty apart from the four people who matter.

“I went on about referees last week and I don’t want to keep doing it and sounding like I’m making excuses, but there are moments in games, and that is a clear penalty.”

Rooney also felt Derby should have been awarded a free kick for a foul on Lee Buchanan in the build up to Bournemouth’s opening goal.

“On the goal, I think there are three different moments which happened,” Rooney said.

“It is a clear foul on Lee Buchanan, it is an elbow.

“Then the referee looks at him and has a duty – forget football – Lee Buchanan went down before that with a head injury, and we were monitoring him. The referee looks at him, stands over him and lets the play carry on with a second head injury.

“We have a duty of care to the players. The referee is the only one who can stop the game and I was really disappointed he didn’t do that.

“Bournemouth get a throw-in from that. They take the throw-in 10 to 15 yards further back from were it was and although I haven’t seen it, so I can’t say 100%, but I’ve got a couple of players who say the ball is out of play. I don’t know.

“That is a big moment in the game. I think that decision has cost us the game.”

Sky Sports pundit Clinton Morrison was also sure that a penalty “should” have been given.

Wayne Rooney remains defiant that his Derby County are still in with a chance of avoiding relegation from the Championship.

“That spirit is there, it won’t go. The players reflect me, my character, that spirit will be there until the end of the season,” Rooney said when asked about the relegation battle.

“The performance [against Bournemouth] was good, as they have been, same when we lost the game at Cardiff. It is the little details in the final third where if we improve that, we are a very good team.

“We are at the bottom end of the table, we know that, and it has gone into single figures of games left. We have still got a chance.

“Whatever happens I am delighted with how the players have performed and the points we have picked up.

“Reading are in a very difficult moment, losing 4-0. Barnsley got a good point [against Fulham], so we are in there and we will keep pushing.”

Fans reacted as Wayne Rooney blames two refereeing errors caused Derby’s defeat at Bournemouth…

@dcfc_flagman: Unfair what is happening at the minute. Clear agenda and no one is going to tell me different. Plange penalty today. If not book him. Referee allowed their throw in to be moved 15 yards more central as opposed to corner = goal and game changer. Players spoken down too other wk

@woodwardio79: Wait… what’s this, a shocking refereeing decision yet again!!! Unbelievable incompetence once more from a championship referee. Truly embarrassing #dcfc

@adamcm88: I’m absolutely convinced the referees have been paid/told to fuck us over. I know every single team gets bad decisions but fuck my life we get nothing every game. Stone wall pen, and foul on Buchanan leading upto goal. Also, the throw in was in corner flag!! Corrupt as fuck #dcfc

#dcfc -12 points – Admin
#dcfc -9 points – EFL FFP
#dcfc -10 points at least – EFL Refs
The FFP has been broken by other clubs since but no action. Refs have been so biased it’s got experienced professionals even doubting it! #Vendetta #Sleptonitthoughts

@DCFC100: I remember a referee called Madley fucking things up for us at about this stage of the season a few years ago. I think this is a different one, but they have both made flawed decisions against us. In 25 years’ time referees will admit the @EFL corruptly instructed them. #dcfc

@dragon35666: Whereas Barnsley fall over and get penalties. No conspiracy though

@derbadian: Penalty all day long.

@baggo89: If Rooney or any other mansger gives an honest assessment of the referee he gets a warning or a fine yet the referee doesn’t answer or explain anything for an obvious performance. Bizarre #efl #dcfc

@_omeara_r: Another game that could have gone in Derby’s favour without a ridiculous refereeing decision. Rooney might blame a conspiracy, but the reality is that the refs at all levels of English football are dreadful. Time to break up Mike Riley’s boys club and get some foreign refs in

@georgemach10: EFL refs at it again

@EeeGeeTee20: The @EFL gives refs big brown envelopes for every Derby game. Cash only.

@clews123: Being a derby fan is tough, you have to put up with quantuma, efl, and referees. Conspiracy is surley not debatable now. The catalogue of shit that goes against us gets bigger every week. Quantuma feed us the same shit every week when they talk. #tired #dcfc #SaveDerbyCounty

Daniel Earley: Wasn’t expecting much today but overall away form has been terrible. Done well to have a chance to stay up but that’s what’s going to cost them.

Chris: Christ the officials… unbelievable. Derby need to stop showing so much respect though. Rather lose 4-0 by having a go instead of losing 1-0 by being cagey.

Sophie: Can’t wait to see what Rooney has to say at the end! EFL sort your refs out!

Chris: Frustrating. Draw more than a fair result today. They haven’t been two goals better than us. The penalty being given and it’s totally different game.

Alex Taylor: I sighed when I saw we had Andy Madley as ref…

Harry Stokes: Don’t know why we bother appealing for pens anymore.

Harland Sanders: I’m not even surprised at the refs’ decisions anymore.

A Shining Wit: Based on decisions “evening themselves out”, we are going to be given penalties for fouls (by us) on the halfway line every game for the rest of the season.

Great Uncle Russty: So another EPL official who relies on VAR to correct his mistakes, but no VAR in EFL.

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