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Watford’s Wesley Hoedt scores wonder-goal from halfway line to leave Hull keeper raging

Watford’s Wesley Hoedt scores an outrageous wonder-goal from the halfway line to leave Hull City keeper Ryan Allsop raging.

Hoedt produced the special moment by stepping out of defence to intercept the ball, and spotted the opposition shot-stopper out of position, so the Dutchman decided to take a chance and lob him from far out.

And it paid off, with the ball flying over the head of Allsop, who was less than impressed, while Hoedt seemed rather surprised at pulling off the spectacular effort.

You can see in the highlights video Allsop shouting at his teammates for not closing Hoedt down.

The goalscorer said after the game: “I saw their striker was receiving the ball from deep, and he didn’t control it that well so I thought I could intercept it. Then I saw their goalie off his line, so I thought why not?

“We had a gameplan to try something like this against Leicester last week, because their goalie also likes to play high up. We didn’t have the chance in that game, but it came along today and I took it. It was mainly instinct, and it was a really nice goal.

“I think we should focus more on the whole team though, because everyone was excellent today. Everyone’s involved – the guys who came off the bench for example, and Ben Hamer who has come into the team. He’s stopped the penalty and was really important, so I think it’s more important to talk about the collective effort than just the goal.

“We started the game really well. They were in possession a lot, but we made a great goal through Edo [Kayembe]. Then we let our gameplan down for one moment, and pressed in the wrong moment. I think we made the wrong decision and then everyone had to react. I think I blocked the ball and the shot fell right in front of his [Twine’s] foot so he could easily tuck it in. I think the goal could’ve been prevented.

“Hull have a great squad, and it’s always difficult when you play away from home. We’ve talked about a change in mentality though, and I think we’re seeing that now. We’re trying to be hard to beat, and after Tuesday – when we started really badly but then showed great team spirit – today we showed it as well. We dug in deep and we got the win.

“I think the penalty was the wrong decision. Just a few seconds before they had a throw in, I headed the ball and their player’s foot was as high as my head. Normally that’s a foul. The referee didn’t blow his whistle and we had to defend a corner, which is where the penalty was given. I haven’t see the challenge back, but sometimes these things happen. It was a great moment for Ben to step up, and all credit to him for taking his chance.

“We just need to take it game by game now. After we had that run of three defeats in a row we changed something, and now we’re in a position where we’ve only lost one in nine. That’s good, but we have to keep pushing. We have two tough games at home now – against Southampton and Ipswich – so it’s a moment for us to show which way we want the season to go. For sure the whole team wants to keep progressing up the league table.”

Watford boss Valérien Ismaël said on Hoedt’s stunning winner: “A lot of teams take the risk with the positioning of the keeper and we knew every time when the ball goes through the middle we needed to defend aggressively forward, and if we have the possibility [to shoot] we say to our centre-backs to try it.

“He [Hoedt] made it perfectly but it’s not a surprise because we work on this one.”

On Hamer’s selection in goal: “We’ve got two great goalkeepers and this was our feeling all the time through the process. We need to keep all the players involved, we need everyone to be successful and this was another great team performance.

“I have the right as manager to listen to my feelings and see what we need at the minute for the team. Ben had a great performance and it was our feeling to keep the momentum. Daniel is our captain but it doesn’t mean he should play every game. With me the team is above everything and my job is to make the decision for the team.”

On his team’s performance: “The first half was really good from us, especially away from home, but the second half we saw the tiredness and the energy we put into the game. We said to the guys at half-time that the bench will make an impact today.

“Hull didn’t want to make mistakes so we were more in control, but it was not the start from the first half. The two key moments in the game from the second half [Hamer’s save and Hoedt’s goal] have allowed us to get the three points.”

On his team’s progress: “We are pleased with the improvement from our team and the stability we found within the team. We knew that it’s a long process, a journey, we start from the beginning with a lot of work to do and now the results show up, but more than that I’m pleased with the consistency in our performance.

“I say to the guys, now we are more ready tactically, physically and technically. We’ve got the quality, we’re able to compete and today was the confirmation from our performance.

“If you are able to perform like that and show those values, then it gives you more chance to win the game. If you win games with consistency you can start to close the gap with the top of the league.”

Hull boss Liam Rosenior: “It’s a sickener in terms of the result.

“We were so much better than them, in every aspect of our game. We’re not clinical enough from the moments we have in the game.

“We make young mistakes – and that’s the downside of having an exciting, young team. I love working with this group – they’re a great group.

“It’s painful to lose that game. I would have been frustrated to draw that game from the performance.

“We miss a penalty and have so many opportunities in the game to score more goals.

“There’s a long way to go and I’ve got a really good feeling with this group. They’ve shown me every time we’ve had a setback, they’ll learn from a setback.

“If we learn from the mistakes we make and improve certain aspects of our game, we’re a very good team at this level.”

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Twitter users gave their reaction as Watford’s Wesley Hoedt scores a wonder-goal from the halfway line to leave the Hull keeper raging…

@gbolton1974: Keeper getting done from 45 yards and blaming the defence 😂😂

@Hornetswarm: What could their GK possibly be screaming at?! “Don’t lose it within shooting distance” 🤣🤣 #watfordfc

@zakmurphy_: i’d be FOAMING if i was an outfielder and my keeper was scolding me for getting lobbed from the halfway line cos he thought it was going over

@JackHagues: I don’t understand how Allsop does that and then thinks he’s in the position to yell at the midfield #hcafc

@jordan_derose: What sets me off here is Allsop yelling at the defense like he’s not at fault. He’s been decent for us so far but take fucking accountability when you’re the one at fault! #hcafc

@AmbroseBarnaby: Fabulous goal! The keeper shouting at his outfield players makes it even more amusing 😂. 🅱️

@FreyaQuinton: 14 hour shift just finished and I open twitter to see this?!?! 😍

@joeferrett: Fair play to him. However, the Hoedt that we know was just trying to pass that to the guy 10 yards away from him #SaintsFC

@ElisDavies5: Allsop going nuts as if that’s not his fault 😂

@WatfordOpinions: Watched this 100 times since the match ended, 50 for the strike, 50 for the keeper shouting at his players for some reason

@JoshSenior3: I like Allsop, but who’s he shouting at 🤣🤣

@carlgavin19: Keeper gets lobbed from 45 yards and blames someone else 😂😂😂

@PrawnSlummer: Why is the keeper shouting at the outfield players? 😂

@thegemsons: Fantastic player. Mistake in him but takes a risk. Loved the celebration

@LowerBreckRed: Who’s the keeper blaming there 🤣 turned like a Boeing 747

@cm_conorr: Hahaha what the fuck is the keeper complaining about here you’re about 30 yards off your line mate 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@sbartramauthor: The keepers reaction makes this! 😂😂😂

@stephen_collins: If this happened in the premier league the whole world would be shitting their pants about it this afternoon

@llortaton: Best opposing CB I’ve seen this season. He was dropping passes exactly like that left and right.

@HemelHornet1881: Not only a great goal, but a brilliant celebration too 💛

@joesweeney4: Pick that out

@Mark_W29: Love the fact the keeper is complaining after getting beat from 45 yards. What a turd!

@MJones1875: Imagine the cheek of that keeper blaming anyone other than himself 😂

@StormTroop_Aim: Honestly. I’m 50/50 on whether Allsop could’ve saved this. If he’s 10 yards back he does sure but it’s literally right in the postage stamp and gone in. Unfortunate #hcafc

@DACHSAP: Love how the keeper tried to shift the blame, yet didn’t even stick his hands/arms up in the air 😂

@GazMan16: Some goal that

@Dansmith_HCAFC: Freak goal to concede that, certainly caught Allsop out 🤦‍♂️ didn’t deserve to lose today but if you don’t take your chances then this happens, score the pen and we get the 3 points, onto QPR now #hcafc

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