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Watford fans try to fight each other as they watch their side lose at Blackpool

Watford fans try to fight each other in the away end as they watch their side lose 3-1 at Blackpool on Saturday afternoon.

There was loud boos come the final whistle as Watford crumbled to a miserable away defeat, while chants of ‘you’re not fit to wear the shirt’ were aimed at the players.

The Hornets collapsed in the last 20 minutes having had a decent amount of possession before that. Though, they made a slow start and once again went behind to a poorly-defended goal.

They got an equaliser through an excellent Louza free-kick. After that, they had their fair share of the ball, but just didn’t create enough to make it count.

That left them open as they went in search a goal but the home side grew in confidence on the counter attack as the game went on.

The last ten minutes made it a day to forget for Watford as Yates twice punished them.

The boos at the end went on for a long time especially after fans made an eight-hour round trip.

Blackpool’s Michael Appleton said after the Championship encounter: “It’s a massive win for us. We always knew Watford were going to have their spells in the game, and when they scored to equalise their tails were up. In the second half we were so much better, though. We were aggressive and we were on the front foot. We were a lot braver with the ball, and we created a number of chances.

“You have to earn the right to get back into games and we did that. If we go to Sheffield next week and show the same attitude, we can get a result there. The lads have shown a lot of character today.”

Watford Head Coach Slaven Bilić was extremely disappointed with his side’s performance at Bloomfield Road.

“We got what we deserved,” Bilić began. “We were bad today, I have to be honest, and I don’t want to hide or say different words, but the performance was below par.

“I found [Blackpool] stronger, quicker – those basic things and it was about that. They were determined, committed and they anticipated where the ball was going to fall and in today’s football that is crucial. I feel, to be fair, almost embarrassed. It’s not only disappointment, it’s not only three points, but it’s the way we lost it.

“On Wednesday [against Swansea City] we played good, but today we lost and conceded a goal at the start. It’s not easy to come back away, but we equalised and then we were much better in the first half.

“We wanted to raise our game but in the second half we were simply not good enough on the ball and we had plenty of it, but all their counter-attacks were extremely dangerous for us. Wide, centrally, crosses, set-pieces – if you give them enough opportunities, they will score something.

“We knew we were going to have the ball a lot and we were prepared for that. We wanted it to be fair, but those counter-attacks weren’t three against two or four against two, we had enough people at the back to stop it, but we couldn’t cope with it.”

“We don’t have the consistency at the moment and we aren’t committed enough,” he continued.

“We can talk about how we need more time tactically or talk about rotations and how we play, and how we have a lot of injuries, which is a fact. However, we didn’t show enough determination.

“It starts from now, with me. If we start with the finger pointing and finding excuses, then let’s go home. We need to realise that you have to give everything for each other and then we might be able to move forward.”

This is what Twitter users said as Watford fans try to fight each other as they watch their side lose at Blackpool…

@ajobbowfc: club is a mess mate honestly

@shreko5000: They started with the stewards 5 mins till then trying to push past them then this

@IveGotWood1979: Only fight we showed yesterday

@dan_ofthesouth: fans rowing in the stands is one of the funniest parts of being shit. Regular as clockwork in block B every other game you’d turn round and look up to see a couple of 40 year olds making a holy show of themselves

@cmhornet: Literally everything about our club is embarrassing

@azatampswfc: The atmosphere at games is just going to get more and more toxic #WatfordFC

@ArealSeasider: I think it’s a disgrace you are chanting this at your players. Seems very self entitled you are 7 points off the top and expecting the world to fall in your lap and piss the championship. Not going to happen, these are tough games and you have made yourselves look tinpot here.

@LeeJackson_1: Embarrassing there’s not more making their feelings shown, absolute shit show…

@ryanmn84: Most entitled fanbase I’ve ever seen. This is what the PL monies has done to these teams. We consistently played Watford in the third tier in the 90s. They’re 7 points off top and lost a game. Game’s gone mad 🤷‍♂️

@sam6728299: I get this, but the loss isn’t the issue it’s with the fact that no player has actually tried for the last few years and the constant changes of manager

@FrankieHolliday: Don’t even blame the players, it’s not their fault they’re crap, it’s that Italian fraudster who the hate should be aimed at. Ripped the soul out of our club.

@WatfordUSA: Even Holobas had the motivation to come over and argue with the fans.. these clowns can’t even rally to do that.. #PozzoOut

@DanielOwens1979: Pleased to see this. We’ve been far too passive as a fan base for far too long. Majority of these players, particularly the so-called captain, are utterly toxic and the wilful neglect from the board is a total disgrace. Regime change needed, but who would buy this bloody circus?

@WatfLad: up the watf 😂😂😂😂😂

@steveholtwfc: More fight than the players 🙄 #WatfordFC

@BfcCtn: Oh dear 😉

@katie_18_40: You know things are bad when 🥴

@LeahElement: Embarrassing 😳😳

@Callys_Disco: the highlight of the day #watfordfc

@GrandeCPFC: Could never be us

@cpfc20100: Bad bunch of gimps these. Deserve everything they’re getting

@watfordfc12: Just got in left home before 6am this morning wish I could say I don’t care, but of course I do it’s heartbreaking seen it all before, but it still hurts like hell. #WatfordFC

@androofrench: Just got home. Supporting #watfordfc shouldn’t be like this. Huge well done and thanks to all those who were there today. You have my admiration, and also my word that I’ll continue to try and get answers

@Richardsh16: Just not fun anymore. Today has done me in – no more away days this season and won’t go to all home either. I need a reset and who knows what the club needs now – seen thick and thin since 96 but have lost all enthusiasm 😪😪 #WatfordFC

@farzana_chaudry: The amount of money our fans would have spent travelling up to Blackpool, transport, food, ticket, overnight accommodation, time, effort, energy. How a spineless defeat like that ruins your whole week. Nowhere near good enough to go up. #WatfordFC

@CharlieH29: Same shit on the pitch. No leaders. No fight. No character. When is the owner going to realise this fact? PR calamity after PR calamity. The amount of money (including ours) going through the compensatory revolving door of managers must be eye-watering. #watfordfc

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